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Rittenhouse Latest by Gary Franchi

President Trump Speaks in Louisiana and Texas After Hurricane Laura

Seattle Police Chief Pushed Beyond Her Limit

Chicago Postal Workers Threaten Strike After Several Mail Carriers Shot

Teen Firefighting Pilot Flies Blackhawks and Chinooks

Antifa Murderer Michael Reinoehl Commits Suicide by Cop

America Loves Tucker

President Trump visits Kenosha, Wisconsin

POTUS Signs Executive Order to Establish The 1776 Commission

America Celebrates 244 Years Independence at Rushmore With Its President and First Lady

POTUS Extends 9-11 Emergency Declaration

Covington Redux: 3 Kenosha Criminals Down - Patriot Warrior Andy Ngô Yet Again Exposes BLM Walking Garbage

#KAG #MaxCuteness Pro-Trump Girl Band Performs ‘Keep America Great’ Ahead of Tulsa Rally

Californians Talk Back to Their Governor (Can You Blame Them?)

Trump at Rushmore to Kick Off Independence Day Weekend

Our Nation's Sheriffs Hold An Important Office in Liberty

Supreme Activism, Judicial Murder - Split high court throws out Louisiana abortion clinic limit

Higher Education: Where Children Are Turned Against Their Parents and Their Country

New taxes coming. You’re about to pay for their shutdown.

South Dakota Governor Kristen Noem Refuses to Defy Constitution

Savage Trump's busy weekend. Crush Mockingbird Media & Expose Dem's Warmongers.

Marine Stuns the Crowd with the Fourth Verse of the Star Spangled Banner

No Other President Has Ever Dared to Suspend Payroll Taxes

The Washington Lizard People?

Trump Opens Verified Thriller Account Amid TikTok Crackdown

FN: MSLSD Runs Wild with the Mary Trump Hoax

Project Vulcan is Effective Thanks to POTUS and His B2 Bomber

An0maly Speaks Well To Our Time

JFK LIVES AGAIN! His NSAM 57 Activated 57 Years After [THEY] Killed Him For It

Dow 30,000!!

Our New SecDef is "the epitome of Special Forces leadership"

(Oct 12 UPDATE) Amy's Confirmation Will Be "Fast and Easy"

Montana Really Stepped Up!

"I Will Do My Job Without Any Fear or Favor" Justice Amy Barrett

"May Day Rioters Carry Out Violent Acts in Portland, Seattle"

It's Happening: Bezos "Steps Down!"

Clay Clark and Friends Shift the National Narrative

Biden's Border Crisis

General Flynn and Clay Clark Take Their Show on the Road

Federal judge blocks Biden’s 100-day moratorium on deportations

Marjorie Taylor Greene isn't backing off a bit!

Video: Looters Near Minneapolis Attempt to Steal an Entire ATM Machine

Montana Makes Sanctuary Cities Illegal

Martin Geddes: How "The Bidan (sic) Show" is saving America (and the world)

Executive Orders and Emergencies!

Wray Stays On As FBI Director

How to Keep Soros' Thugs from Wrecking Your City

Breaking — Nick Sandmann’s Attorney Lin Wood Takes Kyle Rittenhouse Defense Pro Bono…