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Anyone Still Doubting POTUS' SCOTUS Pick Should Watch This

Game Theory

Official Website for the August 24, TRUMP2020 Republican National Convention

Biden Voters Know They're Going to Lose and They're Out of Control

The President That's Never Had a Drink or a Cigarette

Ted Cruz exposes Democrats' motive for supporting DC statehood, explains why new vote meant nothing

"If she is in there comfortably without a mask and feeling safe, then why are we shut down?"

Kamala Harris Living Her American Dream with Help of the Body Parts Industry?

NY Times Panicking Over Cotton's Op-Ed on Sending in the Troops

Republican Mike Garcia Takes Early Lead In Race To Fill Katie Hill’s Seat

Adam Carolla Agrees With Me: TDS is Daddy Issues

Two female federal judges emerge as top contenders for Trump's Supreme Court nominee

Kiyosake of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" says "It's all a smokescreen"

Remarks by President Trump in a Press Briefing.

The Abortion Absolutism of Kamala Harris

Thomas Sowell on Kamala Harris' Communist Video

Critical Race Theory is a Classic Communist Divide-and-Conquer Tactic

Joe Biden Campaign Staffer, Texas Political Director, Dallas Jones arrested

Biden inserts foot into mouth again! "We are not a hate Group" Proud Boys To Sue Biden!

Another Deepstate Rat Jumps Ship

"The Democratic Party’s Stasi"

His Name Was Seth Rich

Steve Bannon's 'War Room' is the Tip of the Spear of Political News and Commentary

LOL "Biden Got More Views Falling Down The Stairs Than Speaking To Congress" LOL

"Roger that, Madam Secretary"

In Like Flynn

Noem Sues "Bidan" LOL

Rantingly: "Department of Deceit"

Why are Federal Prosecutors in Biden Administration Dismissing Violent BLM/ANTIFA Cases? Hypocrisy?

It's Starting to Look Like We Live in Communist China

Award-winning Wokeness

Businesses Plead for Workers, GOP Responds!

GI Joe? No, it's CGI Joe! LOL

Biden the Racist

Mike Flynn with Doug Billings Feb 5

Back To Facts - Five Months Later: What We Know About The Capitol Riot

"The Deep State Buried Me Six Feet Under The Ground": Exclusive Interview with Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

Laura Wolk, First Blind Woman to Clerk on Supreme Court: Judge Barrett’s "Integrity Is Unassailable"

Panic in DC! The latest from Juan O Savin

Juan O Savin: Unify? Yes, in God!

Praising Home Depot's Unwokeness

EYE ON Maricopa: The President Praises OAN for Actually Covering Maricopa

Amazing Polly: Band of Corruption - Teneo Booms!

Michigan Election Whistleblower Running For Office

AOC: Destroying the Dimms for Trump and the Patriots Every Single Day!

2020 Should Have Taught us to Have Contempt for the Word "Expert"

Millie's Out and Family Reunited by Dinner!


Klacik Strong Endorsement from the President

Klacik's New Ad has 1 MILLION Views in Just Hours