What's Going On in Georgia?

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The president in a tweet asks, "Why won't they do it?" referring to Georgia's Governor and Secretary of State refusing to let the president's team "look at signatures" on vote ballots.

UPDATE from Lin Wood: 11th Circuit Stays Georgia Election



Sidney Powell's Office Counsel Molly McCann posted an update to her website on November 19 on Georgia.

"Georgia’s recount was hopelessly bungled. This morning I read through all the affidavits that Lin Wood attached to his latest filing. You can view the highlights I pulled on this thread. Many of the affidavits overlap—that is, there are affidavits from different people describing the same misconduct. That’s good, because corroboration makes the evidence more powerful. It is clear the recount was a disaster full of illegal conduct. There are two affidavits that were outliers. These two described elements of the Dominion electronic voting scheme. One is the statement of a redacted affiant from South America who explained how the system was designed and used in Venezuela (read here). The second is by an American company that explains in more detail how vulnerable the Dominion systems are (read here). This is important information—share it everywhere you can."

Third Georgia County Finds Uncounted Votes

Generic Vote Signs

In a seemingly merry-go-round of events, the Georgia GOP Chairman has announced today, that another county has recovered a memory card containing uncounted votes. David Shafer, has added Walton County to the growing list of counties in Georgia where flagrant voter fraud has been uncovered. Similar memory cards were found earlier in Fayette and Floyd counties.

In total more than 1400 votes were netted for Trump drastically narrowing the gap between he and opponent Biden. The recount progress is ongoing with a state deadline for certification set for November 20 at which time the Trump campaign can, and likely will, request a recount.

Georgia spent more than $100 million purchasing voting machines and software from the corrupt Dominion Voting Systems. Dominion is also allegedly responsible for the Chavez botched votes in Venezuela.

Connie Sue - Ruby Ray Media

Meme Trump about Dems counting all votes

RINO, thy name is Gov. Brian Kemp; don’t turn your back on Trump!

"Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia may well surpass Mitt Romney as the political ingrate of the year.

"Kemp won office in 2018 by an incredibly narrow margin over the radical socialist Democrat Stacey Abrams. If it were not for the efforts of President Donald Trump and other conservatives, Georgia would now be in the hands of the radical left.

"Yet Kemp has decided to backstab Trump and conservative Republican voters by appointing a left-wing Mitt-Romney-supporting Republican to the Senate seat being vacated by Johnny Isakson due to ill health.

"Trump and all conservatives have been asking Kemp to appoint Rep. Doug Collins to the seat. Collins has been outstanding as the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee in fighting Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi as they attempt to overthrow President Trump. If he were to have a chance to fill Isakson’s seat for the remainder of his term, he would be in great shape to be elected on his own in 2020 and then re-elected to a full term in 2022.

"Instead Kemp has decided he is smarter than everyone else and he wants to appoint a “moderate” Republican to the seat even though she will probably turn out to be a vote against President Trump just like Romney, Susan Collins and the Alaskan Cryptkeeper Lisa Murkowski."


Frank Miele - HeartlandDiaryUSA.Com

Originally published Friday, 20 November 2020


RINO, thy name is Gov. Brian Kemp; don?t turn your back on Trump!

Firm's close ties to Georgia stir concerns about voting system purchase

"When Gov. Brian Kemp hired an election company’s lobbyist this month, the move raised alarm bells about one company’s influence on Georgia’s upcoming purchase of a new statewide voting system.

"Concerns from government accountability advocates only grew days later, when a commission created by Kemp recommended that the state buy the type of voting machines sold by the lobbyist's company, Election Systems & Software. Several other vendors also offer similar voting machines.

"Then Kemp proposed spending $150 million on a new statewide voting system, an amount that matches estimates for the cost of the system promoted by ES&S, called ballot-marking devices, which use a combination of touchscreens and ballot printers.

"The latest moves fueled suspicions that cozy connections between lobbyists, Kemp and other elected officials will lead to ES&S winning a rich contract to sell its computerized voting products to the state government, even though 55 percent of Georgia voters said in a poll by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution this month that they prefer a cheaper system where paper ballots are filled in by voters."

Mark Niesse - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Firm?s close ties to Georgia stir concerns about voting system purchase

Attorney Lin Wood of Atlanta is a patriot and a friend of the president.






























Trump's Team Got Kraken: DNCCP Got Caught Stealing America's Vote

In Thursday's (Nov. 19) monumental press briefing by the president's "senior legal team," Sidney Powell opened up her remarks with, "What we are really dealing with here, and uncovering more by the day, is the massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba and likely China, in the interference with our elections here in the United States."

Sidney Powell takes on the beast of world communism (represented in this country by what we at Ruby Ray Media like to call, "the DNCCP") knowing that President Trump, the U.S. military and all American patriots, have got her back! 

This isn't to say that the presser's opening presentation by Rudy Giuliani, the senior team's appointed leader, on ballot fraud in key precincts in battleground states, is any less important or effective, given that it is the nitty gritty of what people saw happen on the ground on November 3 and days following. This article will include that information as well in a later section.

The elephant in the room, what Ms Powell led with in her presentation that followed Mr. Giuliani, and why we're leading this article with it, is what we've long reported regarding the corrupt "dims," as we call them, i.e., Democrats with little to no redeeming light in them, along with their RINO bedfellows - Republicans In Name Only - and the corrupt "mockies," i.e., corporate "mass media" long infected and infested by the CIA's Operation Mockingbird; and that these entities exist due to a fascist/communist neo liberal/conservative secret society power elite that includes Wall Street giants and other corporatist monopolies, facilitated by cronies in the DC swamp, sold out to and wholly invested in the globalists' perverted nation-wrecking totalitarian dream model, the CCP or the Chinese Communist Party, the "chicoms."

To repeat, Sidney Powell opened up her remarks with, "What we are really dealing with here, and uncovering more by the day, is the massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba and likely China, in the interference with our elections here in the United States."

Ms Powell's presentation is thirteen and a half minutes, video embedded in the article.

Sidney Powell synopsis

Massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba and likely China to interfere in our elections by using machines and software that were created for Venezeula called Dominion and Smartmatic, at the direction of Hugo Chavez to make sure he never lost an election. We have a strong witness who explains how it works. An affidavit has been given by this witness who has witnessed this software firsthand and is aware of how it works. One of its characteristic features is its ability to flip votes.

She stated that another way the votes were stolen is that they brought in paper ballots that had identical perfect dots for Joe Biden.

She spoke of Soros and the Clinton Foundation having ties to Dominion.

There are Democrats who have also raised concerns about these voting machines, including Klobuchar and Warren.

Eric Coomer is a Smartmatic patent holder and is on social media saying to an ANTIFA supporter that there was no way Trump was going to win and he was going to make sure of that. He has scrubbed his social media but the Trump law team has the recordings.

Ms. Powell tells us how the machines are designed to flip or change votes. There was the exact same numbers of votes injected into the machines 20 minutes apart. The machines are also easily accessible to hackers and someone with a cell phone can hack it from the internet.

Peggy Therese Napier - Ruby Ray Media

Originally published Friday, 20 November 2020


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Originally published Friday, 20 November 2020

Ruby Ray Media

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