Trump Retweeted @CodeMonkeyZ

The contents of the tweet and its referral to remarks made by the Deputy AG Jeffrey A Rosen who will soon be Acting AG are, to many close observers, not even the most significant elements in this retweet by the president.

What we find most significant is that this tweet was written by someone not expected to be retweeted by POTUS. Someone who was behind the scenes on the cue operation, heading up the 8chan/8kun platform that gave that operation a vehicle with which to disseminate its message. CodeMonkeyZ is Ron Watkins, son of James Watkins, who owns 8kun, Ron was its admin.

We're also intrigued by Rosen's focus, which is very salient to the administration's effort to fully expose the election fraud, including China's role in it. Watkins continues to be on target and a key member of the Trump team.

8kun control room rig for red


Ruby Ray Media

America is holding a Royal Flush that spells TRUMP



Ruby Ray Media

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    DonaldG · 2 months ago
    In addition to not being very good at it, I've always found chess to be boring!

    ACT, Air Combat Training, is 5D chess at the speed of sound, HooAh.

    Things are finally getting interesting, The Storm is my kind of fight!
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    Franz · 2 months ago
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