Tracy Beanz on the War Room with Steve Bannon Discussing South Carolina GOP and Winning Historic Election

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Tracy Beanz visits the War Room with Steve Bannon to Discuss South Carolina GOP and the reorganization of the state party by MAGA using the Dan Schultz Precinct Project Strategy.

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Rumble SC Lin Wood re Q and Our Children at Health and Freedom Conference in Tulsa on Saturday

America better be ready for the truth because here it comes!

We're thinking that the fast-imploding mockingbird press might be HARD-pressed to cover the unadulterated truth Lin Wood shared with over 4,000 in the audience, MILLIONS over livestream, in Saturday night's session at Clay Clark's Health and Freedom Conference in Tulsa Oklahoma, April 17. He proclaimed outright that "Q is the truth" including the truth about Satanic Ritual Abuse practiced by the deeply corrupt and horribly evil power elite of our nation and around the world. FakeNewsweek had ridiculed Lin earlier on Saturday for drawing Q in the air in his Friday night presentation to the audience's delight. After Lin's double-down on Saturday, will the lamestream media also do the double-down with their gaslighting ridicule thereby further fanning the flames of the Streisand Effect begun last summer by Samantha Guthrie in an NBC "Town Hall" with the President? (See below) This spiritual and cultural war for the souls of men has become a very hot war indeed!



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