Eye on Maricopa: The Pink Moon Peaks Friday

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As Arizona's Maricopa County election audit moves forward through a rising cacophony of panicked deepstate election-stealing shills, both dems and rinos, our common observation confirms what the astrology shows culminating at the end of the week on April 30, 2021. The Sun's conjunction with Uranus in Taurus on Friday may be seen to climax what began with the Full Pink Moon (a Supermoon, no less) on Monday when the audit began in earnest.

meme smell the panic in az

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

Posted on Telegram April 28 6:50 PM EDT

BIG victory today in Arizona. A highly respected Judge has just ruled that the Forensic Audit being done by the Arizona State Senate can and will continue. Over 100 Democrat lawyers were sent to fight against this audit. The results will be very interesting for the USA and the World to see! Why are the Democrats fighting so hard to hide the facts? I know why, and so does everyone else!

Democrats Get Beat Down in Court, Judge Denies Request to Stop Arizona Audit

What it means when Sun conjoins Uranus

This time it's in Taurus, in the wake of a Supermoon in Scorpio. The square of Saturn from Aquarius adds a significant tension to the environment.

Uranus is the planet of We the People. It seeks freedom and enlightenment. It can bring sudden disruption when those things have been suppressed.

Saturn is the planet of discipline. It brings a steady hand to Uranus' excitability. It can also bring frustration. The key is to find the middle way, the calm eye in the storm.

Taurus is where we appreciate the good things. It's a steadying influence but you don't want to bottle things up that need expressing. 

The Scorpio Supermoon focuses us on the shared values and resources of a partnership or a community or a nation.

With the deep and broad feelings felt by many about the vote fraud highlighted by the Supermoon, Friday's Sun-Uranus conjunction promises fireworks as the week's climax on this vote fraud issue. Stay tuned.

Astro Chart Sun cjn Ura in Taurus April 30 2021

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Meme Clint Eastwood Insane Democrats

Eye on Maricopa: Trump Declares Dems Insane and We Agree!

We must be getting close to a big turning point in a disclosure of the deepstate criminality. Trump's communiques get saltier by the day. As do Melania's! By the way, we've been declaring Dems insane for decades! The slippery slope fell into the abyss long ago. Wake up America! (And we know it is.)

 Hillary with Mark Elias


"Yes, even Hillary Clinton’s bagman – the guy behind the fake Russia collusion dossier to destroy Trump – is down in Arizona trying to prevent the exposure of Dominion vote-rigging and dead Democrats voting." Howell Woltz

Finchem with Bannon re Dem panic over Maricopa audit

Democrats Panic Over Maricopa Election Audit

Never has the fake political party known as Democrats looked so obvious as criminal cheats. Can we finally end the charade? These people are really really sick! And America is waking up to their unbelievably craven true natures.




b2ap3 large Washington Crossing the Delaware

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