Charlie Kirk Breaks Down the Jan 6 Electoral College Vote Count

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Breaking down three possible outcomes that lie ahead for President Trump in the U.S. Senate, Charlie makes the case for Vice President Pence's 'plenary' powers according to the Constitution and why he has not only the power but the precedent to cast out or simply not count contested electors from states where large voter irregularities or clearly unconstitutional voting laws were enacted against the authority of state legislatures. Charlie also skewers Rep. Cleaver for ending his congressional prayer in 'amen and awomen' before making the moral case for all Georgia patriots to get out and vote.

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Trump's Path Forward and a Message to 'Boycott Republicans' in Georgia


we will not concede

GOP Lawmakers Are Finding Courage

UPDATE Monday Jan 4: Charlie Kirk mentioned that his friend, Congressman Kevin McCarthy, would be objecting, along with about 180 GOP members. 

Trump goads Senator Tom Cotton in a tweet, included in this article!

UPDATE Sunday Jan 3: !! POTUS drops bombs after speaking with 300 state legislators about the election fraud !! 

UPDATE Saturday Jan 2: Twelve US Senators have committed to objecting to the seating of certain states' electors! 

By New Year's Eve the voluminous evidence of voter and election fraud continued to be presented to lawmakers and the public, forcing GOP legislators at state and federal levels to begin to step out and challenge the fake election.



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