Why Does the 'President Elect' Need to Raise 30 Million Dollars?

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"Despite receiving near-universal proclamations of victory from the corporate media and setting up a verified “transition team” account on Twitter, behind closed doors the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris campaign is begging supporters to raise $30 million for fighting lawsuits regarding election integrity filed by the Donald Trump campaign."

Despite being "confidant" that they won the election and claiming victory over President Trump, the Biden/Harris team is seeking to raise 30 million dollars to fight lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign. I guess they aren't so sure after all.

"Emails from the Democratic National Committee and the Biden campaign were sent out to donors last week that asked for help “re-launching our Biden Fight Fund” to “ensure Trump doesn’t win them just because we don’t have the funds to fight back.”

"“The crises facing our country are severe from climate change to racial injustice,” the letter said. “We have to step up NOW and give and raise the funding we need to have the necessary funds to make sure that the Biden Harris Transition Team has the money it needs to stay on track to be ready on Inauguration Day January 20, 2021.”"

Gabriel Keane - Nationalfile



Proclaimed LOUDLY by one who has always meant what he says (even when employing a clever turn of phrase to throw off his enemies in the "Party of Davos" - thanks Stephen K Bannon.)

"I WON THE ELECTION!" Take that to the BANK, gentle reader!

This strategically issued communication by the president tweeted on his feed does two things:

1. Reinforces his support, bigly! Watch (though you won't find it in the mockingbird media) the massive MAGA marches, parades and Stop the Steal gatherings around the nation! Watch the explosion of even handed news venues like Newsmax, OAN, America's Voice, even Right Side Broadcasting Network, who actually cover events the way they happen and report accurately on statements by the president and others who would lead America into greatness.

2. Acts as a magnet to draw out the traitorous and rebellious fakes in every nook and cranny of our world. This includes the suicidal Twit and Freakbook pedosatanic soyboy cults that think they can tell the Leader of the Free World, as well as the rest of us chumps and deplorables, what we all can and can't say; and the increasingly morose lying anti Trump press, and of course the ridonculous RINO deceivers like Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, ignominiously begging Trump to throw in a lily-livered concession towel, as if these vacuous ones in their hour of power and their moronic milquetoast approach to politics, even matter at all!

This election sting operation intensifies now, because, believe it or not - and many many have started to come to terms with this - it really is time for us to save America and the world from the globalist pedovore death cult and its minions and zombie adherents. In fact, much of the dirty work has been done, behind the scenes (and not always quietly by the way,) and much of it while humanity cowered in covidiotic complacency.

What's left is to turn on the lights in minds mollified by the monstrous trauma effects of many centuries of murderous gaslighting intimidation of the innocent by the self-styled power elite, who are in reality, when we can get past our own fear of losing another skinsuit, nothing more than 3D hologram tigers.

This will be accomplished with the slow rollout of the details of the vast conspiracy of deception affecting not only this election of Donald J. Trump but elections the world around. The implication arising from the exposure of this particular disenfranchisement of democratic societies, is that almost EVERYTHING of constitutional import to our civilization has been corrupted by these freaks. Mankind is done with it! 

Patriots in America and around the world are rolling up their sovereign sleeves! Always victory!


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