6th Grade Trump Supporter - Get Ready to Get Your Heart Stolen

"Actually, my mommy was a Ted Cruz supporter in the primaries. I told her on the primary--the day of voting, I told her to vote for Trump--she needs to vote for Trump. She didn't listen to me, but that's okay, now, after the primary, she realized the mistake she made.."

"MAGA!" Ft. Mindy Robinson, Joy Villa, Deplorable Choir, TommyJoe Ratliff, Ricky Rebel


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    Franz · 6 months ago
    MAGA is a national partay, while Dems struggle with their orange-man hate. #Walk-NO-RUNAway!!
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    Beverly · 6 months ago
    That wonderful little girl is amazingly bright and informed! Wow...cute and smart! She is going places!

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    MsPat · 6 months ago

    At such a tender age, this girl is naturally at ease under pressure, a quick thinker (sidesteps the quick yes & answers with the truth about the future being unknown so her actions cannot be decided, yet) & so firm in her statements, showing her real knowledge.
    The cameta loves her, too.
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