Divorcing Spiritual Spouses

Destroying Demonic Covenants, Divorcing Spiritual Spouses

In this video Pastor Kynan Bridges dicusses how to remove unwanted and unwelcomed spiritual influences from our lives. This information may be unusually deep for some people, but it is never the less a very key teaching for ridding ourselves of unseen influences over our lives.

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36 Hour Tour of Love - Changing the Way Cancer is Done

Be ready for a groovy show!

CB4L.org is changing the way cancer is done.

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Winning in 4D warfare - 5g, CV1984 and Orgonite

Could orgonite be the proverbial "stone in David's hand" in the fight against the deep state Goliath?

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The Health Benefits of Plants

Creating an interior ecosystem can improve the air we breathe and the feelings we experience.

Tatiana Denning - The Epoch Times

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