Subjugation into Groupthink, The Strident Assertion


What does it signify, as you motor along in your thinking life, and encounter someone offering you a Strident Assertion. 

(Originally published 23 June, 2018)

What we normally do, if we are not in the mood or don't have the time, is politely demure, exit as gracefully as possible and go about our business, which we accomplish by avoiding the topic of the Assertion. "How's your mom doing?" "…have a nice day!"

What we all instinctively recognize about the Strident Assertion, what is implicit in the delivery of the Assertion, is that if we question or contradict the Assertion, we will be attacked.

Implicit in the Strident Assertion, is that if you don't agree, you are definitely not one of the Cool Kids.

Rule: To avoid the attack implicit in the Strident Assertion, simply, completely avoid the topic of the Assertion. "What a sunny day it is!"

 So, You Decide You Are In the Mood:

You naturally choose to challenge the factual basis of the Assertion. Have you ever noticed, nobody Stridently Asserts 'Water cures thirst.' Factual assertions do not require Stridency, do they?

This is how they trick you into play. You decide to dive into the 'discussion,' not noticing the most important Structural Element of what you are getting into, the Stridency.

Rule: The Strident Assertion is its own declaration that the Assertion has no factual basis, or is implicitly dishonest. You are by definition being attacked with an attempt to manipulate you into submitting to something you would not otherwise agree to.

Corollary: A person issuing a Strident Assertion is not planning on discussion, their motive is your capitulation, not hearing your viewpoint on the subject. Same for a Condescending Assertion.

Rule: The Strident Assertion is always Playing to the Crowd. Even when the crowd is not present, it is referenced evocatively: the GROUPTHINK.

1. You challenge their Assertion with facts.

2. You receive in return another Strident (or Condescending) Assertion (they reflexively change the subject, to deflect attention away from your recognition that the Assertion lacks basis in reality).

3a. You challenge the second Assertion, and are put into play. You receive the third Assertion in reply, etc. You have been tricked into Mud Wrestling. You lose the contest, because nobody has any idea what the discussion is about anymore as the subject has been continuously changing (but not the objective) and at the end, unless you Acquiesce to something…You are still Not a Cool Kid.

You have successfully wasted your precious time, and gotten yourself covered in mud as your reward for your curious decision to go that way.

3b. Very unpopularly, you employ Broken Record, continue challenging the First Assertion (the initial attack), ignoring every attempt to change the subject. You are definitely not a Cool Kid. This is not a conversation, remember? It is an attempt to subjugate you.

4. New Subject: You. Ad hominem you get personally attacked. This is simply escalating the attempt to change the subject, and either obtain your submission, or get you down rolling in the mud with them so nobody observing can tell the two of you apart. You wind up looking exactly as filthy as they are. 

Mud Wrestling is one of their most effective weapons against us. We fall for it way, way too often. 

You have not only thrown yourself in the mud if you fall for this, you have tarnished all of us.

Have you ever had a conversation with a liberal that did not go this way? Have you ever noticed that questioning the mk-ultra nonsense (which does not appear in the Bible) most Christians spout follows exactly the same pattern? Have you ever noticed that this is what you get if you try arguing with a politician, or more subtly, resisting a salesman?

What is going on here?

Sorting the Still, Small Voice Out of the Endless Noise in Our Heads

GROUPTHINK, is what is going on. 

The Strident Assertion contains the implicit threat of ostracism if you fail to capitulate to it. Threat of ostracism tends to trigger us more than any other thing, and so is the primary weapon employed to manipulate and enslave people.

It triggers our Original Trauma, our separation from God. Abandonment issues reinforced by the racial memory over thousands of years. Less than 400 years ago and prior, the woods outside your village or town were inhabited by things like dire wolves. Wolves, bigger than you, which hunt in packs. Lurking outside the circle of light hoping for easy meat. For the last hundred thousand years, when a person was ostracized for refusing to capitulate, they and their family and friends often died that night, or shortly thereafter.

This fear is fundamental to our psyche and how human society operates.

SUBMISSION TO GROUPTHINK, is the goal of the MK-ULTRA engineering of our society, weaponizing our culture, religion, skooling, law etc against us, to render us suicidally manipulable.

GROUPTHINK is not animal behavior. Animals operate from instinct, which is a crude form of intuition, including survival instinct.

GROUPTHINK is by definition suicidal, it is the suppression of our survival instinct, to induce us to surrender to monsters.

GROUPTHINK is unrelated to thinking, it is the opposite. GROUPTHINK operates from the chakras below the heart, subhuman, sub-animal, starting ideally with full genital fixation, fixation on the base chakra and the perversion of those energies.

This is why there is so much enthusiasm for molesting our children in skool, fixating them on their genitals instead of building their minds, pushing them to indulge in all the options available for utilizing them wantonly, subjugating our children into THE HERD as casualties in the unreported, rapidly growing STD epidemic at as young an age as possible. Social Engineering, this is Marxism 101 for enslaving populations.

The Strident Assertion is not a conversational opener, it is a threat, always. When you challenge the Assertion, you are not having a discussion, you are THREATENING THE HERD. 

Remember, THE HERD is an engineered phenomenon, beings who have been inducted into sub-animal, subhuman behaviors. Behaviors no sane person would willingly engage in, which is why the Strident Assertion is always a veiled threat. You do not agree to join the herd, that would involve reason, the operation of the heart and upper chakras. By definition those things are excluded. THE ONLY WAY TO JOIN THE HERD IS BY CAPITULATING TO IT. Socialism, is another word for this.

Love? Not available. Only survival, and copulation. Parenthood? Nope. Art? As you have seen. If they dye their hair orange and engage in sexual perversion with sufficient theatrics, they can smear fecal matter on a concrete wall THE HERD will celebrate it as 'art.' Satanism, is also another word for this.

Mud Wrestling - "Casting your pearls before swine." 

Who is the fool, the one who has been trapped in THE HERD, who will lose their 'friends,' job, everything if they resist or question it in any way, or the person silly enough to debate with subanimals? 🙂

The only appropriate response other than Avoiding the Topic, when the Strident Assertion requires challenging like when THE HERD threatens you with its politics or wants to maim your children with vaxx bioweapons or liberalized "public education," is to COUNTERATTACK.

All Warfare is Psychological Warfare

A Strident Assertion is always a death-threat. Albeit a miserable, greasy slow death, it is a certain one. The goal is not your physical death, the objective of this game is to first kill your spirit, followed by killing your soul. Look into their eyes, you will see that inside them all. Your physical death is incidental, the longer you suffer the illness along with THE HERD the better.

If it is inappropriate to simply shoot them in response:

1. Unless you are doing it for amusement, never let them change the subject from the First Strident Assertion.

It's called Broken Record, it works for setting boundaries with triggered children of all ages. THE HERD exists in a perpetual state of arrested adolescence. Keep calmly, ultra-politely repeating your questions (or setting boundaries. as in, "Put the cookies back into the cookie jar.")

2. Never defend! That means you think you are guilty of something! Never explain! You are talking to creatures operating as subanimals! Never justify! That is a declaration of submission! Explanation in response to attack is defending. Please practice this, internalize this. Take the two words together, never again allow them to be separated: NEVER, DEFEND.


An explanation HOW to do something is instruction. Explaining WHY is weak, powerless, it is the choice to play Victim.

We instantly subjugate ourselves the moment we choose to do this: First, to whomever we feel compelled to submit to by doing it, and second, the real driver of this behavior is submitting ourselves to the evil twins Shame and Blame. Fear of Blame is the estate of the wounded child, it is not at all an adult behavior. It is the decision to enter Toxic Drama, playing Victim rather than facing your attacker confidently. "Laugh at the devil and he will flee from you," if you don't stare yourself down in the mirror getting this straight, you suffer getting tricked into play by every semiliterate green haired adolescent you meet. Attempting to put us on the defensive is every parasite's first move. We nearly lost our nation, our freedom and our lives failing to stand up to what amounts to endless juvenile tantrums, from schoolyard bullies, limp-wristed relatives and colleagues, to media manipulators and criminal politicians including past "Presidents." This form of aggressive manipulation is so simple a three year old can do it, if they find someone silly enough to play.

Soulwrecking, Nationwrecking - The Siren Song of Toxic Drama

Why O Best Beloved, will 98% of you forget this the moment you begin speaking!! 

When will you heal this? This is the consequence of our Original Trauma. Our rebellion--it was very subtle, followed by our fall. We all fell, Adam and Eve are archetypes as well as historical figures. We all fell via similar subterfuge, by the seductions of fallen angels.

The idea we are cursed by the acts of our ancestors is pure satanism. Our fall was vibrational, from existing in the Heavenworld as pure energy, into coats of skins, matter bodies, into the realm where the fallen angels were cast. Their urgency to entice us here was driven by their ravening hunger to feed upon us, our light. They cut themselves off from God, they are the Original Parasites.

We fell by making poor choices, not cast down by a god that cursed us into a hundred million years of incarnating on planet pain because of someone else's mistakes.

Our Original Trauma was the horrific discovery we could not return to the Garden, having contaminated ourselves. We abandoned God, but we perceived it as God's abandonment of us.

On top of this, all the subsequent human wreckage we have indulged in since then; sin, disease and death, which must be healed before we can be free of it. This is why they anathematized and genocidally exterminated the knowledge of reincarnation, this and the fact, that as we remember our past lives, we recognize them as the monsters they were and are.

There is a horrific reason they don't want people remembering past lives, and why they shriek and curse us for the least mention of it.

If enough people remembered who the mass-murderers and child eaters were and are, we'd put them in padded rooms instead of electing them as our political leaders and anointing them as our spiritual ones, amen.

Without the recognition of the millions of embodiments of human wreckage each of us have indulged in, it is not possible to heal it, returning ourselves to that Pristine Estate at God's side, by the Agency of Our Bridegroom, unto our Ascension.

Christ came, as a Living Bridge to God, holding the avalanche of our karma in check, to give us the opportunity to heal it rather than it landing on us like a piano, simply killing us. Newton's Third Law, Every action has an equal and opposite reaction: Karma.

This is what the herdfollowing mk-kristians are referring to when they proclaim "Christ died for our sins." The MK-ULTRA part of that is the utter abdication of responsibility, abdication to the GROUPTHINK, that you can go right on sinning, visit a church next Sunday or say a few Hail Mary's after, and get your ticket punched to go to heaven. No obligation on our part to clean up our messes, and become better people. Juvenile. Arrested Adolescence.

Christhood is Perfect Responsibility, not only for our own sins, but for all human suffering, Gethsemane.

3. COUNTERATTACK. The very best way to do this without gunfire, is politely, and with humor, "laugh at the devil and he will flee from you." It blows them out of the water. 

You can incorporate in your attack, wryly blowing their nonsensical Assertions out of the water if you want to educate onlookers in the process, but your goal is to defeat the attack, est-ce que tu comprends, mes chéris ?

If you have healed yourself sufficiently to open your heart chakra (it took me ten years to clear enough of the junk out to get the first flickers), you can simply open your heart chakra and smile at them. Often when we do this, they completely forget whatever it was they had in mind, and smile back. God's grace, is elegant.

a. You get zero mud on you. They cannot 'win' if they can't get you to mud wrestle.

They are, by definition going to attack you by accusing you of the crimes they themselves are guilty of. Gaslighting. "Racist!" and it's kristian equivalent, "You are of the devil!" and whatever else.

This works, because if you are willing to become triggered and engage, you are signaling that you feel you are guilty of something.

The Devil, d-evil the deification of evil, "The lord of this world cometh, and findeth nothing in me," I pray you will endure the healing of your psyche, having removed enough non-resolution from within you that you can no longer be tricked, triggered and manipulated by them!


Their only possible way to win, is by hooking you, triggering you, dragging you down to their level, and tricking you into engaging in mud-slinging. Mud Wrestling, voluntarily covering yourself in their mud. Oops.

b. It drives them crazy, and provokes them into revealing themselves and their miserable agendas.

Where have you seen the best example in recorded history of the tactics above being perfectly successfully employed? 

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