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We have been programmed to believe we are "only human", but the truth is we are divine. We came from the Divine and it is to the Divine we are destined to return. But how do we get there? Most people think that you have to die to get to heaven after living a moral life. But what if we could make heaven on earth?

Red Pill or Blue Pill? The Science & Philosophy of the Matrix

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Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. on YouTube
Published Dec 17, 2021
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How do we create heaven on earth? Well, it turns out that it's pretty simple. Love and Cooperation, in other words, Unity, is the foundation of creating a World of Wonder or heaven on earth. When we spend our time consciously expressing love and gratitude, we become the healers of our own biology and the biology of our planet. We literally change our communities by changing ourselves. I am sure you have heard the terms "be the change you want to see in the world." It turns out that this is exactly how we not only heal ourselves, we heal our planet. This is scientifically proven.

Let's take a look at the following videos to get a better understanding of what I am speaking about.

The Apocalypse of Belief - Healing Our Culture

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Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. on YouTube
Published May 5, 2021
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How do we change our thinking and our lives in order to bring in the World of Wonder, World of Unity? We always begin with gratitude. Gratitude is a form of love and when we maintain a consciousness of love and gratitude we can change our lives and our communities. We begin with self-love and self-love is not selfish. When we truly love ourselves as we have been told to by our Heavenly Father then we can begin to really love others. We begin to cultivate our beautiful gardens and return to paradise, our World of Wonder, World of Unity.

The Healing Power of Gratitude - Bruce Lipton Explains Telomeres

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Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. on YouTube
Published Dec 4, 2018
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"We all have our own personal limits — whether they are related to our ability to create abundance in our life, our capacity to make some type of change in our health or our body, our inability to stop recreating the same outcomes, or just our ability to believe in ourselves. When we step beyond our limitations, we become more unlimited." Dr. Joe Dispenza

There is so much great information in the below video. It is a bit lengthy but so worth listening to.


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