Soulwrecking, Nationwrecking - The Siren Song of Toxic Drama


Good morning Désirée!

I have some thoughts on your essay to share with you.

A great difficulty I encounter proofreading it, is that the authors the essay is quoting are socialists, which means they are writing in the context of Toxic Drama. Their intention is not to inform, it is to manipulate us, and ultimately, to subjugate us. Discerning this, requires stepping back to evaluate the information they present structurally, assessing their motives for choosing this context. This is a vital distinction which many people are unaware of and unwittingly fall prey to, which is actively abetted by people employing Toxic Drama.

(Originally published 23 June, 2018

To succeed against us, they must rope us into the game, baiting us into sacrificing our objectivity, failing to ask ourselves basic questions like "Why are these people speaking to me, what do they want from me?" Stepping back to make these structural assessments is essential to preserving ourselves, maintaining our personal boundaries in the face of aggressive manipulation.

Liberals as a group--people trapped in the tragedy of Toxic Drama do not have personal boundaries, and reflexively attack people who do have healthy boundaries. They automatically loathe and despise us at a glance, without knowing why. However, they are by definition craven, and will only attack people with healthy boundaries from the security of distance, from behind the microphone, or when they believe they outnumber us around 50:1. They prefer their targets to be entirely defenseless against them. By any measure, particularly abortion, we see children are their favorite targets, with poor people a close second.

Their inherent cowardice is why laughter, is one of our best defenses and deadliest weapons against them. And of course, "Guns, lots of guns." <3

Falling for the Drama, we consent to becoming emotionally or intellectually engaged, we consent to getting tricked into setting aside our critical thinking. Hoodwinking us into play, into the show, is the essential prerequisite to every card trick and magic act, including Drama Writ Large in the long history of governments using False Flags against their own populaces, tricking people into things like World Wars. The exploitation of this vulnerability is referred to as getting 'hooked' by someone, which is closely related to allowing ourselves to become 'triggered.'

Before we consent to getting into the sack with some dreamy vision of seduction, yo potato, meet his or her parents, sibs friends etc, to learn what you're getting into. Furthermore, making them date you chastely for one full year, is the only sure way to discern if you're being seduced by a psychopath.

Psychopaths, parasitical devourers of souls, are far more common than we are led to believe, and are able to nearly perfectly mask themselves. It takes that long to see past Mr. Perfect's mask, for the structure of the deal to become clear.

The role of Victim is always a form of aggression, and cannot exist without someone acting in the mirroring role of Persecutor, active aggression. The person acting in the passive-aggressive role of Victim is issuing an implicit threat, telegraphing to us that if we do not agree with them, they will flip into actively aggressing us in the role of Persecutor. Victim requires both a Persecutor, and an audience, the 'Herd' or 'Mob' acting in the passive-aggressive role of Rescuer, to run the game.

Ideally if we do not capitulate to them, they seek to flip the Herd or Mob into the role of Persecutor to obtain the required 50:1 ratio against us, exactly as the schoolyard bully and his gang. We avoid this noise, by simply walking away. Do not engage.

Exactly as you see our beloved President Trump wisely doing on a daily basis: Do not pick fights you cannot win.

Similarly, people trapped in Toxic Drama and The Herd can exit it instantly: Simply #WalkAway. Learning in that moment the brutal truth, when everyone you know turns on you: You did not have any friends. The Herd is not capable of meaningful relationships.

Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer are not only the fundamental elements of the Drama Triangle, they are the foundation of the Marxist Hegelian Dialectic, by which entire nations have been manipulated and subjugated into genocidal bloodbaths. All three roles are forms of manipulative aggression.

This recognition of veiled aggression is essential to detecting the difference between journalism, and the Fake News Propagandists and their relentless assault on humanity, deploying Weaponized Drama against us in endless sensationalism, Problem - Reaction - Solution, the Marxist Dialectic.

The Marxist Dialectic: Problem - False Flag Persecution. Reaction - Victim, lots of victims. Solution - Rescue, our 'salvation' at the hands of the perpetrators themselves.

Q++ - "These people are sick."

Contriving one Persecution after another attempting to drive all of humanity as Victims, into the devouring arms of our Rescuer, the Satanic Globalist Nanny-State.

The Drama Triangle - How to Defeat it

These are not nice people. They are parasites, hiding behind endless virtue signaling, pretending to care about this or that worthy cause as a pretext to seizing power and control. They mask their craving to rob us of the fruits of our labors and plunder our health and happiness, with a veneer of feigned politesse and condescending intellect. The aggression implicit in the employment of the Drama Triangle against us as a weapon, is extremely easy to verify: Try pointing this out to them, watch them flip to aggression, attacking you in response, playing to The Herd seeking to bully you and marginalize you in the eyes of your peers.

We know without asking, that the displays of heady erudition by the pseudo-intellectual psychopaths in the media and infesting our universities indoctrinating our children, destroying their sense of self and personal boundaries, are meant to intimidate, rather than to inform, and that if we question the concepts they present, we will be scorned and derided as unwashed, unenlightened.

People who resort to Drama are implicitly dishonest, whether they are Marxists, or ordinary people, even little children, who due to lack of integrity or low self-esteem, have concluded they cannot get their needs or wants met directly, honestly.

This is the unfortunate, and devastating personal and social disempowerment the entire liberal movement was infected with, in its transformation by socialism. Toxic Drama is always the attempt to manipulate people into doing something or agreeing to something they would not freely consent to, absent aggressive coercion. This is the subjugation into groupthink, and the consequent violent, divisive and entirely witless mob behaviors we witness worldwide.

Subjugation into Groupthink, The Strident Assertion

Désirée the bleak desolation the socialist authors you are quoting view the world with, and allege we need them to Rescue us from, is a projection from within them. Alleging we need them to solve these Problems for us, hoping we'll allow them to seize control of us in a totalitarian dictatorship. For example, the cell phone and computer they claim are tragically isolating me, in reality allow me to connect with a vast percentage of the people on planet earth. I can speak instantly with people doing research in Antarctica! And conduct international business effortlessly, sitting in a tree, on a mountain in the sun.

With an extraordinarily high percentage of the sum-total of human knowledge at my fingertips.

Knowledge is power, period. Knowledge, is the universal solvent to all the existential woes these authors are alleging we suffer from and are imprisoned by. They are uniformly chanting our disempowerment at us attempting to seduce us into Drama, simultaneously trying to drive a wedge between us and the very tools which give us the solutions to the problems they conjure upon us: Access to knowledge--the wellspring of innovation and liberation including the ability to interact and share our thoughts freely with the rest of the human race.

They require us to be divided, for their parasitism to succeed against us, which is why the political left is so endlessly obsessed with race,  gender, etc, any way they can divide us and set us against one another.

These are cruel, dishonest people. There is no mystery why every time in history the poor and ignorant, purposefully-downtrodden masses have been bilked into believing the lofty-sounding ideals they espouse, it plummeted from that moment, directly into genocidal bloodbaths. Simple bait-and-switch.

Socialism is Weaponized Toxic Drama: Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer, writ large.

Association with people who are under the spell of such, always results in impoverishment at every level, particularly at the level of the soul.

These people as a group are motivated by fear, rather than the longing which motivates healthy people; are inherently dishonest which means they can neither trust nor be trusted, are afflicted with significantly higher levels of physical and mental illness, depression, anxiety, addiction, infidelity and broken relationships, higher suicide rates and shorter lifespans. Our prisons are packed-full of them.

They are utter cowards, which is key to defeating them. Their inherent cowardice is why they cannot survive sunlight, and why women, loving mothers in their ferocity protecting their own, terrify them.

Harmony, integrity, chastity, charity, honor, dignity, virtue and every other form of True Personal Power, especially Love, cannot exist for people who are trapped in association with creatures such as these, and are indeed kryptonite against them.

I realize this is something which is not pleasant to hear, and hope you will not think poorly of me for sharing it with you. A vital alternative to this malaise, is Happiness, at your fingertips.

If you are willing to #WalkAway from people like this, and strive to remove all Drama from your life.

Sincerely yours,

Donald Garrett


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