Planned Armed Rallies? I Don't Think So.

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A quick search on Google using the terms "planned rallies" comes up with exactly zero hits except for those "warnings" by mainstream media supposedly coming from the FBI. There are, as far as I can tell, no planned rallies anywhere at any of the capitals around the country. This is complete disinformation and is probably a set up.

There are a couple of articles out there claiming that there are planned armed rallies in capitals across the country. I won't bother linking that disinformation here. Again, try as I might, there is nothing remotely similar to these advertised rallies anywhere that I can find other than this so called internal FBI information. These are scare tactics, designed in my opinion, to make people fear each other as well as to quash dissent.

There is plenty of dissent quashing going on with social media campaigns deleting users as well as certain phrases from their platforms. Apparently having a different viewpoint other than what the "mainstream" thinks you should have is now dangerous and this so called warning by the FBI is yet another example of that. I should note that using fear to pit whole segments of society against each other are well known tactics of Marxist, Communist revolutionaries.


January 6 Reichstag Event on Capitol Hill

We are amazed at how easily the Capitol Building was "breached" yesterday, aren't you? Or, are you instead just jerking your knee to what the tv says? (You don't want to do that.)


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