Leylines: The Key to Unlocking the Matrix

Many of our top minds such as Tesla, Einstein and others all have something in common. That is, they all at some point have shared that their idea, invention, or formulation, came to them in a daydream or dream, which is in fact a meditative state of mind..

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Viktor Schauberger: Understand and Copy Nature

The first film about Viktor Schauberger’s life’s work. A comprehensive survey of historical facts, current research and various practical applications into both technology and the natural world.

Viktor observed that in all of nature, exothermic processes like combustion and decomposition, including nuclear fission, are always associated with death and destruction, and that using combustion to produce energy is exactly like burning money, rather than investing it. Following his lead, we can observe for ourselves that throughout nature, contraction, concentration are always the way living systems manage energy, starting with fusion in the sun, producing abundant energy while creating new elements in the process.

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A massive volcanic eruption may have contributed to the rise of the Roman Empire

"After Alaska’s Okmok volcano blew its top in 43 BCE, the Mediterranean saw years of bitter cold and famines.

"The year 43 BCE was, by all accounts, a tumultuous time for the Mediterranean region. The assassination of Julius Caesar one year earlier had sparked a seventeen-year power struggle that would lead to the demise of the Roman Republic and the Ptolemaic dynasty that governed ancient Egypt and the dawn of the Roman Empire. It was also a time of extremely weird weather; the years 43 and 42 BCE were marked by bitter cold and excessive rains that led to widespread famines and disease..."

Kate Baggaley - Popular Science

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Dutchsinse: 3 Tropical Storms Hit the US.

"Three tropical storms / hurricanes are projected to hit the USA from the South and West coasts in the next several days" Dutchsinse

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FN: 'Not a mask in sight': thousands flock to Yellowstone as park reopens

Fake News: People are eager to return to normal life but the self-styled "social engineers" at The Guardian are alarmed that people have enough common sense not to wear a mask in the great outdoors?

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