FN: 'Not a mask in sight': thousands flock to Yellowstone as park reopens

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Fake News: People are eager to return to normal life but the self-styled "social engineers" at The Guardian are alarmed that people have enough common sense not to wear a mask in the great outdoors?

As we are seeing, the real disease which is ruining people's lives and businesses worldwide is the weaponization of ChinaVirus19 as a scare tactic against the entire planet.

From endlessly misrepresenting statistics, hospitals financially rewarded when they change the cause of illness or death to "Covid19," to imposing confinement of healthy people which served to increase infection rates, and massive casualties among the elderly in Democrat-run states forcing nursing homes to accept patients infected with the disease, the Wuhan-engineered "virus" appears to be a pre-planned, stage-managed terror event.

Originally published Thursday, 21 May 2020

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    Franz · 1 years ago
    Note Montana's Democrat Governor Bullock has not allowed the North and West Gates of Yellowstone to open yet. What's keeping him, Soros?
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