EYE ON Liberal Hell Holes: Are Environmental Regulations Causing Wildfires in California?


Most thinking people know that thinning forests and brush is vital to controlling wildfires, but far-leftists in California claim it's climate change. Instead of common-sense forest management, California liberals think it is better to turn their state into what amounts to a third-world country. PragerU succinctly gives us the facts. Let's listen.

Environmental Regulations Are Causing Wildfires in California

PragerU - YouTube
Sept. 1, 2020
6:26 Length

From the American Thinker:

"According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE), shrubs and live and dead vegetation are the most important factor in forest fires, being an easily ignitable fuel source that helps spread the flames quickly over vast distances. For a dry and warm state prone to fires, regular clearing measures removing this vegetation should be common sense. However, California has enacted several laws that heavily restrict such vital fire-preventing measures as logging, removal of dead trees, and clearing of dry underbrush.

"During a congressional hearing in May, California Congressman Tom McClintock blasted environmentalists for having fervently opposed such measures since the early 1970s. Instead, they have been advocating that forests be left to their own devices – despite the fact that thousands of years of history shows that forests need to be appropriately maintained in order to reap all their benefits and reduce the risk of fires. This understanding of the environment has too often been trumped by politics in California.

"When a 2013 environmental impact report advocated the benefits of large-scale vegetation management in San Diego County, activists violently rejected its conclusions. As in the decades before, concerns over wildlife and environmental impacts were ultimately more important than the safety of fellow citizens, with the result that brush and dead vegetation were allowed to accumulate unimpeded for more than forty years."

One might ask why environmentalists would rather destroy California than save it?  What is the political agenda behind it?" Please follow the link above for the rest of the article from American Thinker.


In California the Venice Beach boardwalk of today is very different than the Venice Beach boardwalk of yesteryear. Just ask anyone who has either lived or visited there. I wonder when this decline began but I think the title here explains it all for those with eyes to see.

During the 70's when Ronald Reagan was governor things were very different. California was still considered by many to be paradise. But the long slow change caused by liberal/leftist policies can be seen very plainly here. The very first video below shows a contrast of just a few months. Take a look.


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