Shen Yun: A Performance Review


Along with Ruby Ray Media's own Beverly Wood and Jennie Smith, I had the pleasure of seeing the Shen Yun Performance in Atlanta at the Cobb Energy Center on Friday, January 14, 2022. Delightfully exquisite is inadequate to truly describe the beauty and talent with which the orchestra, musicians, and performers tell the story of China's beautiful divine history.

Through the use of traditional Chinese dance and the addition of a new patented digital background screen technology invented by Shen Yun's artistic director D.F, (Master Li Hongzhi), the stories brought to life on stage celebrate China's 5000-year-old culture with beauty and grace.

There are no DVD or other recordings available of any of the performances of Shen Yun. Thus the only way to experience this is to see it live for yourself. Each year, the music and the stories told on stage are different so that one could go to a performance every year and experience it in a whole new way.

Shen Yun currently has seven equally large troupes that perform simultaneously around the world. Here is the link to where you can buy tickets this year.

Theater-goers in six U.S. States and Paris attend Shen Yun Jan. 11 -17.

Shen Yun Intro

Shen Yun Official on YouTube
Published Jul 19, 2021
2:59 viewing length

From the Program:

"Our journey begins eons ago, in a sublime and lofty paradise. A divine assemblage has gathered to greet the mighty Creator. He has sensed that the universe is nearing calamity and reveals an alarming scene of destruction of cosmic layers below. Wishing to save all lives from disaster, the Creator asks the deities, "Who shall follow me to Earth to renew all things in the end times?" From all corners of the cosmos, brave and noble gods heed the call. Right behind the Creator, they descend, reincarnating in China's imperial court, establishing a magnificent culture, and taking the stage in the grand play of human civilization."

The Story of Twin Souls

This story is called "Three Hundred Years in One Day." It is the story of twin souls separated through space and time and by some outside forces. In a dream, a modern girl is transported back 300 years where she experiences the meeting of her twin soul and then is separated by a bully and his cronies. Then a Taoist intervenes and brings her twin forward into the current time where they are reunited.

A Story of Compassion

In modern times society has been turned on his head by the casting aside of virtues like integrity compassion and faith. Ancient legends have warned of these perilous times.

In China practitioners of Falun Dafa hold on to their traditional virtues and stay true to their faith even in the face of decades of persecution as the battle between good and evil rages. Falun Dafa teaches that compassion opens a path to renewal and hope.

Information about Falun Dafa

Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, is a spiritual practice that millions around the world have made a part of their lives. Rooted in Buddhist tradition, it consists of two main components: self-improvement through the study of teachings, and gentle exercises and meditation.

The belief system of Falun Dafa offers the possibility of spiritual growth through disciplined practice. Its teachings encourage learners to let go of unhealthy attachments as they strive to attune their lives to the underlying qualities of the universe: Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance.

People who practice Falun Dafa often find it to be life-changing. Many experience dramatic health benefits as well as newfound energy, mental clarity, and stress relief. More importantly, many feel that in Falun Dafa they have found a deeply rewarding spiritual path.


Historically beautiful art has been a way to convey hope for the human spirit, connect us with the divine, and open our hearts to love, hope, and spirituality. We may still find these simple yet profound concepts in ancient art and some in contemporary art.

Often art tells a story, as is the case in the themes shared below. These cover themes of modern times and some recent historical times, and we can see parallels with the ancient past in their telling.

The NTD Painting Competition allowed artists to share with us some really beautifully done realistic paintings. Through these paintings, the artists share the depth of their hearts. The beauty of the art speaks for itself. Because this artwork touched me so profoundly, each for different reasons, I decided to share it with you.


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Franz · 1 years ago
    So glad Shen Yun is thriving around the world, in spite of the evil CCP. That would be another story to tell, wouldn't it, of the persecution these artists have no doubt suffered at the hands of those criminal thugs.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Peggy · 1 years ago
    The CCP spreads rumors and lies about the show and it isn't allowed to perform in China.
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