RRM with Candace WhiteLight: Starlink is key in evolving the internet


Tech is a wonderful thing in the hands of wonderful people. We testify to God about the swamp for His Judgment then tech will be freed to be used in consonance with the spiritual Great Awakening to move our societies into a Golden Age.

RRM with Candace WhiteLight - More on Starlink and AI

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Published Feb 16 2022
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Starlink is key in evolving the internet.


Franz Glaus 0:01
Hello, folks, welcome to our Ruby Ray presentation. This is Franz with Candace WhiteLight. We're going to talk about Starlink and how it's going to allow us to continue to communicate and get free of the artificial intelligence matrix that wants to shut everything down and censor everything. So once again, very glad to bring Candace on board. Hello, Candace, how are you today?

Candace WhiteLight 0:27
Hi, Franz. Thanks again for this opportunity to come out with this information. And I'm doing good today. Thanks.

Franz Glaus 0:34
Good, I'm glad. And we're showing this picture of this nice, bright, sunny day. Of course, it's cold as all get out, of course in Ottawa, but showing a Starlink satellite dish on top of some vehicle - kind of hidden by a Canadian flag from the crowd - but there it is pointed heavenwards. What is the Starlink dish doing in Ottawa, Candace?

Candace WhiteLight 0:57
Well, one of the things the bad guys did about one week into the trucker convoy is to try to keep the truckers from communicating with the outside world with social media. And it was the decision of the Mayor of Ottawa to just turn off all the Wi-Fi links that truckers were using.

Over the course of about 12 hours, the truckers said, Well, what are we going to do? And I actually sent the guys a note at one point on Telegram, which is a good format, and they've done a lot of communications there. They've also been on Facebook. I just said, You guys needed Starlink. These guys were part of the team that I work with that actually has some control over that.

Sure enough, they sent somebody up there with a big dish, it's a big one for Starlink which is usually much smaller. You can tell it's Starlink, it's on a tripod, and it is facing up to the Starlink system which is comprised of near-Earth satellites. They do have 1,469 satellites that are active over North America, and they are in the northern tier.

They are servicing Ottawa you can see by the very slight off-of-horizontal bend to it, pointing to the Starlink satellites. They are not geosynchronous, they actually pass over and run in little satellite trains. They will carry the signal and beam it back to the whole world. They got that set up within about six hours, providing the code to get into the network.

As you get with any satellite dish, it has to go through a network splitter with a code and then you can sign on and your device will work. This was done very quickly, they're now up and running.

I've watched several live shows that are perfect quality, no cutout, no nothing - because of Starlink - it provides a low latency transmission. Absolutely no time break between the satellite and the ground-based dish. They can stream live and it is perfect calibration. We've been able to enjoy those streams since that was put up, which I think was about a week ago now. It is really what saved the day.

I'm very glad I can make the statement right now to everybody that's listening. Starlink is going to save the day. Worldwide.

Franz Glaus 4:16
That's really amazing. And already, there are so many people using it, especially in hard-to-reach places where the internet's not prevalent. But that's soon going to be something where first of all, it's going to be mobile, it'll be on planes, it'll be on boats, but it'll cover the globe, though you won't have to have it in cities because of land-based fiber optics. In any case, it's the Starlink network we're talking about to revolutionize the internet, give us a new internet. What's going on with the old internet? Tell us how important it is that Starlink does become established for being able to maintain our communications.

Candace WhiteLight 5:02
Well, it is something that I've done a lot of research on. I was involved in the field of putting in satellite units ln the olden days. And so I have a really good handle on this technology.

Starlink has now purchased over 100,000 IP addresses and those IP addresses are going to be available around the world. They are also a part of this new system, this new internet called Quantum.

Part of the things we were bucking into for the last 20 years is that we would run out of IP addresses. So this also is a part of the good news regarding being able to do commerce and banking, and worldwide purchasing; also phone calls, even television is going to be able to be sent over much like what we see nowadays, Netflix and all of that. Starlink has no latency, download speeds are high.

The service right now costs $99 but they're doing a lot of grant work in areas that are very rural with no internet. A lot of those people don't have $99 a month to spend on it so there are going to be grant programs on a sliding scale.

A lot of this is going through the prior understanding of how our taxes worked, which I just heard the other day, the IRS has suspended collection on taxes. There's a whole lot in play as far as that is concerned, it's going to be good news for most of us average folks that live out in the boonies.

The Starlink satellite dishes themselves are being made smaller and smaller for individual use to the point that right now what you can get one that's only 12 inches, small enough for a vehicle like your RV. Instead of having access through a provider, you are issued this direct access per your own application, it doesn't necessarily have to link to an individual IP address, which is the way it works right now, where the IP address is held by your internet provider who only has so many IP addresses to provide.

Starlink is revitalizing and allowing for a complete recoding of the old way that the internet used to work because it is now internet 2.0, it's the new generation, 6G, which has nothing to do with 5G which is going to be completely taken out. All of the 5G application was tremendously corrupted and used for very nefarious purposes. Everybody knows that.

4G is what runs our cell towers. Current cell phones will have to be recoded but it won't require new phones. That's an important factor because most of us have phones, some are 4G and some 5G, the latter is a total marketing ploy. The major providers had this little fake war about who could get the most 5G networks. But it's a new day.

This particular aspect of it plays into the AI infiltration of our social media networks. The ability for them to collect data is all done on a copper or a radio network. When we go to a light ray connection, which is really light frequency or light wavelength, we are going to eliminate a lot of that because there's no way they can break into a light signal.

This new tech is very expensive - to the point that very few technicians can actually cut a fiber optic cable and tap into it. It's virtually impossible. Not only is it shielded, but it's also where it's like taking a bowl of spaghetti and trying to get one piece of the spaghetti put back together again, that got broken, it just ain't gonna happen. So the AI abusers are really going to be out of luck. This is really going to make a huge difference. Right now I'm uncovering some of those portal connections.

What's really amazing about all this is that I found out all of this because I investigated what was going on with Juan O Savin's work. The enemy identified him early on, two and a half years ago, that he was a big player, got a lot of hits, and that people loved him.

I like to hear him talk, he has good information. Juan's information of course is stuff that the deepstate doesn't want to get out to everybody. There's a parallel reality I've discovered in which a lot of Juan's work has been shared with these portals in areas of the world that are rife with hackers and Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs. They were taking his programs, reformatting them, and sending them back through YouTube, a primary offender, because YouTube lets anybody set up a channel with no authentication.

The offenders put a lot of this coded AI over Juan's programs that were taken down from YouTube for supposed violations of the terms of service. They completely slammed a bunch of channels, took out all their product and everything else. Then those programs could be put up on these bot programs that are fully infiltrated with AI, and you listen to them, they don't sound quite right, they speed up the voice just a little bit (for example.) I mean, you've noticed that. And that's clearly done by AI programs.

There are no people behind these things. And a lot of times deeper in the channel, you'll find totally unrelated programming that is from Pakistan, or from Southeast Asia. It's Hindi or it's in a different language and there's stuff, for one absurd example, about doing work on people's nails.

These were all the abandoned IP addresses that Trump threw out through the DOD. They tracked these IP addresses to see who picked them up. We learned a lot about the whole AI program just by tracing where it was coming from.

That activity got shut down and the IP addresses have now been returned. In other words, about two months ago, I was told that we have them back in hand, the Department of Defense got these IP addresses back.

Now the enemy is using a different format. I became aware of a couple of tabloids, which is kind of a good description for them.

Similar to the Enquirer and the Globe, which carry sensationalized news, we wouldn't necessarily read those as headline news that is real; but then again, some of it was just right on. The Hollywood Reporter is another one of these tabloids that follows big stars around and a lot of it is hearsay, a lot of it is fabricated.

There are two news sites like that which I will name because I'm after them. One is Before It's News and the other is Best News Here. And they work together. In fact, they put up the same exact thing, one of them, Best News Here, is in the country of Macedonia.

That took a little while for me to investigate, because at first, I said, Macedonia? What's there? Let's see. They run a lot of internet scams. Internet scams where they want to get your financial information and put through charges that aren't yours, pretty simple stuff.

There was one that was a little bit more elaborate that involved data mining, known to be a part of the way that Facebook was set up. Facebook was set up by DARPA, and its long arm, obviously, is to the CIA. So is Macedonia, it's a little different version of the CIA. There's our version of the CIA. There's also one that comes through another country we're not going to name here that actually was described by the Q team many times as having been left until last.

They are particularly egregious in terms of setting up these boiler rooms in other countries, where they filter and launder money. Nobody really pays attention to it. You wouldn't notice it, there's nothing on the website that would say where it's from or anything, it's perfect English.

I've gone through this for years and years. So they now have the ability to get into the backdoor of many of the programs that we rely on that are really instrumental in terms of setting up our networks in general.

Everybody started to understand that the browser was one place AI could infiltrate. They used Google and YouTube, obviously. And this all pointed back to an agency that was set up and running called Alphabet Incorporated, which also owns 23 and Me, by the way, and that's pretty huge, because they're data mining, not just for information and your bank accounts anymore, this has to do with your DNA. And this is trouble. And now what other country can you think of that has as much control on what you would call the bloodlines, that is interested in your DNA?

Franz Glaus 18:27
The one that was formed by the bloodlines! Ha...What do you know, huh? (sarcastically)

Candace WhiteLight 18:31
We could go on and on about these connections, but basically, it's going to be a new day with a company like Starlink that is privately owned. This has nothing to do with the government. These are private individuals. And it was launched and engineered by SpaceX. But SpaceX is not just Elon Musk. So we've got to do some damage control in terms of getting people to a point where they're just not going to go after and throw the baby out with the bathwater. I just want to say off the top that Neuralink is not a bad thing. And it is not aligned with the deep state transhumanism program...

Franz Glaus 19:40
Like Bannon says it is.

Candace WhiteLight 19:43
Well see, somebody's got to come out and go head to head with these people because what is their interest in doing this? Why do they want to say things like that against, you know, a program that basically helped out veterans? That's why it was originally designed. And okay, take Rush Limbaugh, he had a cochlear transplant that helped him to hear. They are actually able to bring back functioning capacity to veterans that have had all their limbs severed, who then can think things and have it written on a computer screen so they can communicate.

There's also some work that has been done within that; and maybe it's not the same as your concept that it's going to take over all of us and transfer our consciousness into a computer. I know that Elon said something like that. I listened to the program, it was like a TED talk or something. I think what he was doing was just sort of fantasizing about how it, you know, it could be used for the dark.

Franz Glaus 21:02
Yeah, he has been warning about AI, and the use of AI by transhumanists for quite some time. He's been telling his audiences that it's something we need to get ahead of, he said, There's no way you can stop it, because people are developing that technology. But his warning is: Who's going to actually be in control of AI?

And when you drive a Tesla car, it's learning and it's helping the whole self driving system of Tesla to learn how to do what it does better, which is already 10 times better than what an average human can do. Hence, it's going to become 100 times better and safer. This frees the driver from having to do the mundane, like when you drive from one place to another, it's actually very tiring to drive three, four hours to another destination. Well, the car will drive that for you. Then it liberates you into maintaining communications you might have with others, being able to do other tasks along the way, you're still in the driver's seat if you need to take control, but the car is driving you 10 times to 100 times safer than if you were driving yourself without the fatigue factor, which is part of the reason why it's so much safer and without the distraction factor. The car is 100% technologically focused on its tasks, and is much safer to get you from point A to B then you're having to do it and it frees you up.

And you're all rested when you get there, you're not all tired, you can get on to business, you can go back to your original destination. It's not that big a deal; as big a deal as when you drive the car. So people make up things that sound good.

Obviously, we know Candace, that Transhumanism was truly a danger before the White Hats took over behind the scenes. But until that happened, the technocrats and the globalists and the Nephilim - essentially the fallen angels who thought they should rule us and our world forever, and all the nations and bring them into a one-world government, that technocracy was truly a danger to humankind and mankind.

I don't see it that way anymore. I don't want to put the cart before the horse because we still have our work to do. But I see that we have conflated things and conflated the work that Elon Musk is doing with these other technocrats. And I think that's where we need to show a departure, Candace.

Candace WhiteLight 23:53
Absolutely. And, you know, this brings up a whole other thing that just popped into my mind is that, we've talked about having sort of Blade Runner type space cars; and I think that one of those elements that we just could not deal with is the fact that we would have real humans driving them at very high speeds, and that how would that work as far as being able to just lift off the pavement and follow the route for freedom of contact?

In other words, you wouldn't want these space cars running right over your head, right? Running through your little town and making a mess of things, but you'd have to control it somehow. And of course, what is it that you need? You need the very things that Tesla is developing for navigating space and time.

When do we have a technology that's capable of it, which is really what you're talking about is being able to control the movement and perceive the other movement of vehicles and have a route and plan where it can do everything that we have to do for ourselves now. Stuff that practically runs you off the road if you're trying to talk to Google Maps and find something.

It's great that Google Maps have a pinpoint on you down to your little cell phone in the car, they know where you are. It has to be said because a lot of people don't know this, the former GPS system that controls all of Google Maps, and everything else, was just moved over recently, from that network of satellites at 20,000 miles up, down to these near-Earth satellites that are constantly moving.

They are fitted with GPS signals that have made a difference, which I've noticed, in how Google Maps works. I've been a big user of that service. It is pinpointing things much more accurately and also updating as far as routes. That's because the satellites are only 130 to 150 miles up. They're running right over our heads, and they're capable of really setting up a whole system that heretofore had been impossible - you just couldn't even consider having a car that lifted off the pavement and running above the road.

I think that's what's in store for us, when we can wrap our heads around that technocracy and transhumanism which actually falls into a completely different category than technology. The new internet model, which you can set up with a small dish like the one that we were looking at earlier. They've been doing this for years, the military has had this capability, and going into disaster areas where everything was blown to the ground. So that rescue troops, and police, and ambulances and everything else could find people.

It's just a no-brainer that this is a good thing. And that has been set up by private industry, not by the government, not by the deepstate, not by the black hats. This is what we have control over, the white hats, and they're behind the scenes. The digital army, again, we get back to the premise for where we started about this. That's what we're trying to do is make a better world.

Franz Glaus 28:20
Yeah, and I think that the idea that we would just, I don't know, not evolve technologically, but just, I mean, some people argue that technological advancement distracts us from our spiritual advancements, from our spiritual evolving or maturing. And to me, I think it misses the point, that technology actually enhances our ability to spiritually develop if it's used properly, because we're freed from having to just be in survival mode, or in a constant work week, where we're just grinding it out. It doesn't leave much time for spiritual reflection, meditation, meditating on higher things, and actually developing our higher faculties.

When technology is working hand in hand with spiritual development, you have an acceleration there that happens in the public across the wider population. It's not just a few individuals who've got their hands on the tech because of the means or who they know. It's everybody that has access to liberating technology that allows them time and space to think, to read more, to meditate more, to think of higher things. Isn't that right?

Candace WhiteLight 30:00
Well, it plays together, you know, I think consciousness is probably our number one issue in terms of accepting that the human species can come into a technological age without succumbing to the movie version of life where everything goes down, and they dropped an atomic bomb, and that's it. You know, we've got some big issues coming up that are natural.

Are we going to go back to the Stone Age? It's like that particular line of thinking is not really relevant right now. We've made it to a paradigm shift, which a lot of folks are just not going to understand. You and I have talked about this for hours about what our job is to try to really bring this concept home, so that people start to say, Oh, you know, maybe that's not so bad. You know, it's really a thought process. Am I speaking to what your question was?

Franz Glaus 31:22
Absolutely. It dovetails beautifully. I didn't want to get too far into the 40,000 philosophical foot level, but I did want to address the fact that there's been a conflating in some circles of the work that's being done by people like Elon - and not just Elon - people who are bringing out technologies that Tesla had developed, and then were suppressed by the Robber Barons of the day, who gave Tesla money to do his laboratory experiments, gave him the kind of money that allowed him to develop some things and then came in and squashed it all, took the money away. They also marginalized Tesla, who he was and what he was doing, the work he was doing. So there's been this absolute suppression of these technologies that would free and liberate mankind.

What the truckers are doing in Ottawa, for example, is gathering to be free, free from the oppression of the COVID nonsense. And the COVID nonsense is just another aspect of the kind of heavy-handed suppression that throttles our creativity, throttles our ability to communicate and unite and share with each other the ideas that move us forward.

All of these things are emerging now, in a very global way. The trucker convoy has truly catalyzed in a very real way, although it's kind of a response. Also, the catalyst was already there, it's been there for a long time. It's simply moving technologically from one day to the next into faster networking, faster communication of ideas, a faster reduction of fearing the unknown, which is what's kept mankind in the dark for centuries fearing the unknown about neighboring people, those who are neighboring nations or people across the world, or even what's in our galaxy, what's in our system of worlds, our solar system itself, looking up at the stars and wondering about what's over there.

Having a sense, having imposed, that natural curiosity that Elon Musk seems to have, for example, and you and I seem to have overlaying on top of that, all kinds of fear matrices that we should not go there. So yeah, that's all. I don't want to go on too far about it.

But to bring our conversation to a nice conclusion, can we expect to get phones that will connect readily to Starlink? Can we expect Starlink to be successful? Can we expect that the internet 1.0 with all of the data gathering and the spying - we could go on and on about the spying, the backdoors and the use of your data to manipulate you and so on - can we expect that we're going to quickly move from that internet to the new internet this year? Next year? In the coming years? Candace, what would you say?

Candace WhiteLight 35:13
Well, you know, it's a many-stepped process, but really, it already exists. Starlink is something you can purchase, and you can get a dish installed right now, they send it to you in the mail, and then it's fairly simple. They're selling these units for one-third of the cost to produce them. So this is a humanitarian effort.

We were marked in the state we live in (Montana), because of funds that were available, that were not used during the Obama administration, and had become available. And we've taken advantage of that. And we've put a lot of these units into areas that are rural, and that's where it really is going to step up and become more commonplace.

The satellite system at 23,000 miles is all a bunch of space junk, and it is coming down on a regular basis. We'll notice pictures are all over the internet of things, you know, flying through the sky, and it's another piece of junk that's burning up before it reaches the Earth or being decommissioned. Therefore everything is being moved on to the Starlink system. This is ongoing.

It will probably take a couple of years to really get everything moved over because these things that were operational, I used to have to find out where the links were to the actual unit and the purveyor of it. That's when I was doing my work with satellite internet from 2003 to 2008.

The rise of cell towers and the internet being accessible to the common person everywhere has really made a huge shift because it's only people that are not within the reach of a cell tower that are willing to pay well over $100 a month to get the worse signal that you can possibly get because the latencies are so high and the provider has to throttle you down. If you try to download too many movies, you know, there's just all these finite resources.

This has taken a few years, right Franz, where you first purchased a cell phone, all you could do is make phone calls with it? Then it could text and then it could download stuff, but it was very expensive at first.

$500 is a little out of the reach of some people, but we're seeing a lot of shifts. And the biggest deal is the banking and visa transactions and worldwide stuff that... I don't know if you remember, but you know, when I lived back in Idaho, it was a case where I could purchase something, and my card would be okay, and then the charges come through three days later, because they had to batch it.

In fact, I've still seen a few out here as to you know, gas stations with a big dish on the top. Whenever you go to that particular service, where you have a dish that connects up out there, it is infinitely corruptible. In fact, every fraud situation that I have noticed, or anybody that I know has noticed has always been through a system that has a satellite generated signal because it is interruptible, it's corruptible, you can get into it through so many portals.

Starlink is light generated, it's a much higher frequency, they cannot crack into it. The AI will be completely gone. And you can tell who was the AI by the fact that they are fighting this system, tooth and nail. In fact, I don't think I got to the portion of the program where we talked about the satellites that were just brought down from a recent launch.

Franz Glaus 39:39
Oh yeah.

Candace WhiteLight 39:40
Starlink launched 49 satellites recently, which is far less than most of their usual launches of 300 on these individual launches, but there was a crucial payload on this recent one because it was the laser-fitted units that are going to be used for the ground-based program.

This is the last phase of this, to get the actual satellites up and running that are going to be signaling to the ground bases, which are going to service larger capacity.

What you see in that picture of the giant laser is that you see a large beam of light coming down to a ground-based transfer station. That will be serviced with fiber optic primarily because that is signal to signal. That will transfer into preexisting copper lines for areas that are older and haven't gotten service yet with in-ground fiber optics.

In the last 100 years of development and technology, people come up with ideas and just do it. And it has made literally a rat's nest of different switches and modems and carriers. I dealt with one phase of the system and that was internet via satellite.

We would have to have the conversation all the time with people, Well, why can't we get internet where we are? There's a main road right down there? A lot of the copper that's in the ground that carries signal was meant to carry voice. Your telephone wires were put in, in the 70s and 80s, even up into the 90s. And they were not capable of carrying an internet signal.

So that's a simplistic way to put it. I could describe it technically, but I'd lose you very quickly. So it's that last mile. It's the phenomenon that basically if you talk to Verizon Wireless, and you say why can't I get a cell phone signal to my house? Okay, simple premise. It's like where I live doesn't exist. My cell phone is useless. If I walk out my door and 150 feet away, boom, it's gone. There's no cell in my area for Verizon Wireless, they admitted. They said, Oh, yeah, you can bring it back. You can go get AT&T. It's like a war that's gone on. Because there's certain towers that are only owned by one company. I mean, they won't let Sprint on there either. So if you think well, I got a Sprint thing I'll get on. No. They're proprietary. And they have been like that because these big telecoms are all monopolies. And I could go further but you get the picture.

When we talk to people about how they can get reception at their house for their computer, Wi-Fi, you go through the list of stuff that's available, and you say, Well, those are your options. And if you get down at the end of the list, and none of them play out, the last option was always getting a satellite put out in your yard that could get you the signal from 23,000 miles away.

When they decommissioned that system in 2008, because Verizon came up with the Wi-Fi connection that you could get through the cell tower. So it still was problematic. I mean, everybody complained about it, but they would rather complain about it and have something than to have to pay $100 a month for something that didn't work, either.

Low latency is something that the company that I worked with, Starband, they couldn't offer anything, even close to low latency. That was always a problem.

But Starlink is perfect. I mean, it has everything that you need to get a signal wherever you are and it will be developed within the next six months through Linux, amazingly enough.

Linux is the leader in terms of operating systems. And they are going to have the ability to operate phones. They've got it in the works right now.

Anybody that really wants to have a system that actually is going to work with the new way, because I'll tell you, Microsoft is going to be left in the dust if they don't start coming up with the goods real quick here, which are low latency applications. And Linux is working with them right now, to be able to encode these applications, which are something you can download on your phone, that will be compliant with the system, run by Linux, where you can key in your antenna to pick up the signal from Starlink.

Franz Glaus 46:02

Candace WhiteLight 46:04
It's coming. It's just a matter... and you get to keep your same phone. You don't have to buy anything extra; it's gonna work on what you have. Isn't that a wonderful concept?

Franz Glaus 46:17
Yeah, that's pretty amazing. I mean, I'm just amazed.

Candace WhiteLight 46:24
Most people just don't know. The big telecoms are involved with the data stream that's coming through the AI. Duh. I mean, when I get 10 phone calls a day that are all spam and I'm going like, they let these people do that? Well, they have to, because they pay for it. They pay people to sit there, they pay people to use their network, you know, for why? Because they're scamming you. I mean, what's wrong with this picture? Please, people get into the light.

Now, I just put something up. And I'm going to introduce a program we're going to do next week, because this is huge. I got really good response. Make sure everybody, if you're on Facebook, go to the group called Frequency of the Earth. That's my group. And I talk about the Schumann Resonance.

I also put up stuff that is important to us in terms of communications and frequency, in general. You'll learn a lot. I have a lot of resources there. So I put up a recent post just 14 hours ago: So what are scalar waves? Now I've been working in this field for a long time. Scalar is something that when you start to understand it, it's like, whoa, why didn't I know this before?

It's a waveform that Tesla actually used to invent a lot of his things that are going to provide free energy. So I'm next week going to describe to you what scalar waves are, how they will play into not only a lot of what we will get through the internet, but it's also going to be very huge in terms of healing modalities.

This is going to change the world. This is truth. This isn't just, you know, crack pipe science that we have been fed for a long time. And we'll go into that in more detail next week.

Franz: Okay. There's Frequency of the Earth on Facebook. Make sure you sign up. We'll get you through real quick, as long as your Facebook page checks out, and you're not a troll. (laughs)

That's right. You know, and I've had to eliminate a few because...and there's another thing that's coming out that, just as a warning shot, is that the Schumann Resonance is correlated in Tomsk, Russia, and it is the authentic frequency of the earth.

They have a bunch of graphs and I interpret it all. I'll let you know what's going on. So don't go down any other roads of people in Italy, or people in Arizona, or folks who think they know what is going on because they just, they're spouting out [bull_t].

When somebody says, The Schumann is going off the charts. I just, it makes me sort of like, it's that facepalm. It's like, No, that's not what it's all about. So, we'll talk about that more as we go.

This has been a delightful, informative program and we will do many more. And, you know, just everybody have a good day and many blessings. Stay connected with God and know that science isn't all going to make you kind of go crazy.

Franz Glaus 50:23
Or make you a transhumanist. Right. Amen to that. Thank you, Candace. It was great.

Candace WhiteLight 50:28
Okay. Thank you.

Franz Glaus 50:29
We'll see you next time. Bye, everyone. God bless.

Candace WhiteLight 50:33
God bless


Candace WhiteLight joins us again for a 45 minute discussion of how Light is the solution, both techologically and spiritually, to all we are trying to accomplish as we pass our tests in the footstool kingdom.


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