Pedovore Tissue of Lies is Fraying on Twitter


Since Elon's takeover of Twitter, the social media platform has become a venue of redpill bombs like nothing else since the start of 17.


Self purge at Twitter is emblematic of a much larger spiritual dynamic in the world

We all get to watch in real-time how a proven organizational genius like Elon Musk is not only making his new company acquisition better but also its products that the rest of us get to enjoy. It's fun now to be on Twitter! Can this happen on a wider scope in our world?

Over the Trump years, we saw an unprecedented wave of resignations, retirements, firings and suicides from the top levels of the power elite.

In fact, there will be a lot more creative fun for regular people in our world once the purge of the parasites (i.e., the Lord's Judgment Day) is completed. Look forward, people!

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