Yep. GEORGE is back!!


The Trumps' trusted photographer Gene Ho is all in on the return of GEORGE, started in the 90s by JFK Jr, who named it, according to the qlues he's left us, after at least two characters: one, the Father of our nation; the other, the evil scoundrel that ran the assassination of his father.

The Return of GEORGE

We covered the story about David Straight telling his State Nationals audience last year of his ride with Gene Ho in Don Trump Jr's helicopter at Mount Rushmore; and how JFK Jr was also in that helicopter and was dropped off at the top so that he could walk out on George Washington's mountain-sized bust that July 3, recorded for posterity with Gene's camera. I imagine only a handful of folks have seen those pics but I imagine many of us will see them eventually, perhaps in the pages of George?

And now Gene Ho is "the next" editor of George after JFK Jr, announced to the world by Gene himself!

And when questioned by Nick Veniamin about JFK Jr, Gene says, "My currency is how I protect my clients' confidentiality."

And then he says, "I plan to be editor of George for 1 or 2 years to get it started"

Fascinating! We get closer and closer to the kinds of reveals that will bring mankind back to life - rather than say, "waking up," as our very heroic Juan O Savin prefers these days and we get that.

And yet! We are not at the precipice - not yet! Expect some big deals to come, really big. Because how else do you get the attention of millions and billions of slumbering, toxxed-out, drugged and brainwashed humanity, cursed for eons by black magicians?

Well, how we do that starts with specific, focused and repeated prayers, amen. Because this is a spiritual war, that's for sure.

Welcome to GEORGE with Gene Ho, on Vimeo

Gene Ho | The Great Reset Versus The Great ReAwakening | President Trump's Campaign Photographer Shares His Experience Working Behind the Scenes with President Donald J. Trump
Thrivetime Show: The ReAwakening versus The Great Reset on Rumble
Published July 13 2022
Length 35:49

Trump's Photographer Gene Ho Shares Special Announcement with Nicholas Veniamin
Nicholas Veniamin on Rumble
Published July 14 2022
Length 30:14



Yep. GEORGE is back...

Welcome to GEORGE



A book written by Trump campaign photographer Gene Ho.

Purchase a signed copy of Trump-ography


JFK Jr stood on George Washington's head at Mount Rushmore

David Straight lectured a classroom on Q and on being with JFK Jr in Don Trump Jr's helicopter when they dropped off John on top of Mount Rushmore so that he could stand on George Washington's head that July 2, 2020.

George Magazine was named that way by John for at least two reasons: George Bush Sr. ran the CIA/Mob hit on his father; and, George Washington set the eternal example of what a true President should be, in these united States.

We wish we had Gene Ho's photograph taken from the helicopter that deposited John Jr on Rushmore. We remain confident that it will be revealed, all in good time. It's been almost four years since the mysterious R made that intriguing post on 8chan where Q was posting crumbs and anons were making bread. 

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