The Cure is Real, Goggles are a Distraction.

"Goggles and face shields are primarily useful for preventing infection through the eyes. The eyes may be a route for infection because they are anatomically connected with the nose through the tear duct," said Dr. William Miller, an epidemiologist at Ohio State University (full article linked below).

READ THAT AGAIN...the eyes **MAY BE a route** for the infection. NO PROOF whatsoever that goggles work to prevent China19 infection, with conflicting evidence and zero science as to what the actual risk of infection via the eyes is. Yet they push it with zero regard for the downsides for the people wearing them (deprived of oxygen and possible hypoxia after long term use) who will be subjected to their whims, with the certainty the left will rally to enforce the measures at gunpoint if they and their media apparatus think they can get away with it. 

Insanity at it's worst!

Here is one of the real reasons they push this my opinion that is: It's being done on purpose to drive people away from the real cure and from the truth of that China both engineered and released the virus. Pushing goggles now along with masks, next they will claim we all require head coverings as well. What's next, body bags with arms and legs sewn in, zipped to the neck? 

Bizarre you say? Is it?? You suddenly find yourself being forced to wear a mask, while the actual science on the subject, five successive double-blind studies, prove N95 masks, not the cheap, cheesy masks people are wearing, do not reduce the risk of viral infection. And those cheesy masks? They just make it worse, according to the only scientific study on them (see the resources in the "Chinavirus Plandemic - Orchestrated Mismanagement" link below.)

Masks don't protect people from viral infections! How bizarre is it seeing all the people around you when you're shopping wearing masks!? You would have thought 'face coverings' and masks, not just bizarre but unthinkable before the Plandemic hit! 

THIS is no joke, this is insanity for reals! Sad really that the health "officials" (I use that word loosely here), big pharma and the Democrat Party colluding in this mess are so the head and heart. and so evil.

Of course we all know where this is going. Bill Gates told us, and was already running exercises practicing their Plandemic in the final months of 2019: Trillions of dollars worth of vaxxes, forced on us. The masks and goggles are to "condition" us to accept the assault. The plan was to not only inject us with a hastily-concocted vaxx, the injections were going to include RFID chips, to act as "proof," including checkpoints to block people without the chips from traveling, shopping, going to school...and no kidding, to replace cash.

Good thing President Trump cancelled that part of the freakshow yes?

Mass-Murder for Money: We all know the real reason they are so aggressively suppressing the Hydroxychloroquine treatment--it works, and costs pennies.

How Safe Is Flying During COVID-19?

(How good have politicians and computer geeks been at medicine so far?)

Chinavirus Plandemic - Orchestrated Mismanagement: The True Killer Emerges 


Ruby Ray Media - RRM Article - Chinavirus Plandemic - Orchestrated Mismanagement: The True Killer Emerges

From murdering elderly people wholesale by forcing nursing homes to accept China19 patients while hospitals stand empty, a steady stream of lies and fear pushed by the world's media and rampant censorship on social media, to orchestrated ef
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    Franz · 1 years ago
    Next they'll say having patriotic thoughts and feelings make you vulnerable to spreading the rona, they'll want to screen you for your thoughts and ship you off to a re-education camp if you don't pass their test.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Beverly · 1 years ago
      As absurd as they are right now, I do not doubt that could happen at all Franz! Such looney toons on a pedo stick!
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