Vanessa Guillen and the Democrat Plantation - Turning Our Children into Cannon Fodder


In addition to being "racist" by definition, treating people of all races as livestock, and being a crime syndicate; from its inception or rather, its transplantation into America one of the primary roles of the Democratic Party in our nation was and is producing stupid people, cannon fodder. 

I started my military career as a helicopter mechanic stationed at Ft. Hood in 1979, Killeen Texas, what a pit. Even then, every 2 day weekend, 2 murders. 3 day weekend, 3 dead. Nothing necessarily sinister about it back then, Ft. Hood is huge and full of grunts - infantry. Basically, the guys going into the military who can barely spell their own names, become grunts.

While President Trump appears to be exposing yet another nest of evil as he visits with Vanessa's family at the White House, which it's not much of stretch to guess involves human trafficking, let's ask ourselves why she was there in the first place.

Why are we using women as cannon fodder, and why does cannon fodder exist?

Of course if we put women in combat units surrounded by men there will be predictable problems, we can all cringe without asking, in anticipation of the chants of "toxic masculinity." Liberal jingoism aside, the problem with putting young women in front line combat infantry units isn't really that they're surrounded by men, it's that they are surrounded by--bless their hearts I love all my Dawgs of War, infantry--dumb as stumps. 

A society that sends women to war is suicidal. It takes any one of a hundred Richards a few minutes to conceive a child, it takes a woman a year produce the baby, and the better part of 30 years to produce a person (or not). Lose one guy, there are 99 more who can do the job. Lose one woman, we lose her plus all the years it takes to make a citizen. Putting a young woman into close quarters with a bunch of young grunts is not much different than putting her into a cage full of apes. Or a wimpy guy for that matter. It's not the lack of political correctness of the grunts that is the concern, it's the social engineers putting young women in with animals. 

Faint hope that rather than chanting slogans and throwing tantrums, the virtue-signaling drones infesting our streets and universities will consider taking baseball bats to the creeps who are pushing this on us. This is simply another of the endless ruses our parasitical 'elites' employ to harvest our children.

It's implicit in the choice we each make, each incarnation choosing to be born in masculine or feminine form. Choosing to be a woman, means choosing to make the babies so humanity continues to thrive. The shrieking provoked by making that observation arises from the agenda to exterminate us, while chanting the opposite. "Empowering women!" etc.

Not saying individual women can't make other choices...as long as they are educated choices rather than elaborate scams. Even a woman making the choice to be a front line fighter pilot, as long as it's actually a choice. Speaking from my experience as an F-16 pilot, the women who make the cut often make excellent, particularly ferocious fighter pilots.

Choosing to be born as a man for a particular incarnation: MEANS CHOOSING TO DEFEND WOMEN AND CHILDREN

Whatever occupation he chooses aside, that is the only definition of a man. Apologies to the desperately offended, the reason they don't want men to be men, is so there is no one to defend the women, children and elderly from them. It takes Common Core math to add that up any other way.

Imagine the day we finally rid the world of the ghettos, and the creeps who perpetuate them. Slums maintained for the purpose of producing cannon fodder, a job that requires stupid people by definition! The women getting put in infantry units aren't the only casualties, the dumb grunts themselves are the products of engineered criminality. 

Geopoliticallly, the Democratic Party was and is the transplantation of the lesser European 'nobility,' the second, third and illegitimate sons primarily from England. Listen closely to a Southern accent, and a Cockney accent. If you go through America's Southern states and listen to the variety of accents, you can tell what part of England the accent is originally from.

Then and now this bunch is responsible for breeding the peasants, keeping them stupid, producing the cannon fodder.

The cliché of impoverished Democrat-run cities. The purpose always has been to maintain the ghettos. Dims and ghettos are the same thing, with the NeoCon side of the game to keep the wars and the munitions factories going selling everyone guns and bombs...for us to kill each other with.

So what I'm saying here, is that systemically, curing stupidity is the goal. Stupid men and women are producing the stupid sons and daughters, and keeping them stupid is an ancient tradition and enterprise.

This stupidity is entirely unnatural, and requires assaulting each child to stifle the inherent genius inside every child born.

Buckminster Fuller refers to an extensive study of children which proves this. Every child is a genius, the study found IQ can be predicted very precisely, by: 

1. The proper use of language in the home. The higher the vocabulary--our most essential tools, the cognitive handles we have for acting on reality, and the quality of the spoken word. No slang and particularly, no vulgarity.

2. The quantity of books freely available in the home.

3. How often the children have books read to them when they are young.

Period. Do reasonably well in those 3 categories, children will retain the extremely high IQ we are all born with.

Intelligence is a communications process. It's not something in us, it's something in the Universe we learn to listen to.. 

"Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus."

"Let." Allow it to come in. "Let" in this sentence is the most powerful word in the Bible, second only to "God."

"The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power."

 - Nikola Tesla

"My brain is only a receiver, in the universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists."

- Nikola Tesla

Einstein was once asked how if felt to be the smartest man alive, Einstein replied, "I don't know, you'll have to ask Nikola Tesla."

All of the miracles and wonders of the universe, contained in cute precious packages. All of the solutions to mankind's "problems," arriving on earth at the rate of 360k per day.

Our criminal 'elites' are and always have been, fully aware of this. 

Without the industrialized suppression, we would have launched ourselves to the stars within 400 years of Jesus coming, and reminding us of who we truly are.

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    Marian · 2 years ago
    Yes! Let that mind be in me that was in Christ Jesus. Would that, that mind was in everybody but as you say it is a choice. Indoctrination is partly to blame but even that can be overcome if you stick to the Lord within
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