RRM Content Creators: Visionaries, Poet Warriors, World Leaders


Ruby Ray Media, the World's Premier Community Media Platform, was created to support Citizen Journalism at its finest. 

Citizen Journalists, multimedia content creators are the reason we are here. Raising up your voice is central to our mission. We are a team, lifting each other by the variety of our talents and skills. The most important element in this is capturing and sharing the unique thoughts, wisdom and artforms that come to us as we ponder the world in our hearts. Seeing now clearly how badly the people who arrogate themselves into positions of power and influence over us, are bungling the job. They have never attempted to serve the people who are the source of their wealth and power, they only seek to exploit us.

Our years of experience on social media have clearly proven to us, that the so-called "average" men and women living on this planet, have in our daily musings the extraordinary wisdom of how this planet needs to be run--it's a big planet, each one of us contains valuable insights into the many aspects of the whole. We support each one of us upping our games expressing the unique gifts each of us contains. 

Your qualifications, are your courage to be born on this planet, and make your way living a worthy life. We are here to support you putting your thoughts and ideas into words and other artforms. The technicalities are simply hurdles to overcome, the challenge is summoning the courage to say what is in our hearts and minds. We recognize that every soul born, simply by delving into our hearts, can contact Infinite Wisdom, the Holy Spirit. Maybe not so clearly at first for those with less experience exploring within, and certainly a lifetime of growing and developing our ability to put words to the wisdom we inherently contain.

We have spent the years developing this platform, to support you with the technical foundations for sharing your message with the world, including our Creators Guild, welcoming you into the precious and sacred community of like-minded spirits, bridging any gaps we each may have in our areas of competence. For example, no matter how good of a writer you are, trying to edit your own work is something like herding kittens, and it has been well said that working with HTML web page language, is like trying to paint on water. Far better to work in collaboration with fellow warriors for mutual benefit, rather than spending hours doing poorly at something it takes a person with the talent, minutes to pop it over the top!

What I am hoping to convey to you, is that so often the shyest spirits among us, those who so often hold their tongues, remaining silent fearing to speak that most dangerous of substances--the truth, have shuttered within themselves exactly the things the world most desperately needs to hear and learn. If you think about it, we just came to the brink, of the end of our civilization, for the lack of this type of individual expression acting in counterpoint to the corporate and globalist agenda we are literally assaulted by. 

We all need, to get the Word out. Mother Earth herself, is dying for us to speak in her behalf with a grain or two of common sense.

You won't know what you can accomplish, until you give it a good try taking it to the next level. We are here to support you overcoming the technical hurdles to sharing your thoughts, wisdom, art, vision, with the world via the internet, the most powerful communication medium in human history.

The best way to get started, is to load your MyRubyRay Arsenal with ammunition, posting content here exactly like you would on FB and Twitt. When you are ready to jump into Citizen Journalism, publishing your articles, research, art etc as articles and features in Top Stories and other RRM Categories, it's time to join the Creators Guild becoming an RRM Author and Editor!

One of our authors has an RRM article that popped past 80k hits, while we were still testing the site. Seeing your FB or Twitt posts languishing as usual at one or two dozen engagements, watching the same posts on RRM pulling thousands of hits, you'll get quite clearly why we built this.

If you haven't already begun your RRM adventure:

Tap or Click Here for a Free Membership

MyRubyRay Arsenal: A mighty tide has begun, people are coming to RRM for many reasons, including a censorship-free safe haven for their content. 

No doubt Twitt, FB etc are where the war is, your MyRubyRay Profile and Timeline, Pages and Groups are your Arsenal, where you store the ammo securely, out of reach of the rampant censorship war being waged against the people and against decency and truth.

Getting started hosting and publishing content on RRM is as easy as using FB or Twitter....without the shadowbanning and censorship. 

Rather than posting directly on social media where the better your work is, the more certainly you lose it to censorship, make the post to your MyRubyRay Timeline exactly like you would a FB post, and then post the link on FB, Twitt etc.

Same for the Pages and Groups you create and join.

Share your work across social media, protect videos from censorship by uploading them to RRM 

To share your work across social media, access Copy Link by clicking or tapping the little "v" caret in the upper right corner of articles and posts, or right-click on the post's date-time stamp to copy the link, and post it on social media like you would any other link--that's it! Instead of losing your work when you are On Target triggering the censorship spaz, simply repost the link.

You see a video on FB you know isn't going to last a day before it gets blocked? UPLOAD it and all your media as a post in your MyRubyRay account, or in your Video, Audio and Photo libraries, hosted on our secure servers in Switzerland.

Don't lose your content...or your friends 

For warriors with lively communities on places like FB, the following strategy is working quite well:

Create one or more Groups and Pages in MyRubyRay, at first simply making your original posts there, and sharing the links to your posts across social media.

That step means you don't lose all your work the moment FB shuts down, while your people get the exact same content from you, shared via the links to your secure posts here.

Second, progressively migrate your friends in your social media communities to your RRM pages and groups as well, so you don't lose all of them in a single instant either.

We still fight the war on FB and Twitt, MyRubyRay acts as a secure base of operations, including respite for you and your communities from the often harsh, vulgar and aggressive climate of 'liberalized' social media.

We have several people who regretted creating a Username / Login Name in RRM that is different from their FB name, because their friends don't recognize the new Username. Consider keeping them the same, and if you're stuck because you've already entered a different Username, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Subject, Login Name Change

Creators Guild 

As we discussed above, working together as a team brings the reality of expressing your wisdom and art to the world, to your fingertips like a powerful zoom lens transports a distant scene closer. Please be patient with yourself, and step away from the voices within which can make us feel inept and embarrassed when learning new things. I'm a jet pilot, been building my own computers for years, and I flail around just like anyone else learning a new thing, including writing articles--I'm still learning. Patience especially, leaning all the names for things! When someone says to you, "That's easy! Click on the xrumekif and open the zuprgig.." sigh, and take a breath. Gotta learn the lingo.

I've watched every one of our dear team become flustered and embarrassed learning the interface. Like we're going to somehow look at a dozen new things, and instantly know what to do? In the Creators Category you'll have the tips shared below in this article and others ready at your fingertips, and a bunch of really sweet people to ask when you get stuck.

We all moved to Telegram to get a little farther away from all the deepstate spies etc. You can download it on both your phone and computer--it's easier if you do it on the phone first. We'll send you the link to the RRM Creators Guild group on Telegram. 

If you haven't tried it you'll like Telegram: https://telegram.download-program.ru/

We'll also introduce you to the Creators Guild Worksheet, where we coordinate our content creation activities with each other.

Inviting People to Join RRM, and Sharing RRM Articles in Facebook Groups

Here is a good article for telling people about Ruby Ray Media!

Free Membership: Posting Your Content Securely in Your MyRubyRay Profile, Pages and Groups is Fast and Easy

Tips for Sharing RRM Articles in Facebook Groups

1. First, you have to sign up to all the appropriate groups you can. There are thousands and thousands! Try to pick the ones that have lots of members but quantity doesn't necessarily trump quality! It's easy to see if the Group is even active (many posts a day.)

2. You start by sharing an article to your own Facebook account(s). You may have more than one in case FB freezes your main account from sharing to Groups. That can perhaps be avoided by not sharing to too many Groups all at once, say 3 search terms at a time and give some time before sharing to each group of Groups. Teaming up in this effort will help us cover lots of Groups.

3. Then, go to that post on your timeline and click "share" to share it to Groups you are signed up to.

4. Facebook can process groups of Groups better than the whole list of Groups you are signed up to. It's recommended to group your Groups using search terms alternately, like "Trump," "America," "Deplorable," "Patriot," "Truth," "MAGA," etc.

5. The share function in the New Look Facebook is very handy, letting you share to many groups at once, just by clicking on the share button beside each Group.

6. It also allows you to add a comment to the shared link (the RRM article link.) Make sure to add, for example, the Tooltip comment, in that comment field before sharing with Groups, to give readers an added value.

RRM Blog Editor - When You are Ready to Go Deep and Long

Once you get past the fiddly bits learning your way around, the software we found for our Blog Editor is the best way we have ever seen for composing good-looking articles including multimedia content quickly. It is easily 20x better than any word processor for creating attractive, engaging articles.

Message or email us to discuss becoming a Author or Editor: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Subject: Author! Author!

The first time you login with your new Author or Editor credentials, click or tap on any article in the left or right columns to open it and access the Blog Editor. The Editor is for publishing in-house, RRM content created by RRM Authors. 

Clicking the Blue Pencil opens the Blog Editor: RRM journalism, articles written by RRM Authors.

Here I clicked on Franz' popular Liz Crokin article, you can see the two pencil icons for accessing the Blog Editor.

The top, blue pencil opens the Editor to start a new article, the lower opens the current article in the Editor.

Once you have begun publishing articles, you can open them in the Blog Editor by clicking the lower pencil.

You can do what I do, opening an existing article in the Editor, to use as an example for the article I want to write—especially one with more complex features.

Start your new article by clicking the Blue Pencil, and start literally dumping in the content as you find and draft it! That's what the Article Editor is for, it's really fast for rearranging, editing, duplicating etc. Hit the big blue "Publish" button right away, to save your work. All new articles publish automatically to the Creators Category, where you and other Authors and Editors can preview how they look and team up working on them, while keeping them private from the public. Start by downloading images and videos to your computer or phone, then start popping them into the corresponding Blocks. Links into Link Blocks, Facebook links into Facebook Blocks etc. Save your work regularly by hitting the big blue Publish/Update button.

You'll find helpful links in the menu in the left column, including this article!

Make it a habit not to leave things sitting in the editor unsaved. Finish working for the moment, hit Publish/Update, then Back to exit the editor. Avoid! opening the same article in 2 different editor tabs at the same time!

The Blog Editor works by posting content in Blocks, starting with Text, Heading and Image blocks, with dedicated blocks for publishing Links, FB content, YouTube videos etc attractively. Pop the link, image etc in the appropriate block, the Blog Editor makes it look good. Lots of blocks are available for presenting every type of content.

A good way to start, is by downloading all the media you want to include in your article to your hard drive or phone, to have it at your fingertips as you work. Blocks are quick to duplicate like when you want to split a body of text to insert an image or other block; and moving blocks around in your article is a snap.

The basic controls appear in the gray icon bar at the bottom of each block, when you click on the block:

In the icon bar as seen at the bottom of the image above, click or tap the "+" icon to select the type of block you want from the "Blocks" list in the right column, it pops the new block in below the block you are in.

The next icon duplicates the current block, the third is to move the current block to a different position on the page. First click on it to activate the block you want to move, then click the Move icon, the available positions appear in the document as rectangles--click where you want to drop it.

Last, the "X" icon deletes the active block.

I always add the Post Cover photo first so I don't forget, the button is up top at the right of the menu bar.

Get the text and media in by adding successive blocks to rough out the article, click Update every few minutes.

After you've got the first draft of your text roughed out in your word processor and saved offline, I recommend spending a max of 10 minutes on your first try, entering the text, media etc in the Blog Editor. Experiment a bit with the Editor of course, but simply move on to the next thing the moment you get stuck with something.

It took us like 30 minutes or more figuring out how to do some of the more complex ops, positioning photos inside text blocks, making columns etc. Now that we know how it works, we can show you how to do it in 30 seconds!

We'll work it together so you have examples and can see what does what.

I'm really impressed, the Blog Editor is 20x better than any word processor I've ever used for writing articles, particularly articles with mixed content. Once you get the hang of it you can assemble the content for a large, complex article in ten minutes. The Editor has it's quirks, and is constantly improving. If you get stuck, don't spend more than a few minutes of your precious time on it. Let us know, we're glad to assist.

NOTE: I've learned the hard way, to never do big writing in a browser window, it will freeze and dump your work. Always do major work offline in something stable like a word processor.

Publishing Your Blog Live

When your article is 90% + finished, it's time to move it to the right column in the Creators Category where the publishing team will assist you with the final spiffs. Simply click the little gray Edit pencil, and select Feature Post to move it to the right column.

If we get stuck assisting you with something, you'll know instantly you'll see the article has moved back to the left column. Open the article in the Blog Editor, you'll find notes in square brackets, [ ] highlighting the issue, asking for more info etc:

    [ The video linked here was taken down, see if you can find another copy, and upload it to our server! ]

Followed by chatting in the Creators Guild group on Telegram etc to handle the issue.

RRM Style: Quoting Outside Sources in RRM Content 

Developing a consistent Style supports our audience getting the message we want them to hear. Notice any leading publication you look at, presents prose in a relatively plain, understated format. A consistent font, consistent document conventions, very little color, bold fonts etc, distracting from the message. Counterintuitively, the more we try to grab attention with italics, exclamation marks etc, the reality is, we distract from the message. Yes, everyone expects nice photos and charts on web pages: Remember as writers, we want the images to be in our reader's minds.

We have all been discovering that our Facebook and Twitter habits do not serve us well writing quality articles! You realize when you stop and think about it, that posting on social media is basically like spraying graffiti on a wall, vs what the world expects from us as Citizen Journalists. 

An important recognition in this regard is how vital it is to credit our sources. Crediting them supports them, not crediting them is theft, and plagiarism!

Here is how we post quoted material:

To Uplift the World with Your Message, Be True to Your Heart 

The world needs the truth. Not the official, canned, "peer reviewed" kind of "truth," the true words of sincere hearts and minds, and the battle cries of humanity fighting on the front lines of the most convoluted, devious, treacherous war in recorded history.

We have published the resources linked below as your overall guide to the levels of integrity, composure, and other qualities we aspire to for delivering content to the world. Please use them, as well as relying on your fellow warriors in the RRM Community, as your touchstones and guides.

Ruby Ray Media Code of Conduct

Meet the Team

How to Use the Ruby Ray Media Website

Become a Verified Member

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    Bridgetc · 2 years ago
    Hello! I’m very excited to have found RRM! I was actually doing research and reading the final report regarding President Trump and the Russia collusion and I somehow came upon RRM! I am a true patriot and I will continue to do all I can to help expose all the crimes against humanity!
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      Please visit our "Fight the Freaks" Group in MyRR where we aim to focus on having conversation on our articles on a daily basis.

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    @Bridgetc Hi. Beverly Wood here. I am glad you found RRM also. If you are interested in writing/blogging with us, please do not hesitate to ask me how to get started. We have an RRM telegram chat group also that you can be added to..helps with my own writing to interact in the group as well as garner research. Let me know.
    I friended you in MyRR so we can connect there also.
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