Brian Cates: The Censorship State Is Fighting Back


But Its Nefarious Activity Continues To Be Exposed Anyway

House Representative Jim Jordan, who recently dodged an appointment as the new Speaker of the House to continue chairing the House Weaponization Committee did a recent X thread on the stunning amount of direct evidence that has surfaced proving federal agencies illegally used Non-Government Organizations [NGO's] to carry out censorship operations targeting American citizens.

I have dubbed this 'hidden hand' of cooperation betwixt the Federal Government Leviathan, Big Tech & Big Academia working in concert to surreptitiously suppress the free speech of American citizens "The Censorship State".

As Rep. Jordan reveals in his series of posts on his X account, the scope of the censorship that was being utilized here is staggering.

Jordan begins the thread by showing how the ironically named "Election Integrity Partnership" was utilized to suppress discussion of the 2020 election theft.

Imagine that: a 'partnership' being created well before the 2020 election to ensure 'election integrity' to control what Americans could say about elections on social media. Americans trying to tell the truth about election fraud were repeatedly censored for 'spreading election disinformation'.

I happen to be one of the millions of Americans who ended up being censored for trying to talk about the blatant illegality of the elections held in multiple US states. I lost access to my Twitter account for 3 1/2 years.

But election interference to ensure Biden 'won' and Trump 'lost' is only the tip of the Censorship State iceberg.

The US government censored its own citizens in direct violation of their 1st Amendment rights to drive politicized narratives that turned out to be LIES.

Our 'public servants' put their boots on the necks of millions of Americans and pressed down…HARD…because they were TELLING THE TRUTH.

About stollen and rigged elections.

About laptops. About virus origins and nefarious and illegal bio weapons activity by our own government officials in the Alphabet agencies in Wuhan, China, in Ukraine and elsewhere around the world.

About vaccines, masks and lockdowns.

About the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

About Biden being competent.

Seriously, I could make a very long list of 'The Official Big Brother Narratives of the Past 4 Years' where federal bureaucrats working illegally behind the scenes were censoring millions of Americans for saying the 'wrong' things.

In case you hadn't noticed, Big Brother runs on lies, and bothersome citizens who just can't seem to take a hint and SHUT THE HELL UP and stop challenging their government's official narratives when they are ordered to need to be 'managed'.

“Hey you…yeah, YOU! SHUT UP and quit challenging my official narratives!”

And as the Missouri vs. Biden civil lawsuit case and the House Weaponization Committee are demonstrating by pulling forth the concrete evidence of it having happened, a bunch of very helpful NGO'S like Stanford Internet Observatory were created over the past decade and a half to surreptitiously aid the US government in successfully 'managing' citizen's speech on social media platforms and elsewhere.

A lot of people in this nation under direct and ongoing threat by an out-of-control vindictive and corrupt federal bureaucracy still don't grasp just how bad this is.

And the great thanks they owe to those who exposed this evil Censorship State and are currently fighting the Hydra to restore to all Americans the constitutional right to free speech they had illegally taken away from them.

Not the hero we wanted…but may turn out to have been the one we needed without knowing it…

Of course, all the people [and there are more of them than you think] who enthusiastically favor of all the illegal censorship activity by the State and its 'private sector' allies are very unhappy these days now that what has been going on is being exposed to the light of day.

See, they thought their 'side' was 'winning' the Great National Conversation when that conversation was rigged in their favor was a guaranteed outcome.

They knew it wasn't a real conversation at all. It had become a charade where their side couldn't 'lose' because the Bad People weren't allowed to talk back. And they gloried in it. Like pigs in a pile of shit.

And they are VERY UPSET and have spent a year crying about this 'terrible development' of total narrative control having been lost by The Censorship State.

“What’s happened on social media…Its….its so HORRIBLE…those…those OTHER PEOPLE get to talk back now! WAAAAAAAAAH!”

They were HAPPY that social media discourse was being rigged and tightly controlled by draconian political hall monitors on their side.

They thought this meant they would win the 'game'.

But this isn't a really a GAME. This is life and death.

People DIED because of this censorship.

I am not exaggerating or being hyperbolic here.

Legitimate COVID-19 treatments were suppressed and discussion of them was ruthlessly censored in favor of extremely questionable vaccines only being administered to the public via Emergency Use Authorization [EUA] without any informed consent. You couldn't talk about the ventilators or the Remdesivir killing people, or how Democrat governors with their eyes wide open sent infected people into the nursing homes. People who tried to have those important and very needed discussions were viciously shut down and 'disappeared' from social media.

Censorship KILLS. And believe me, we just went through a period of only 3 years where The Censorship State facilitated the deaths of untold thousands of Americans by brutally censoring the national discourse.

A people that are not allowed to speak freely to their government or each other may be many things, but they are not a free people.

I meant what I said earlier. As a people, as Americans, we have had our free speech stolen from us. We have been the targets of a massive crime committed by our own government, and the issue is still in doubt as to whether two things will happen:

1. We get our free speech, especially on social media, returned to us so we can once again exercise our God-given rights without State interference and…

2. The people in our government who violated our speech rights in dead of night using corrupt and illegal means to hide their having done this are all dragged out into the light of day and held fully accountable in such a legal manner that no one shall ever in the future attempt a repeat of such a crime.

Keep your eyes on Missouri v Biden in the courts. We won't know as of yet if the government bastards will have to hand back our speech rights until that case is decided. The federal courts have not yet made a final ruling about it.

The Biden administration is currently furiously fighting to keep The Censorship State going.

After all, over the past decade or so, the Commie Marxist scum embedded in our federal government & agencies spent an awful lot of time, money and passion in constructing their precious Censorship State apparatus.

Can you not see them salivating and having wet dreams at night over the sheer amount of total speech control they were gonna have in their hands once they were done tinkering with it? The payoff of all that hard work and sweat and tears was going to be epic!

And now?

Now they risk losing it all.

And they can't have that.

“…the Hell is the matter with you people?! You leave our Censorship State alone!”

They're desperate to get back to the kind of rigid speech control they had just a year ago. Before someone let that sink in. Because they know what a threat it is, once the Truth gets its a breach in their wall, once the tide turns, the dam breaks.

All a roaring lion has to do is get its foot in that door, and its over. That's why they needed total control to begin with. Once they've lost it, its only a matter of time.

Well I've got some really bad news for The Censorship State and all the goombahs out there who just LOVED the censorship regime because they thought this meant they were moving the ball down the field and we're about to score:


“Wow, I can’t believe they even tried that boot on the neck thing…”

Newsflash you sycophants of dying Censorship State: You weren't winning.

You cheated and created an illusion based on illegal deception and brute force.

And now you've been caught. The flag has been thrown.

There will be no going back.

You lost.

Get over it.

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