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August 31, 2020

Post (2039)
Lyrics Below:

50 States goin red
Like Adam Shifty got a pencil...
August 31, 2020

Post (2039)
Lyrics Below:

50 States goin red
Like Adam Shifty got a pencil neck
Mark it down but we follow pens (1421)
Follow God to the promise land
Alpha and Omega while the clock is activated (963) את
But the outcome predicated on the present Last President
Apocalyptic.. but it doesn't end (1701)

We The People systematic (1690)
Witnessing destruction happen (3961)
See no evil
Hear no evil
Ask yourself and for a fren

Achilles heel
So it's hard to mend (3411)

Survey says we shifting poles
[They] taking polls and faking them
Look at them (2032)
Liar liar pants on fire (2048)
Clinton wins election night (2002)
'Expressed' like Lolita cause points were for the frequent flyers

[They] couldn't stop the shift (2003)
And now we stoppin all the people [sick] (3724) (2449)

Landslide - we on that Stevie Nicks
Eyes to see - even Stevie doesn't Wonder it


Things change
Good day to start a SHIFT
Cradle to the grave with the 'sauce' she blowin in the wind (100)
She a candle
Love handle
Here's the skinny like a tunnel
Lighting up the exit while [they] burn the wax at both ends (4390)

That's a metaphor
But the shift is for forever more

Movie Show shelves ]R[ stocked
There's more in store (4599)

Mike Jack
It don't matter- "Black Or White"
Shifting back to mother earth
Happy Birth
Tree of life
Sword of truth
But the pen got might

I'd rather write- right or wrong
Typin SHIFT in a song
BIG enough for errors
Spell checkin on my ARCHETYPES
But I'm not that type

SHIFT is BIG make it stick
Numbers game driving it
Tesla be the engine
3-ON-THE-TREE OF LIFE to shift

Can you feel the shift?

August 21, 2020

Post (1279)
Lyrics Below:

... ...
August 21, 2020

Post (1279)
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... (2246)

POTUS turning COMMZ up a 'notch'
Fe Fishin lure is 'solid as a rock'
[P] for park when the boat is docked
And all birds form a 'flock' sounds louder when [they] squawk
Panhandle Mike Pensacola
Then head north - stop in Daytona
And rip around the track
We got feelin back - like when you put The Beast in [R]
He might of showed up

I know that might be hard to understand
Like (500) checkered flags for the Trump fans
He got the pole position
And the COMMZ keep on kickin
You can even ask KelliAnn
It's the way that Q communicates
And while he's doin it - redeeming dates
Conquer Dark - Vincent know a place
Walk a mile in his shoes
How many got laced?
Who knows
But Jenny Mac's doin diggin in her videos
It's gotta make you wonder..
When John broke the radar
How did Vinny fly under?
Now that's a head scratcher
Fedora hat gettin lifted like a home run batter
And surely it's a factor
Don't call me Shirley but the AIRPLANE bringing laughter.

August 18, 2020


Lyrics Below:

Damn things look mighty fine
Like a fine wine
Doin BIG...
August 18, 2020


Lyrics Below:

Damn things look mighty fine
Like a fine wine
Doin BIG things and [they] outta time
Different time line

We the bees knees and we gonna shine
All of mankind
Gee golly Q beautifies
It's why we ride or die

Anons don't tippy toe
Web Toad feet
Dance Dance like a FOXtrot
Get a mistletoe
Kiss Q where'd the missile go? (2729)

Every SPLASH ripple watch the water flow (432)
Thank God that letter showed
Make a world wide stamp
With a Global zip code


When a tadpole get full grown
Took a minute now we hoppin in the zone
And you know we've gone full blown
And you know Q gone full blown
Now we laugh all the way to the throne
Team so Anon strong
"When the daylight come [they] all wanna go home"
Whatta "Day-O" baby
Frogs all fight
Bark got a bite
Ribbit to the RIGHT
It's opposite-day if it's night
Got a light for the shady

Ha (699)

DoItQ like YQU do
All the winning is nothin new
Stick it to em - These tongues like glue
Victory is sweet
[they] can't deny we so FLY you can taste it.

... to destroy them.
August 6, 2020


Lyrics Below:

August 6, 2020


Lyrics Below:

Playin chess and the chess board the whole world
Kids going 3rd gender - not a boy or girl
3rd washroom confusing on their little minds
Around the time you realize that the devil lies
Baphomet be half man & half woman
Trans movement ain't love
It's got some other motives
Too many under spells
They drank the potion
Drank the punch - Brainwashed
World's a big cult - Bulldoze it
At all cost
[C]los[I]ng [A]ct 3 letters
Cause they kept showing
Dark to Light for the kids
For the kids let's get to glowing
Cut the head of the snake (296)
But it take a moment
Need a break - silver lining on this damn COVID
People at home
Learning Pizza Gate
Great Awake in full motion

Batters Box be the whole ]WORLD[ waking up
Not one more for Moloch
Only 'chicken' pox
Tunnel vision on the D.U.M.B's for the kids lost
Too many missin
800,000 a year please listen Donnie on a mission
Don't gimme party lines
Just realize a sound made when a dove cry
Watch The Water when it fill your eyes.

Joel 3:16
July 23, 2020


Lyrics Below:

I know what I wrote in "Who Is Q"
And I stand by those thoughts
July 23, 2020


Lyrics Below:

I know what I wrote in "Who Is Q"
And I stand by those thoughts
But I was also thinking of YQU
I hope this next verse is proof

We all that boy on the side of the road
You can feel that in your heart
Like Q-pid shot us with the arrow
The LQVE movements at large

Type out first 4 keys on that keyboard
"Who Is Q" posted 4 months apart Delta
It was [T]'d up from the start.

IS 4 YQU [?]
July 17, 2020

-.. --- ....... .. - ....... --.-
Lyrics Below:


Dog days HOT
July 17, 2020

-.. --- ....... .. - ....... --.-
Lyrics Below:


Dog days HOT
Watch him go in The Show
Like he's on a walk
Dog Show cause the Ponies got caught
HOT to trot
Q Day on a Fryday
Like it's all ON LQCK
Gun cocked (1440)

'Tap' 'Tap' 'Tap'
Morse Code
Now ya know - Makin future prove past
Do It Q - When you add up that
65 Days back - RISE RISE Lyrics

'Tap' that nose
Think Robert told the world what he knows
R so close
Are you ready jumping JACKS on toes

Post (3434)

Thank God It's Friday
Bring him back out like a driveway
No way like Jose
John 'tapped' out on a doG sleigh

July 13, 2020


Lyrics Below:

October 28, 2017
Birthday cake for the whole Q team
July 13, 2020


Lyrics Below:

October 28, 2017
Birthday cake for the whole Q team
Frogs go green (3871)
And they never ever stop
Hoppin on the scene

It's like that
You know we got it goin on
It's like that
Got the QMAP gun cocked back Week 10 - (1440)
It's like that
Loud BOOMS - hear em talk when they stutter fast
It's like that
QAnon - ya may've heard of that

Thinkin bout all of the ways that we winning
It's some kinda LARP when the dark so finished (174)
The charges are stickin
They all for the sinning
We Trumped up
We charging
Just give it a minute
The whole world be wakin
We bakin autistic

Oh what a time
We alive - Can you feel it?
All hands on deck when the Trump Card dealing
The Army is stacked
And the ship got no ceiling
[They] catching feelings
We keep on peeling onions by hundreds
No tears when [they] kneeling

We be about a Q
World getting seventeen' d

We don't beat around the Bush
Poppy know what I mean

That's that D5 Q was showing
Don't mean Q lied
Reel still rolling
Guess a double-meaning mean it's still unfolding

Barry Soetoro
Hot potato Watergate - It's too BIG to borrow
5 Eyes don't make better vision for tomorrow
QAnon gettin live
FISA lookin like a Storm

We caught ya
Hussein you're goin down
Q caught ya
John Brennan clowns all frown
Q caught ya
Satanic pedos out
Q caught ya
Hollywood just take your bow

Celebrities screamin quite loud at the POTUS
Yelling "Orange Man Bad" - that put you on notice
You got blood on your hands
R E D 'n be the grossest 'Red Redding'
Suicide Weekend at Bernie's - fake ya by cloning
Who am I to say "die"
Not judge or jury
On a FlyFlynnFly
Bodies are buried
It's a Field of Fight
Free Field in a hurry
Make a Field Of Dreams
Corn in that movie

[They] all go to GITMO
Don't pass go - Deported
Q is Shawshank Redemption
No Freeman like Morgan 'Red Redding'
If it's 'Orange Man Bad' - Orange jumpsuits ordered
[They] only get porridge.
July 4, 2020


Lyrics Below:

Count on (123) a count down (321)

123 +++
321 Didn't die...
July 4, 2020


Lyrics Below:

Count on (123) a count down (321)

123 +++
321 Didn't die much
Gotta see the son
Get tanned up
Games still fun
When you grown up
Comeback kid
Oh Jack Back
18 hit
To a Black Jack
That's 21 12/21
Gamez R fun
Think I heard that
On a QMAP https://qmap.pub/

I know that we all waiting for that plane to land
I know that we all waiting for that plane to land.
June 29.2020


June 29.2020


Lyrics Below:

Please wake up right now
We need ya on the team for The Plan to go down
Please wake up right now
We need ya
We need ya
We need ya

So what will it take?
A False Flag so you know you've been played?
K that's not it... [?]
What about the fact there's no COVID
Fine, maybe just a bit
But not like that fake news pushed that shit
Why the masses ain't sick?
All bunched up when they protest and riot?

But don't it make ya wonder?
What's really goin on?
How the WHO sang a tune
Like a view of fake news with the swan song gone wrong

But don't it make ya wonder?
Why the worlds gone mad?
And why you ate it up when the media said, "Russia"
Now it's all bulimia

I don't know
But I know that we miss ya
It's so sad
There's a brainwash mix-up
You know we got your back
Till you realize lies- Emotion in disguise
We'll push facts

We need ya on the team
Let's go!

If you got fam on the sidelines
Friends said bye-bye

Please Wake-Up!
We love ya
We miss ya
We want ya
We hug ya
We kiss ya
Ya know
That's LQVE so

Maybe one day soon we'll meet again

We all can't wait to call each other friends

And we promise you this

On the Right side
You'll Love how it endZ. (4095) (2262)
June 18, 2020

lex·​i·​con | ˈlek-sə-ˌkän
1: a book containing an alphabetical arrangement of the words in...
June 18, 2020

lex·​i·​con | ˈlek-sə-ˌkän
1: a book containing an alphabetical arrangement of the words in a language and their definitions : DICTIONARY
2a: the vocabulary of a language, an individual speaker or group of speakers, or a subject
b: the total stock of morphemes in a language

Lyrics Below:

Welcome to the Lexicon
Vocab by QAnon
Cause you know Gamez R Fun
That might be one

They're always habbening
Maybe in a tweet like a 'bird sing'
5:5 so neat
Ring Bells
Scot Free

Got COMMZ that we all know
We all love in the Movie Show
It's no matinée
But we learned to play the game

DELTA TIME on the 18th 06/18/19
Dedicated to the 18
That's a Lexicon of COMMZ
Wrote Only for Anon's

It's like that
All the words that we say from the White Hats
Future Proves Past 1 Year Delta
And they gonna make it last
You know they gonna make it last

It's so sweet
Like Georgian Tea
God Bless The Team
That Q Army
June 16, 2020

R Post
Lyrics Below:

More than ghost stories or folklore
June 16, 2020

R Post
Lyrics Below:

More than ghost stories or folklore
Give ya heebie-jeebies like a Ouija Board
Feet 'planted' - things gettin 'seedy'
Eyes beady like we seeing more
Collect thoughts like a Beanie Baby
Then have a seat in a lazy boy
Gamez Fun - not playin 'coy'
But it's Fisher Price when we buy the toy

Goin' fishin
For the truth
Cast the line
Lure is loose
Craft a line - tryna show my view
But my tackle box got screws loose
That's a shock but nothin new
I might wear my socks over shoes

But I [?] everything
And I know you do the same
Cause man the truth is strange
Book of non-fiction don't got a page

Think about all the ways
Deep state been playin games
All the tech
Star Trek
Black Projects and where they came
Of course there's Grey's in the shadows
Evil battle now center stage
R post just lit the flame
Look over here - I'ma Light the way

Light the way so we see the truth
QUR wheels turn - free to choose
No dissonance in R view
That cog is loose

This ain't X- Files
This Q Files
It ain't BLACK & WHITE like checkered tiles
Masonic floor with the reptiles
Big GREY area
And it go for miles

Grade A like Easter Eggs
On the hunt for the truth
Deep state get an [F] on their page
What a zoo
White papers got a lot to lose
When the truth out like We The News
Time is now
Well, how bout it?
Before you doubt it
Learn somethin new


We got gamma ray
X ray
So ya know there's frequency
It's true - we can barely see
Less than 1% light spectrum
Visible selective
Best believe in other entities
ET's and all that jazz
Some benevolent
Some bad
3D's where we plant the flag
But NASA lies - we know that
Now we [?]
Gotta ask
Who the Grey's? - JFK did that
Why they here? What they doin?
One more thing
Can they go to CHAZ?
June 4, 2020

Lyrics Below:

More like Anime
Cartoon around...
June 4, 2020

Lyrics Below:

More like Anime
Cartoon around town throwin bricks like they got no game
It's such a shame
Crawling back to mommas basement- "everything is not okay"
I wanna feel their pain
But when they put it on another
I hope it never go away
That shit is so lame
Start with yourself for the things you wanna see change
But this typical
Maturity to a minimal
All so cynical
Got no spiritual
Life's so terrible
Can't use words - breaking shit like syllables
Let's recap for a second:
They hate a red cap but they brandishing a weapon
Covered up trap - bandana for a message
Peace sign speaks
But it's also 'the' Amendment

THUGS 5/29

These knuckle heads all riot
Settin cars on fire
Open Society pullin strings - the money wired
Anarchist for hire
They crossed the River Nile
Watch The Water when the west is what they want expired
And now the straights are dire
Attempts futile
We follow money higher
Reptiles conspire (2254)
George Soros, Berkshire
Flyer in the mail
Fake bombs transpire

Caesar Sayoc'n
Send a loud message and the BOOMS do the talkin
Ain't no other option
PEOPLE come-a-knockin (4407)
On two feet
Back each other

So the commies wanna dance, right?
Celebrities support the terror fight?
Little prob with that plan
45's Batman
White House
Dark 'K'night

This summer hot- Wasabi
Or like a pot of coffee
Sheep drink it while the [Sick] get a hot totty
We're not Anonymous (4449)
We're everybody
Q Anon spice it up and still sweet like a hot tamale.
May 29, 2020

Post (266)
Lyrics Below:
May 29, 2020

Post (266)
Lyrics Below:


Snapping those fingers along with the beat like woah
808's are like White Hats - tapping close ThanQ
8:28 for the Romans And We Know
Lions Gate open
Sirius Dog in this show Dog Star/ Sirius/ Serious / Mad Dog

Feelin cool the vibes
Winds from the coast
Today's a good day
The runway is close
Who am I to disagree with what you know
Plane Number in the sky N529JK
Please Enjoy The Show

Crescendo is high like the rudders be liftin these notes
The music inclined
Cheers and RISE like a toast
Keystone to find - Waldo or Vinny
Let's Go
Hi GEORGE on a (529) Post 4349

The More You Know
Plane Drop That Nose
Knots Go Down Slow
Not Dive Like Told

99 THE START so we party like its '99
I'm puttin on a lei
Oh its Timber time
It's goin down like that
You know Martha sippin fine wine
First place run the race
Marathon to the finish line

I'm pleading
I'm pleading
I'm begging
I'm Pledging
RUSH week comin
MORE class is in Session
Shout out to Jeff 53-47
But back to the Frat
R Boy back - No fretting

Johnny B Goode
And the Bee's be all buzzin
It's a bird it's a plane - bet a Bakers dozen
He's back like a camel - Camelot comin
One flame stay lit
Blow the candles for someone HBD, 35
May 23, 2020

[?] Everything.

Lyrics Below:

What if a Q&A is where it's at
And Kim Clement knew...
May 23, 2020

[?] Everything.

Lyrics Below:

What if a Q&A is where it's at
And Kim Clement knew that fact?

What if Tesla died but his worked lived on
Through John and Don
And they went Forward
To go Lookin Back

What if I were to think
If's and But's don't say much
Unless they go with a beat ?

What if misplaced car keys don't make much sense to me
When you drive a truck

What if all of us wake up?
What if that's what i mean?

These are nothin but "What If's"
But some, you see
R me Thinkin Logically...

What if Jon Jon was alive ?
... I mean what if Jon Jon IS alive.

What if oppression didn't leave an impression for generations
But a Golden Age would turn the page on true liberation?

What if the Minister Of Transportation didn't let us Astral Travel
And we had to sign a petition
Just to "see" a better tomorrow?

What if I'm going off beat?

What if I can't remember to forget that thing I know?
1. What if Q is the new Entourage without all the Johnny Drama?

2. And what if Michelle Obama was hiding her period .
Cause she got somethin that closely resembles a comma ,

What if you [J]walk on a [U]turn

And what if some Anagrams should be dammed
But a missing [S] be like SANTA saying... ]Here I AM[

What if Hudson's Bay shipped their fur trade through [E]Bay

What if I think Scurvy is like an [S]
Just a little bit more curvy

What if you put Limestone in the limelight
And the Pyramids on Ley Lines?

Speakin of lay lines..

What if it's 1 year Delta from my first song 05/23/19
And Post 523 felt like Checkmate all along ?

What if we all learned The Truth About Vaccines
And we stopped puttin things on spin cycle and just came clean

What if Trump cut medical prices to make Red Pills more affordable?

What if I find RBG adorable?

I don't
She's a little gremlin


What if when Frogs laughed they got Kekkles from their ankles to their knuckles? (π)

And what if the true meaning of love is not looking into each others eyes
Yet, looking into the same direction together?

But what would we do without the 17th letter?
May 13, 2020

R Post ...
May 13, 2020

R Post
Lyrics Below: -.. --- ....... .. - ....... --.-

To the left
To the left
Everything [they] own
Kill box to the left
Pain's what [they] sow
So reap what [they] get
Hard to believe
Gettin harder to forget

Trump came like he's heaven sent
Give it up for GOD - everyday is Lent
Here's my two cents
Gas up that car
Wanna make your ear Benz
Sittin in a C class
Waitin for a declass
C before D
ALPHAbetically the Z last (Ω)
Gods got wheel
So we got the feels
Down on the democrats
Never back down like Sandman
Last Laugh
Straight to the bank
Wind outta sails
Main stream really sank

Ratings in the tank cause We R the news now
Give it to ya straight
Then plank - lay it down
These are the facts
This is the story;
Journalism died
Then we came to restore it

Now they gotta forfeit
Sore loser Soros
Dinosaur media fake like the orbit
I gotta speak in code
Just a 'Tap' like Morse
Send a message so you know: -.. --- ....... .. - ....... --.- = 65

Goldfish brain
Fishbowl for a globe
Got a long road but we'll learn it on the go
On the right path
Pulled the fork from the road
Gotta re learn
T h e M o r e Y o u K n o w
May take a while but the journey ain't a bore
That choice will be yours - It's wild like a Boar
Wild to the seams where the oats get sowed
It ain't what it seems
Rock the earth to its core

Now we in the matrix
Lookin like a space ship
Post by R
Gonna have face it
Files up on everyone
Everything you've ever done
No you can't escape it
File where the cake is

And we eat it too
Walk a mile on the planet - Just a dream with shoes
And Where WE GO be a mission for like ME & YQU

I wanna go
Let's go
We gotta see this through

ThanQ - cause it start with the gratitude
It ends better
Much higher up in latitide

So laugh lots
Laugh Lines don't hide the truth

That's Logos
That's Love
So God approved

We gotta RISE
We gotta Go
I know I've said it a few

Like 3 times
Maybe more around 6 or a 9
Free energy buzzin around all the time

It's so frequent
Frequency would be freaky to find

Break Free
Good thoughts - Just keep that in mind

Good vibes speak volumes
Check with a Mime

So peace out
Peace the prize
Meet ya after we Rise.
May 5, 2020

-WRG1WGA- - ...
May 5, 2020

Lyrics Below:

No more tears in the daylight
Got hope and the whole thing change, right?
We Go, we float high
Like a boat White Squall
No Noah lie

That sounds sweet
2 to make 1
Bring the birds and the bees
Two to have fun
New life get a lease
Lovin Everyone
That's what QAnon teach

And Boomerang's back
Best yet to come
Future proving past
Here come the sun
RAISIN up like two scoops
You gotta laugh

That's 18
Break around breaky
But you know he bring the heat
If you knowin what I mean
We R half the battle
G.I JOE Team

I've been thinkin on the daily
How beautiful the world lookin lately
Ain't a maybe
May Flowers & evil Push Daisies
Wow, we bLoom
They take an [L] (2478)
What's left is BOOM
For the kids
On the move
Pain coming soon
Cause dark so due

And I know it make ya BLUE
Add a little LIGHT like Tiffany do
Got that color comin through
So bright
Catch an [eye]
In any room
TearZ of Joy
THINK blue - It's a boy
Bird crash - Decoy
Stork drop by
New birth - Deploy
April 20, 2020

Lyrics Below:

Clock strike midnight
New Day
April 20, 2020

Lyrics Below:

Clock strike midnight
New Day
Dark to light
Each Tick
Bring Tock
Post about the [sick] but the [sick] about to drop

It's on
Second hand moves like the clock in this song
Gonna be a busy one- 2020 long
Look how far we've come
And it's only just begun

Q clock so clocked in
Watch it go around with your frog frens
They goin down no questions
Funny part about it
They don't know when their time ends

That's gotta suck
5:5 on a 4 leaf clover
Think they outta luck
Call em over Red Rover
Indictments in a folder
No more kid games
Unless they all chained up

Unless they all chained up
God has had enough
Bird in a cage
Won't sing their praise

Walnut sauce
Adrenochrome they feeding off
Fly Roth with the Red Cross
Epstein kicked the bucket
But who's next on the flight logs?

In-N-Out like Maxwell (4566)
Nothing Burger? They can go to hell
Wikileaks like a Show & Tell
Facts straight, they pack weight
Emails about Pizza Gate
Tick Tock gonna clean their clock
Clean their plate
Good as late

That's how Q kick it
Suicide on a weekend
Taxpayers forgiven
Red scarf for the sick art
Light em up till they see the dark
Spirit cooking - no red herring
Culinary that can make you barf

Culinary that can make you barf
Sick shit don't follow stars
Trip 6 when [they] play their part
Middle finger to the fallen star
Diddle kids?
Don't care who you are
Time is tickin
We all pray n wishin
There is no forgiving for the permanent scars

Wanna play with domino's?
This is how she goes
Q knocking one by one
Can't walk the streets or run
They must be on their toes

[They] must be on their toes
Each day new tick
Can't talk over The Show
Talk the talk
Gonna walk the walk
With a cinder block on a plank
Luke 17: 2
See the Q?
In God We Trust and thank.
April 12, 2020

Post (3929)
Lyrics Below:

Qnited for a Trump tie
All about a Code Pink
April 12, 2020

Post (3929)
Lyrics Below:

Qnited for a Trump tie
All about a Code Pink
Stand up for E.O. 12/21 Syzygy
Follow Ink
More you know saves lives
Pink Eye
Then Think
Dark to Light in time
Just a slow blink

THINK Pink like a pastel
Robin Egg Blue - Tiffany shell
Color coded for the comeback
Super moon - Wanna get in on that?
Super duper color coordinated
Trump TIE it together
Sky is elated
Emancipation so decorated
Easter time
Jesus rise
Easter time show the Love for Our Saviour
Egg Rolls at the White House
Hunting season on a White Rabbit
Wanna follow your nose?
Sniffin em out
WHITE rabbits with the RED blood
Now THINK PINK cause [they] fixin' to drop
Tainted Supply
Mix & Concoct
Q gonna find PINK on the block


Expand your THINKING
Get to know about it
Sheeple at home
Slowin their roll
Learning the ropes
God said were grounded
Till we get grounded
Lessons of life
Love & Logos making dark into Light
Love & Loss like duality fight
After the CHOAS / ORDER is right

Sounding Sweet - ONOMATOPOEIA
Two peas in a pod
Can't wait to meet ya
Thinkin we're similar
Differences immature
Sound of common ground

Happy Easter
April Showers Beauty!
The power of Jesus
'The flowers are bLooming' moss phlox
From sour to sweet - One Love become rooted
And 'Where We Go' motto
Not 'e pluribus unum'
So spend love like money useless
That soul cries for less consuming
Look inside - free to do it
Let Him RISE

March 30, 2020

DoItQ - ...
March 30, 2020

DoItQ - -
Lyrics Below:

Sun Brings Heat (1543)
Till then Storm Time
See the 23
Punisher logo should be on [their] mind

That Ship sailed long ago
All around the globe
COMFORT N.Y (1964)
Put one in N.Y
Let the CURE spread wide (556)
Chloroquine (1116)
All I hear is Q win
Storm Is Upon Us
Joe M

Dog days on the way
Hot dogs, Pizza Gate
Gates of hell some say
Pope gonna have a Ruff May (998)
Good people will say
Babylon Rome around L.A (923)
Ping Pong, St. James (3399)

Enough is Enough (1010)

Qmap.pub - drink it up https://qmap.pub/
Celebrate like we at the pub
St. Paddy's on the 17th
Make sense why the Castle Green (2712)
Know what I mean?
Think BIG better buy in bulk (782)
Q grow - gonna meet the Hulk
4 members on the A-Team
Under 10 on the Q team (60)
They do few things

Got our 6 and the future back (3579)
Hit the deck, when you hear the rap
Cassette roll, know that's a wrap
Make you bounce like a dead cat (834)
What you think of that

(9) lives, maybe 6, 3 (963)
Looking Glass into ENERGY
Future dark for the enemy
Peter Park(ER) when the Web is free
Lennon let it be

Lennon let it be
Want beef - can't meat with the free speech (2386)
Anons been online but with no reach (2879)
Well, times change when Q push release
Times change when Q push release
Got a lot to teach
Turn a new leaf
Storm Time
Sun shine like a nude beach
I mean we feelin free (3228)
So free quarantine like Fiji
That's why I jot it down on a loose leaf

Shit Storm
Putin passed the ball (133)
Pokémon - Trump caught em all
T.P gone, now the [sick] fall
We had enough
Lawyer up
Better call Saul
Bone spurs for the Yale club
Can't Duck it like Madonna's tub
Watch water for the dirty stuff (765)
Fed sink - so titanic tough (142)

Play poker
Trump Card
Stack chips up
Feds dead (2619)
Q+ had enough
And he don't bluff

Chair serve real Master in the chess club (998)
With that golden touch
Musical Chairs
Till the beat stop
Silence golden
So we got a lot. (3393)
March 23, 2020


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JFK's gravesite
March 23, 2020


Lyrics Below: .

JFK's gravesite
The shape of a Q
Eternal flame cause The Plan keep the Light
Check the birds eye view
Never say never
'All Math' beginning to add up
Come together (π) like its two & two
But We 1 Where We Go
Where we flow
Where we fly
Heaven sent
Gotta see it through

Gotta see it through like a pane of glass
Looking Glass bring the pain
Yellow cube- Insane
Get the picture
Got a frame?
Enjoy The Show or Scripture
Boy, Q is on a mission
Resolute desk underneath - no KIDding
R you getting it yet?
Stage is set
Revenge is best
John don't forget
John don't forget
BIG reveal when the question get met
Servin up a Storm like he never hit the net
Never did forget
Never take a let
Game set match
All LOVE-LOVE for the rest Eleven:Eleven
Do we gotta ask, "Who is Q[?]"
Get a 'Clue'
When you learn about the truth
W, Vincent too
Maybe then
You can place your bets
You can place your bets
House always wins when we're talking white
White house
White hats
Dark to light
Vibes on blast
N529 in flight
Schumann really hit the roof
Stay grounded
Ironically remove your shoes
Back to Q
Who is QAnon?
A million proofs when you look proving Q is John

17, 17 John 17: 17
Number in attendance for his burial at sea
July 16th be "The Start" (1082)
Right before the 17
And 18 made his maRk
Can't forget 23
All W's shouldn't really trouble you
Cause we Winning so Bigly
And now we 'pop the question'
But we never take a knee
'Engage' the resurrection

Many see the blessing and the writing on The Wall
Building up the border and the movement's getting tall
Proof is in the pudding if you take the time to seek
T.G.I.F - if you know what I mean
But doGs stay loyal everyday of the week.
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