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Ukrain war is madness

By Dantien in News 386 views 29th May, 2022 Video Duration: N/A
USA retired general talking about the Ukrain war and how reckless the Biden administration are handling the situation.

I must personally say that giving money and wepon to an ongoing war is giving life to more war. It must be stopped and it must stop now! Peace be still!

In addition, the sanction against Russia is only hurting the middle class and the poor. Especially Africa and other countries that desperately need imported food to avoid hunger disaster and mass death.

Gas prices destroys businesses that will create mass unemployment.

Inflation and interests goes up and people will struggle to make ends meet.

The war on Russia was never a Ukrain - Russia war. It is a shadow world government war against Russia. This world government is slowly stepping out from the shaddows, and revealing itself and its agenda more and more. Peaople are noticing what they are doing. The meeting in Davos are happening right now and no main stream media is covering it. That is not strange, since the controllers of World Economic Forum owns 99,9% of the world, including the media.

We need to recognize who is running the show in the world and demand that the politicians condemns this undemocratic institution. Also other future institutions with the same purpose. The elected politicians are choosen to govern and protect the rights of all residents, not the interest of shadow governments. This have to stop.

Now we will se who is stupid enough to support the war and the sanctions against Russia and vote them out of office.

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