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    US First Lady Melania Trump arrives for a visit at the Chierici Palace City Hall of Catania on the sidelines of a G7 summit of the Heads of State and of Government in Taormina, on May 26, 2017 in Sicily. The leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the US and Italy will be joined by representatives of the European Union and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as well as teams from Ethiopia, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria and Tunisia during the summit from May 26 to 27, 2017. This outfit is Beautiful in it's simplicity with a basic light sleeveless dress and stunning Quilted with loose ends, long, loose multicolor Coat. Oh and is that our Bald SS AGENT holding the door open? I have not seen this one before! His Tiffany Blue tie matches Melania's Coat contrast. Wowser!
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