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    MY PRAYER for CHRISTMAS 2020, "To remember the Reason for the Season". THIS 2020 Christmas is unlike any Christmas I've ever lived through. At Thanksgiving, about a third of our family gathered at our family farm. My parents, in their mid 80's, have held the Space for all of us, to stay connected through Love, Principles and Prayer. This year's prayer was like most in the past, however, I added my prayer of gratitude for my parents holding this God - Family value for decades.

    And looking at the many great grandchildren, I could only wonder if this 2020 "New Normal" conditioning away from our God, our principles and our connection to each other,,, would slowly vanish in the coming months and years from these young people. If what we have taken for granted, could be removed like the statues in our cities, our censored words our singing and coming to Churches in the service of God.

    Perhaps my Prayer when writing this song, making this message relates even more today. I give thanks for the many digital soldiers, patriots and brave journalists who are much like that STAR that led the wise men to the cradle. That Light that shined a pathway for humanity. That Light that flushes out the Darkness in the human soul. Sometimes, "We never Know we are making History, when we are Making IT". History is being written in the hearts and souls of people. The media, corruption companies and politicians and those who think they rule the Universe have much to Fear. Darkness to Light.

    The Spiritual Revolution is here, our Legacy is being written into True History. People are waking up, lives are changing and "the reason for this Season" is a Prayer coming True. Thank you all, God bless you all and Merry Christmas to all. I love you. - Poe
    My 2020 Christmas Prayer, a song, a video from our family to Yours. Merry Christmas!
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