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    Prelude: Silent Epidemic

    Just as liberals must wake up and face the grievous, heartbreaking reality of the pharmacidal humanity-killing warmonster which has entirely purchased their movement and its leaders, and has always owned the media, Christians must awaken to the horrifying reality, that the same monster has infiltrated and overthrown organized Christianity in America and across the planet.

    Think about it: a priest, pastor or minister, advocating the vaxxination of infants, with literally satanic potions containing the remains of *aborted babies,* injecting these into infants WHO HAVE NO IMMUNE SYSTEM, AND CANNOT POSSIBLY DEVELOP THE 'IMMUNITIES' VAXXES ARE ALLEGED TO INDUCE in people with fully developed immune systems.

    So, injecting every baby born with a formulation intentionally consisting of poisons which, according to vaxx theory, triggers the development of immunity, simply for the hell of it.

    What other purpose does a Christian pastor, priest or minister have, than to protect his or her flock? What do they do all week between Sunday services, that they lack the time to research and investigate,.

    Not to mention lacking the discernment to recognize ravening evil right in their faces, devouring the members of their congregations.

    As you are all well aware, the very act of sincerely investigating the pharmacidal scam which vaxxes are, in minutes raises enough questions to provoke further research, and in a handful of hours, the *certainty* that vaxxes are evil, the intent behind them is malevolent, and that the creatures advocating them are monsters.

    Liberals, conservatives, Christians, humanity has not simply been betrayed, these freaks are attempting to exterminate us.


    (posted in an anti-vaxx group, that suddenly became full of Trump-haters)

    "You folks living in Blue cities: you understand that the waves of homeless people defecating in the streets are vaxx-damaged?

    Do you understand that these people were recently going to work, paying their bills, raising their families?

    Do you understand that your government's response to this, is to hand out syringes, using tax money to string them out on opioids?

    Do you understand that, as the months go by, the homeless people you see passed-out on the sidewalk with syringes in their hands while you navigate around their deposits of feces, are not the same homeless people who you saw littering the streets last month?

    That horrifying numbers of the ones you saw last month, have passed away since you last saw them?

    Do you understand what the government and media silence about the sudden appearance of wave upon wave of suddenly incapacitated, homeless American citizens means?"

    Christian Mind Kontrol

    Yes Patricia, that comment is in the context of the vast number of past lives each of us has had, and all the silly things we have been tricked into doing in so many of them.

    The popularity of Tolkien, Dune, Star Wars, all of them indeed long ago in galaxies far away, is ignited in the fidelity with which they capture those events indelibly recorded in the Akashic Record. Akasha is a discrete dimension that automatically and permanently records events as they occur including thoughts and feelings.

    Learning to view these records, gives initiates access to every event in the hundreds of millions of years we have occupied time and space, in flawless holographic detail--the analogy of the Star Trek Holodeck comes to mind. Jesus demonstrated this on numerous occasions, particularly the writing in the sand. We seriously giggle at the nonsense you call history, and the notion that anything can be hidden. As we politely avert our gaze should you suffer a wardrobe malfunction, so we do not go around snooping into people’s minds, regardless of how loudly you broadcast. Unless of course, there is the intent to harm.

    All of this information is available to the spiritual faculties, which is why every chemical, vaxx etc we are subjected to operates first and foremost to deaden them.

    Most of the Children of God, and the fallen angels we have entangled ourselves with and chained ourselves to who are embodying together with us on this planet, have been entering one embodiment after another for longer than this solar system has existed.

    The evil we are experiencing on this planet persists by Grace! It is our opportunity to untangle ourselves from it and Walk Away. It exists by Grace, it is propped-up by Grace and has been for thousands of years, for this sole purpose, our healing and liberation from our own stupidity.

    This is the driving reason when we see or participate in some huge triumph over evil, only to be crestfallen as it persists unperturbed. It persists, so those progressing behind us in line can have their shot at overcoming it. Karma is a Pistol.

    At some level we all remember our numerous lifetimes in those civilizations, especially well reported in (the book!) Dune, which goes into enough socioeconomic detail to see the same players and patterns then as have played out in recent history. Wouldn’t it be easier if all the orcs looked like orcs instead of like lindsay lohan.

    The truth is we have done every horrible thing conceivable over the course of hundreds of thousands of past lives, as those have also been endlessly done to us.

    The Wounded Soul and Her Infinite Mind


    And, every splendid thing. Many of us have gone from the tragedy of our Fall, to descending into hell, trapped there for perhaps thousands of years. Horrific, beyond imagination. As Jesus demonstrated, Jasmine and I do the work daily of entering hell with the angels, to liberate the souls trapped there.

    So it was done by those who have gone before us in our behalf, or we would likely still be stuck there. Your experience of spiritual things is in no way limited to the theoretical, if you will simply step-up to the terrifying responsibility, beloved.

    It took each of us thousands of lifetimes of diligent work, a million spectacular successes, to heal from that nadir, to arrive where we are today in God's Vast Grace. We each have vast often largely untapped reservoirs of wisdom residing inside us, because after healing one aspect of our self-mangling, we choose to set the awareness and memories of it aside in order to embody to work on another aspect.

    We typically choose to inhibit our own memory of past lives because it is way too much to deal with, far too great a burden of pain and horror to bear, too great a distraction to have the focus we need to heal specific issues.

    How to give ourselves the opportunity to forgive and walk away, if we are full of the memories of the fallen angel we desperately want to win our freedom from, with all the lurid horrific memories of that one and others raping, torturing and murdering us countless times in past lives. How not to thirst for revenge and thereby, by law, persisting the entanglement for yet another miserable lifetime. So we choose to forget, including forgetting how truly vast we are.

    We choose to be born into limited circumstances for the opportunity to rise above them. We choose to live the hell we have caused others in past lives, in order to heal the mistaken beliefs and develop the wisdom to go and sin no more in each particular type of mistake and unholy indulgence.

    We have treaded lightly on the subject of reincarnation here in FTF in deference to our Christian brethren, and the relentless indoctrination against reincarnation each of them has been subjected to, including threats of ostracism and eternal damnation for even considering it. That ought to be a hint.

    The reality of reincarnation is overwhelmingly easy to affirm, which is why so much effort is focused on aversion conditioning against it. It is a primary focus of the relentless CIA-MK-ULTRA, complete infiltration and perversion of every Christian church in America. Every pastor, minister or priest of any church of modest size in this nation, has been directly subjugated into accepting submission to this, and to keeping this fact hidden from you. Read that again, if it was not so, I would have told you otherwise.

    Blindly-trusting Christian theocracy, thinking they limited themselves to public skooling, medicine, news and entertainment etc, somehow overlooking our churches in their hunger to control every aspect of our existence. This relentless naiveté is perfectly suicidal.

    The Subjugation into Groupthink


    The scientific evidence for reincarnation is overwhelming. Every study of it, thousands of them going back hundreds of years, wildly confirms it. There is more conclusive proof of reincarnation than there are for the scientific theories of things like gravity.

    The conditioning against it is as relentless and pernicious as the conditioning to defer to doktorrs, and allow them to vaxxinate our children. Including *babies* who *cannot* develop the immunities vaxxes are alleged to induce, because our immune systems don't come online at all until 18-24 months old.

    Read that again, that scientific fact has been verified medical knowledge for a hundred years, while our babies are relentlessly dosed with neurotoxins in the face of it. If you dropped the quantity of toxic waste contained in a single vaxx into somebody’s drink, or exposed an employee to that concentration, it would so thoroughly exceed the established legal safe limits of a dozen or more toxic substances, you would be charged with a felony.

    The doktorrs are knowingly injecting infants, pointlessly, with highly toxic potions, and Christian churches are a primary vector for indoctrinating parents into performing this literally satanic rite upon their newborn children, which maim and cause some degree of brain-damage in *every single infant who receives a vaxxination.* Every single man, woman and child who receives one.

    There is no such thing as a vaxx, which does not shut-down and damage the pineal gland, the spiritual eye, our portal of contact with God.

    People look at the things I write and think some of them are whacky? How wacky is it for Christians to relentlessly consent to ritualistically brain-damaging, not to mention the induced reproductive sterility of their own children, via the injection of satanic potions which contain material extracted from babies murdered in the satanic human sacrifice ritual of abortion!?

    We are *way* past the point where failing to question the things you and your children are getting indoctrinated into in a 'Christian' 501(c)(3) (CIA) church, amounts to straight-up suicidal insanity.

    Where in the Bible does Jesus command you to swallow whole *anything* without testing and proving it, much less nonsense proffered by theocrats. In my Bible, Jesus spends a great deal of time risking his life *getting in the faces of theocrats,* a vast majority of Christians seem to somehow be willfully missing the entire thrust of Matthew 23.

    Do you think God won't answer any question you patiently, reverently and prayerfully ask? You think you will be punished for asking? That's not what my Bible says.

    Skip the mind kontrol, go for God Reality beloved. Construct your Testimony directly from God, not from men, there is an entire cosmos waiting to blossom inside you in Christ.

    Rise with him, as he is Risen, Amen ❤

    John R

    "Brother Donald is right l work 7 days a week in Downtown Santa Monica and we see a whole new large group of Vac. homeless in Santa Monica coming from Downtown Los Angeles and other places the Police officers don't even come to downtown Santa Monica any more the people that work there and live there have to handle it on their own the City Liberal leftist council created it is no where to be found. Los Angeles and Santa Monica have become homeless Cities they are living and camping out all over the place and fighting with everyone."

    Donald Garrett

    "California wants to ban facial recognition, to prevent the hordes of vaxx-damaged suddenly homeless people from being identified...to avoid people asking where they go when they disappear..."

    San Francisco Passes Ban on Facial-Recognition Surveillance


    Janet F

    "Edgar Cayce was a Christian, yet his readings (over 14000 documented) spoke of reincarnation. He also explained how Jesus reincarnated many lives. Quite fascinating. Considering the first couple hundred years of Christianity it was accepted belief until the church mandated that it was heresy should open peoples eyes to the indoctrination."

    Daniela M

    "Injecting protein components and DNA fragments even without grouping them with antigens and adjuvants causes the immune system to attack self and not differentiate between self and non self. And it becomes a generational thing. Not to mention the retroviruses injected together with the rest of the lot that additionally “freak out” and corrupt the immune system. The epidemic of children’s neuroimmune disorders — heck scientist induce these horrid conditions in lab animals daily by immunizing them with whatever they want their immune systems to be sensitized to. It’s genocide. The resulting immune dysregujation causes cancers neurodevelopmental disorders neuroimmune disorders heart disease diabetes thyroid failure kidney liver lung eyes blood etc disorders it’s genocide that translates in billions for the white mafia."
    • "That's an easy one Julie. The paid vaxx-trolls have been so relentlessly vicious for so many years, paid vaxx trolls are the only creatures pretty"That's an easy one Julie. The paid vaxx-trolls have been so relentlessly vicious for so many years, paid vaxx trolls are the only creatures pretty much the only ones left online who are pro-vaxx, and they show up in gangs.
      The paid trolls chased the gentle actual people away years ago.
      The heartbreaking reality is, the vast majority of the rapidly-growing armies of anti-vaxx people, are mothers either with vaxx-damaged children, or who have lost a child to vaxxes.
      If your anti-vaxx post gets enough attention, the trolls *will* invade. Your friends won't comment or acknowledge your anti-vaxx posts, because they have learned the hard way, they get ganged-up on by vaxx trolls if they do.
      Even most of the people saying things like, "I agree, so many shots should not be administered all at the same time, they should be spread-out," are vaxx trolls.
      Mothers and fathers whose homes, lives and families have been wrecked by vaxxes, are pretty much the only people who are willing to suffer the abuse, scorn and derision of the pro-vaxx pharma mafia.
      They are motivated by the horrifying truth--the desire to prevent more children from being maimed and killed by vaxxes."
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    • Every time I hear this, Donald, I weep . . . . . so much emotion & each time more insight to heighten & enlighten another step.
      &, as with all thingsEvery time I hear this, Donald, I weep . . . . . so much emotion & each time more insight to heighten & enlighten another step.
      &, as with all things of the heart, the meanings can change/grow or missed before, be~come evident.
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    • In truth, we have the mind of God already and it is the emotions we must hold at bay for they trouble the waters and clear images cannot be seen.In truth, we have the mind of God already and it is the emotions we must hold at bay for they trouble the waters and clear images cannot be seen. The wounded soul, Oh My Lord, Oh My Lord - bring to me all the wounded souls. How shall I heal them My Lord? By My love - open your heart and let My Love flow to all the wounded souls who have lost their way. Coming back to the physical, my heart cries for them, Oh Lord, bathe them in Thy Healing Waters and give them rest. Bind their accusers and free them. In the name of the Christ, let it be done.  More ...
    • DonaldGarrett, it was thru these very words that I began to break free of the chains of religiosity when I first read them a few years ago.
      No moreDonaldGarrett, it was thru these very words that I began to break free of the chains of religiosity when I first read them a few years ago.
      No more church pews, no more Sunday morning coffee clutch with chatty christians, no more bible teachings ... YES I had already left all that behind when I had realized there was something truly amiss with the convoluted and contrary teachings coming form so many misinformed souls calling themselves pastors and priests.
      But that was not enough...
      So when, in my spiritual journeys discontent of living with only the 'world views' of God's intimate presence within each one of us,I came upon these words so gingerly and passionately written above, I began to learn that I had to release myself from the fetters of guilt, shame and self loathing that trailed me all of my living years.
      The rigorous religious 'training' I was steeped in that went from a Roman Catholic upbringing to the local Penticostal church down the road was not what I ever wanted, and certainly not what I ever needed.
      I, like so many others, have been washed in the 'churches' presence for so long we do not question if it is good or right or wrong. 'Churching' is just what ya do to appease the parents, the teacher, the community. We, by default, are taught to follow the ones claiming to be upright, moral. knowledgeable . and 'godly'. We are programmed to think we should learn from them and become like them. They tell you to wash your soul with the word as they teach it, cleanse you mind with hope as only they can relay it, and discover nothing for yourself, because in their twisted version of life they actually believe you do not know any better.
      When I discovered the deep dark hole religion had kept me in, I broke free almost immediately and have not looked back since.
      So grateful...
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