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    Dannion Brinkley

    2 years ago today..I came out of open heart surgery to repair an aneurysm. I had my 4th..Journey to where we come here from .I had to be
    clinically necessitated 3 times over the next week..I guess to make sure I did not forget
    the reason each of us was chosen and we choose to come here at this time in history.. 1st rule of reality..No One Dies.No one..♥️♥️
    2nd rule of reality..Your are not lost..Your are a SPIRITUAL BEING .With dignity..Directions..and purpose..We have let something effect our dignity
    which skews our direction and purpose..find what it is
    and stop it..find peace with it.
    Then let it go..🌞.
    3nd rule of reality
    Know matter where you think
    your are remember This life is a gift.You gave yourself the gift of choice..The power of love and the gift of Compassion..
    4th rule of reality.
    Use these gifts wisely..
    Thank all you for being my
    FRIENDs.♥️.and I AM still here!!😏doing my job..and loving each of you..Please
    take care of you..follow the
    rules. make empowering choices. Use your power of love to
    BENEFIT humankind..Make the gift of Compassion a life
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