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March 14, 2021

(314) from YT
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March 14, 2021

(314) from YT
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We're not closed to finished
IN IT to win it
TOGETHER for the better
'till the world look somethin different
Go panoramic with the vision
Choose the Georgeous view
Screw The Spanish Inquisition

God gave free will
To every JACK & Jill
So Water that red pill
Fetching your reflection - Nothing "pail's" in comparison

The grace of God the greatest medicine
His Love & Light - No thanks to Thomas Edison
Recoil life like the serpent tried to set us in
Unwind the lies - The bliss of no more ignorance

Reverse the spell of silly sentences
This next verse ain't for all YQU lovely patriots
It's for the curse the sleepy still entangled in
So I'll begin

What's up with you?
Got cloudy vision?
We different
Your dissonance is cognitive
Please listen
Kids are missing
Kids are missing
Kids are missing
I said it 3x cause I want that shit to sink in
Why are we here? - That's the reason
The media's complicit for corruption in the system
They have you thinkin Epstein is an outlier
Are you kidding?

Wake up
But I get that it's tough
The truth can get ya scatter-brained
Can't grasp or graph the pain like a scatter plot does
But don't simply say this ain't real
You thank the waiter for a great meal
Damn well knowing there's a chef hidden in the kitchen
Just preparing it how he feel

You eat what's served behind the big veil
Then write on Yelp and say, "it's upscale"
And recommend it to your friends - get that restaurant to trend
But the wizard left out details

You probably had some good intent
Sharing your truth up on the web
But the chef had plans instead
That food went to your head
It was poison in the end

That's the media hiding the ingredients
Fake News
No News
Tell-a-vision shape your views
What a shame you can't see through
They're covering-up for pedophilia
February 7, 2021

Post (568)
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19 back be that Popcorn Day ...
February 7, 2021

Post (568)
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19 back be that Popcorn Day The Armor of God
But a missing S still Super
Bowling on this date
What a game of chess playin 3rd rock from the son
Like a Sicilian Defense mean GameStops R fun
Motion Picture Castle Rock with a finite amount of moves
How many left is anyone guess
But alas,

Build a WALL
Cannot walk the STREET, no BULL
Expose Markets- let the sheep shed wool
Showing all the [D]ark - White House at night
Let Joey take the credit
Debts paid in full

No thanks to Robinhood
Stealing from the poor?
Lookin not so good
Winter White House cause The Plan so good
When you Rock'n with a Castle
King's bound 2-move(s)

We gonna Stop The 'Steel'
Joe's Chinese made so he's not so real
First things first,
Sheep getting a feel for a Prez with a head made out of wood

That kinda mental detrimental
Leave a bad "impression" like a visit to the dental
Trump will make corrections cause the dentist fundamental to fixing imperfections so the smiles sentimental

So have faith "Shield"
We just sharpening our teeth

Before we makin em "straight".
January 18, 2021

Ephesians 6:10-18
Lyrics Below:

Corn Pop
Better get the...
January 18, 2021

Ephesians 6:10-18
Lyrics Below:

Corn Pop
Better get the butter
Game of Clue
Kernel's yellow
Say HELLO, Colonel Mustard

The Plan's about to go Superbad
Fix the past - bad to good
Don't even ask, it's all McLovin

When the "Breastplate" is in place
The righteous gonna beat the rest

QUR vest

"Shield" of faith get it straight
Flaming arrows don't penetrate

They don't penetrate
Watch em buckle like around your waist

"Belt" of truth when the news fake

Stand firm
"Shoes" ready
We got gospel
Peace the prize for the apostles (12)

When a bakers dozen give daily bread
It's a Q thang, but it's heaven sent

And when The Storm hit
We prepped
Thank God for every Q test (2625)

Thank God for Flynn
Thank God for Rogers
Thank God for operators
Damn you know they've seen darkness
All the MIL and a milly more
Armored up for the final war

March Madness - Final 4
Spirits up - God's "Sword"
Got The Bible and we got THE WORD
Word up
When it rains it pours
"Helmets" on
Under God like one nation
Under rocks where the evil stationed
Shedding light in the dark places

Never kickin rocks (4414)
Pullin up our socks
This ain't the time to be complacent

So we armored up in a Flying V
We don't give a [D]uck
Trump got the lead
Aww shucks
Twitter down
Rising up and we get around
Round & Round (π)
Merry GQ
Christmas gift to the globe
Gift of the gab like a snow globe
Shake it up when THE WORD spoke
Break em up
Shake em down
Big Tech get vertigo

New platform
New plateau
To form thoughts like Plato

Gods Armor - let freedom ring
We change things - Play-Doh.

Jan 7, 2021


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Oh so swiftly ...
Jan 7, 2021


Lyrics Below:

Oh so swiftly (43)
2020 for the [SICK]ly
You could say it went Warp Speed
Military with a vaccine
Distribution on the double double
With that vision now [they] seein double
Two 20's with a triple Nickle (555)
Walk and chew gum
Q pop like bubble (4756)
The cure is showin (3724)
Crack a little smile
That mask ya gotta throw em
Backing every child
We vax the dark omen
21 wild like Black Jacks and horses
One (6) so important 1/ 06
At least the sky got a fortress (501)
Game of eye spy
Seeing people on the rise
Keeping vibes high
Get releasing those endorphins


So many cures
Lemme check the date 1/ 07
That Aston Martin red like every state
Red October - let that marinate
Then he swerve past Sean
James Bond in a better way
The 'King of Country' and he keep it Strait
He's got the boots just to coordinate
Holds the line like a vertebrate (3815)
Then we 'Walk the Line' right to "Johnny" with a different face
How's that?
Beat's gotta stomp but it's followed by a clap
Chomping at the bit to bring the boy back
Last BOOM got the magic like a rabbit in a hat (860)
Back it up
When the future proving past
Got a magic wand
You can see it through the glass
Oh you gotta laugh at the boots in a cast
One does the healing
CUE the R to CURE it fast


Okay sure there's a cure
]People[ marching up a Hill in D.C
And it make [them] insecure
Madness like in March (951)
Military so secure (26)
At the Final Four
More years to endure

Let the lion loose
Waving yellow flags got em waving truce
Drive it to the hoop
[P] is not for park
Lighting up the [D]
[R]eversing all the dark
11.3 make a mark
Sea to Holy See
Game of Thrones to a Stark
Winter's coming
Light a spark (381)
'A Song of Ice and Fire'


November 25, 2020

Post (3854)
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Bouncin back like a sharp V
November 25, 2020

Post (3854)
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Bouncin back like a sharp V
For Vendetta with an army
Song 4 like IV
Don't mind me

JFK on that Shuck & Jive when he fake [left] and he go ]right[
Plan crash in '99 but he's still alive
And he's alright
MC in the moonlight
Sun Tzu with the Dark Knight
Tsunami comin and it's comin soon
It ain't all hype

Nice guys don't finish last
Good men don't forget the past
Bring down the Gov
Gonna round em up
Lasso in a cowboy hat
That's true when a Bat Boy bat
Batman swinging fast
Last dance for the running rats
When they go to GITMO - Q's a pack rat.

Over crowded like a Trump rally
Think BIG
Big Island
[They] keep on trying on the left like Maui
They be cryin while we gettin roudy
Round house like Ronda Rousey
Circled HOUSE and we paint it RED
It's the homestead
Don't you even doubt it

No way don't you even doubt it
Those who scream will be us
We rip the husk and cheer the loudest

Ready For To Be Cut
Corny Comey like Corn Smut
So many phony like such n such

Q's just warmin up
Batters box and his dingers crush
Top cheese for the Stanley Cup
1st down - he's bound to touch
UFC throwin fisticuffs
Coliseum for the sports fans
Games R Fun
What are the odds?

Have a laugh
KRAK'N a joke
Centre shake like you break the yolk
Egg you on with this song I wrote
Get a chuckle - devils on the ropes
Royal Rumble - we wrestle ghosts Ephesians 6:12
Big Mahon can help with hope
Cause the Smackdown's where the evil go
Packed HOUSE
"We The People" so Powell knockin on a domino (277)
It's biblical
Get the votes exposed
Dominion's toast
Enjoy The Show

We Go One and we don't forget it
That missing S like loose spaghetti
It's on the roof - looks cooked n ready
And when it 'lands' it's all confetti
Not a dry eye like the SERENGETI
That Missing S - DESSERT a plenty

Lighthouse spin different directions
We pickin up people they put into sections
Obelisk fall - We all get erected
When ]WE[ stand, [THEY] stand corrected
What a birthday gift, they get the message
Like a homing pigeon back for vengeance
Trump Card like an Ace in tennis
So Enjoy The Show
It's so impressive
November 15, 2020

Post (4641)
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Got that Keystone baby ...
November 15, 2020

Post (4641)
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Got that Keystone baby (270)
Dropping posts like a zero 27
Trump take Slings & Arrows for the cause
In the Land of Oz
And [they] just a bunch of Scarecrows
They sure are
Lion of Judah got 'courage' and 'heart'
Make The Tin Man jealous plus his body that hard
Teflon Don got the 'brains' and the smarts
Stable Genius got smarts
[They] made a straw man
But now we pull [them] apart
Welcome to The Plan
Motion Picture this art
GOLD for the WYN - Lions roar from "The Start" MGM

That's how it's goin down
Watch The Water, Wicked Witch
I bet the bitch will have a meltdown
Yellow Brick walkin
Talkin smack
Toto got his back for the Smackdown
Supporting actor made the background doG
Tap Tap Tap - Bring us home
2nd Act in the movie like that scene from Black & White to pretty colors poppin
What a thing of beauty.

November 4, 2020

- DoItQ - ...
November 4, 2020

- DoItQ - ]4[
4 More Years
Lyrics Below:

Post galore (1234)
]4[ on 4
45 adored for 4 more
Get em Post (34)

When the world right wrongs make a song
That seem likely
45 x 2 - 'Right Angle' for the truth
MSM - wrong again
How's that for a win when the whole world watchin? (2164)
Sing it like Streisand - all the birds mocking

Silent No More
Now the left the minority
Bring the rest over
Hive mind mentality

Whole world be a stage
Act in actuality
Damn this is bound to be one for the ages
Pulling Bible pages
7 Trumpets sounding sweet

Book Of Revelation
Great Tribulation
But you know it's all GREAT
Wakey Wakey 'eggs' bacon
Breaky on the plate but first we AWAKEN
Taking some patience
Better get a virtue
More we gotta work through (4940)
Plan so amazing

Plan so beautiful - God orchestrated
And there's no conCERN cause love vibrating
God got the particle, Love accelerated
Where We Go's spacious
Off to the races
Can't stop
Won't stop
God's been waiting

High 5 on the rise when the D's eradicated High 5D
Sayin everything's time - Linear over rated (1644)
Lines been-a-changin in the simulation
Take It Away
Take It Away
Kappy's curls stand straight

'Heading' that direction - No mistaken
We got a lemonade stand
God's lemons are refreshments

New direction
Love infectious
Watchin all the WATER
Get Aquatic and acquainted
Soul is comin
Solstice for the ages.
October 28, 2020

-WWG1WGA- ...
October 28, 2020

-WWG1WGA- ]3[

Lyrics Below:

Oh do you know about a Q
Do you know?
And if you don't
Then Oh I don't know
But what I know - You missed out on The Show
Oh do you know about a Q
Do you know?
And if you don't
Then Oh I don't know
But what I know - You missed out on The Show

October 28 10/28
Oh that's quiet a date (1082)
Twenty 17 - get that?
Q was never late
All anons came out to play
Then "about time" came in "good time"
Now it's time we be lookin back

Q left clues in posts
Crumb made bread to toast
So it got hot
It was non-stop
Every drop made water flow
We watch the water
Get the fire starter
Cause the kitchen's baking that dough
[They] Oscar Mayer
]We[ Redenbacher
No hot dogs in the show

And Oh
And We Know that every post - We got more than we know
And Oh
Yeah 'We Know' there's only Q
But who is Joe Masepoes
Oh and we know that we QNE
And as QNE we all go
And Oh
What a show with cameos
The cowboy at the rodeo

It's Delta Time for that 3rd year
Oh happy day
Can we cue the cheer?
Old posts gonna reappear
Future provin past like a Palintir
We up for the task - we made it here
Never tire - that's Goodyear
Been a good year - Tippy Top Tier
Top Gun
Cream of the 'Crop'
Let the MOAB drop - no Musketeer
Call the ball
We all clear
So optical for the landing gear
(114) That post make [them] disappear
And it's close enough to a post card with a joke remark- "Wish you were here"
October 18, 2020


Lyrics Below:

Fee Fi Fo Fum
Big wheels on Trump
Every rally got monster...
October 18, 2020


Lyrics Below:

Fee Fi Fo Fum
Big wheels on Trump
Every rally got monster trucks
Air Force really got some
Air Force One111
Synchronize that son
Tiff Blue
Kennedy Silver E.O 11110
Bet the boys are havin some fun
Touch Down on a runway
This Landslide is a "run away"
Bye-bye Quid Pro Quo
Sleepy Joe need a cup of it
All awake - No duckin it
Wheels Up then we tuck em in
So fly and synchronized
This energy is a must-to-get

No run around on a Pi symbol
Full Circle - that's my riddle
I'm tryna MAKE IT(π) little by little

Gettin wordy like a game of scrabble
Shake the bag like a baby rattle
Pull the Q - that's how we do
[They] up shit creek without a paddle
It's heatin up - [they] be on a mantle
Politics be downstream
Q got culture handled
Don't mind if I ramble
On and On etcetera (...)
Three dots for Easter hunts
BUT... WHAT IF they entangled

Back to vibes and the energy
Real eyes will realize them real lies
Till we livin free
AND FROGS... mean a lot to me
Love you all like a family
Expanding minds
Inspired rhymes
That 17 be the frequency
Same page but no Lisa
Love birds get caged up
Sing it, Strzok
Those eyes evil

All dogs they go to heaven but some come back
Don't forget it
Love Love Love
All Love
Jon Jon Best Yet To Come
Energized like the bunny does
Go On and On while he beat the drum
So alive and he's on the run
Batteries been charging
Since 99 when it started (1082)
All center stage for him n Trump

That's energy ya can't mess with that
Boomerang on come back
So Boom Boom we all gettin Jack'd
Pitter-patter, let's get at'er
George News got important matters
Purple Rain - It's not a game
But we goin up - Game of Snakes n Ladders

Chess Board be for the master
Barron Trump be the benefactor
Glass shatters when he take a gander

It's all Energy
October 3, 2020

-DoItQ- ...
October 3, 2020

-DoItQ- ]2[
Post (2301)
Lyrics Below:

What a son of a gun when the reaper do come
Think [they] deserve it
Hunters are hunted the witch almost done (4800)
Supreme gettin Ruthless
Dominos fallin the rats on the run
They runnin to cages
GITMO reno with a "Where We Go" garden
Might be No Vacancy
Hear it - no pardon

Smocking Gun paint your body for bullshit
Lethal injection or empty the full clip
Muzzle skippin for ya Skippy- Ya little shit (15)
Same for Adam too - Ya Liddle Schiff

Twitter mistakes but Trump know what the spelling is
Price of business Stable so Genius (2)
Out of the bottle the genie is granting it
Wishes on 3's - The power November gives

11.3 think Tesla is watchin this


Say it twice like it's already over
Say it twice got a whiff of that odor
Smell of success will Be Best for the voters
I've said it twice but the Delta is closer 1 Yr Delta
One month left dates are important
Timelines matter - Q makin sure of it
RED spreading faster than Cali is scorching 27

Exodus Happening - U-HAUL is banking it
My heart's in NY - De Blasio tanking it
The left will be thanking it
But first come the shock the whole world was a manuscript

What's it gonna be not a whole lotta patience
Chew it up - Big League CP foundations
God save us all - devil incarnated
To the top of the church and all other nations
Aw can't take it - left so brainless
When they gonna learn 45 damn saved em
When the gonna ride on the side of salvation
Bit of humble (π) would be nice
With flies on the side cause the Frogs so amazing
Got a FLY on The Wall but the left hear racist

Saved By The Bell but this ain't like on Bayside
Honey Fitz ringing it sound like a landslide
Avoiding all hell - QNE party is the RISE
The Lion will triumph horizon got sonrise

Best yet to come (679)


I'm sayin as much double-down like it's fudge x2
Sweet like the corn gettin ripped from the husk
Harvest season 'come around' - Double Dutch

RED OCTOBER x2 (158)

September 28, 2020

The Great Awakening
Post (3622)
Lyrics Below:

No more sheep
No more sheep
September 28, 2020

The Great Awakening
Post (3622)
Lyrics Below:

No more sheep
No more sheep
Tryna stay free
And if you got a Q, you got a fren in ME
One big ol happy family
It's about time we flip the "me" into a "we"
Good Mirror - I think we all agree
#InItTogether (2934)
Think I saw that in a tweet

We gotta get loud, get loudly (2298)
Like a rooster tryna wake em while they sleep
Sheep No More (1602)
No more sheep

And I love hearing when Juan speak
And Don Juan at all rallies
Every single one
He's got ahold of Q - got ahold of 17
Holding court
We holding up a Q Baby (1582)

Hold em up high - set the kids free
For the future of QUR family
We gotta make things gold like Phi (1618)
No Sheep
No more catching them Z's
Unless that Z got a dagger in between
September 23, 2020


Lyrics Below:

Rushmore - got a rhythm don't it?
See the R&R
Like YQU...
September 23, 2020


Lyrics Below:

Rushmore - got a rhythm don't it?
See the R&R
Like YQU took a moment
John did
What a Boomerang 1 Year Delta
When the years go by
But end with a bang

He's alive- I mean it
You won't look, then Beat It "Beat it"
On top of Rushmore
What a weekend
July 4th
I know
We know (182)
Johnny's comin home

Goodness oh gracious
Faces on faces
Totem poles get jealous
Hello George - you made it (529)
We know
No Fantasy Land (111)
We know
John's comin home

BIG drop like 5-0 (50)
On top like chapeau
Hands out - that might do
When he 'pop' off so Mountain Dew
Whatta Show
Whatta Show
Not Just Johnny comin home "Just"

One 7 like haiku
5:5 - that might do
Syllables they write Q 5 - 7 - 5
Good vibes I rhythm to

Prosody got a hold of ME
18, ya know so to speak
Speakers up
Gotta air the beat
Like a plane when it flyin free

He's flyin high on Rushmore
Wings wide gonna see him soar
July 4th got a Foreman
Check the Grill on George, man
"Hoist" the "House"
Whatta Plan
Don't believe - follow KelliAnn

All the COMMZ they got a meaning
Cause he had to Beat It like Neverland "Beat It"

Do The Can-can like Vinny can
With the chapeau and a French dance

Catch a Rhythm
September 13, 2020


Lyrics Below: . ...
September 13, 2020


Lyrics Below: . .

Do you have it?
Do you think for yourself?
When you follow white rabbits

He's Alive, He's Alive
But the naysayers say differently
Yet, we know to [?] everything
Those we follow especially
Who controls what you see?
Ironically, the wool gets pulled from the eyes to wake the sheep
Heard once that it's easier to fool a man
Than to convince him he's been deceived
Maybe nap time's over
But Dunning-Kruger's still on Elm Street
Did that red pill dissolve enough in your gut to just go with it
Or do you blindly follow others with trust like that wool still covers ya
Others make claims about JFK
Yet won't look themselves
Sounds like some skipped Q Juan O Juan
Before sowing them seeds of doubt

September 10, 2020

-WWG1WGA- ...
September 10, 2020

-WWG1WGA- ]1[
Dedicated to tomorrow @Not124getY
Lyrics Below:

This a good beat right?
Thumbs up if you like
But do what you'd like
We all be free
That's a God given right
Keep it jumpin like hop scotch
We got it poppin like pop rocks
It's a Q thang ON LQCK 1.
Positive project
No more Montauk
Ultra CQQL be the only way 2.
Easter Eggs in my soufflé
Gotta get crackin
THINK about it 3.
What a beauty day

How do ya do?
Tip my cap down if YQU following a Q 4.
Positive vibes
Let your aura shine through

Jump start that HEART 5.
4th Chakra play the part
Tippy top to the crown
Feet on the ground
Hz help hurting in the dark

All ENERGY baby 6.
Barney Rubble like a bumble bee
When he drivin that car
Two pedals on the floor
Pounding beats
Buzzing with the feet

Yabadabawebedoo'n it
Lampoon all the cartoons
Q & R the shit
Tip of the spear like a harpoon
GAMEZ R FUN witch huntin with a sharp broom 7.
Best yet to come
Feel around like a dark room
Turn on the lights when the son not gone soon
DARK 2 LIGHT 9/10/19 8.
Two, to, and To(o) V2
DELTA TIME for that song 2 9.
Been a year to the day
Mistake on the cover
Uncover hidden eggs
Guess spellings do matter
Post 831
SHIFT 10. days backwards 08/31

]10[ on 10 ]1[
August 31, 2020

Post (2039)
Lyrics Below:

50 States goin red
Like Adam Shifty got a pencil...
August 31, 2020

Post (2039)
Lyrics Below:

50 States goin red
Like Adam Shifty got a pencil neck
Mark it down but we follow pens (1421)
Follow God to the promise land
Alpha and Omega while the clock is activated (963) את
But the outcome predicated on the present Last President
Apocalyptic.. but it doesn't end (1701)

We The People systematic (1690)
Witnessing destruction happen (3961)
See no evil
Hear no evil
Ask yourself and for a fren

Achilles heel
So it's hard to mend (3411)

Survey says we shifting poles
[They] taking polls and faking them
Look at them (2032)
Liar liar pants on fire (2048)
Clinton wins election night (2002)
'Expressed' like Lolita cause points were for the frequent flyers

[They] couldn't stop the shift (2003)
And now we stoppin all the people [sick] (3724) (2449)

Landslide - we on that Stevie Nicks
Eyes to see - even Stevie doesn't Wonder it


Things change
Good day to start a SHIFT
Cradle to the grave with the 'sauce' she blowin in the wind (100)
She a candle
Love handle
Here's the skinny like a tunnel
Lighting up the exit while [they] burn the wax at both ends (4390)

That's a metaphor
But the shift is for forever more

Movie Show shelves ]R[ stocked
There's more in store (4599)

Mike Jack
It don't matter- "Black Or White"
Shifting back to mother earth
Happy Birth
Tree of life
Sword of truth
But the pen got might

I'd rather write- right or wrong
Typin SHIFT in a song
BIG enough for errors
Spell checkin on my ARCHETYPES
But I'm not that type

SHIFT is BIG make it stick
Numbers game driving it
Tesla be the engine
3-ON-THE-TREE OF LIFE to shift

Can you feel the shift?

August 21, 2020

Post (1279)
Lyrics Below:

... ...
August 21, 2020

Post (1279)
Lyrics Below:

... (2246)

POTUS turning COMMZ up a 'notch'
Fe Fishin lure is 'solid as a rock'
[P] for park when the boat is docked
And all birds form a 'flock' sounds louder when [they] squawk
Panhandle Mike Pensacola
Then head north - stop in Daytona
And rip around the track
We got feelin back - like when you put The Beast in [R]
He might of showed up

I know that might be hard to understand
Like (500) checkered flags for the Trump fans
He got the pole position
And the COMMZ keep on kickin
You can even ask KelliAnn
It's the way that Q communicates
And while he's doin it - redeeming dates
Conquer Dark - Vincent know a place
Walk a mile in his shoes
How many got laced?
Who knows
But Jenny Mac's doin diggin in her videos
It's gotta make you wonder..
When John broke the radar
How did Vinny fly under?
Now that's a head scratcher
Fedora hat gettin lifted like a home run batter
And surely it's a factor
Don't call me Shirley but the AIRPLANE bringing laughter.

August 18, 2020


Lyrics Below:

Damn things look mighty fine
Like a fine wine
Doin BIG...
August 18, 2020


Lyrics Below:

Damn things look mighty fine
Like a fine wine
Doin BIG things and [they] outta time
Different time line

We the bees knees and we gonna shine
All of mankind
Gee golly Q beautifies
It's why we ride or die

Anons don't tippy toe
Web Toad feet
Dance Dance like a FOXtrot
Get a mistletoe
Kiss Q where'd the missile go? (2729)

Every SPLASH ripple watch the water flow (432)
Thank God that letter showed
Make a world wide stamp
With a Global zip code


When a tadpole get full grown
Took a minute now we hoppin in the zone
And you know we've gone full blown
And you know Q gone full blown
Now we laugh all the way to the throne
Team so Anon strong
"When the daylight come [they] all wanna go home"
Whatta "Day-O" baby
Frogs all fight
Bark got a bite
Ribbit to the RIGHT
It's opposite-day if it's night
Got a light for the shady

Ha (699)

DoItQ like YQU do
All the winning is nothin new
Stick it to em - These tongues like glue
Victory is sweet
[they] can't deny we so FLY you can taste it.

... to destroy them.
August 6, 2020


Lyrics Below:

August 6, 2020


Lyrics Below:

Playin chess and the chess board the whole world
Kids going 3rd gender - not a boy or girl
3rd washroom confusing on their little minds
Around the time you realize that the devil lies
Baphomet be half man & half woman
Trans movement ain't love
It's got some other motives
Too many under spells
They drank the potion
Drank the punch - Brainwashed
World's a big cult - Bulldoze it
At all cost
[C]los[I]ng [A]ct 3 letters
Cause they kept showing
Dark to Light for the kids
For the kids let's get to glowing
Cut the head of the snake (296)
But it take a moment
Need a break - silver lining on this damn COVID
People at home
Learning Pizza Gate
Great Awake in full motion

Batters Box be the whole ]WORLD[ waking up
Not one more for Moloch
Only 'chicken' pox
Tunnel vision on the D.U.M.B's for the kids lost
Too many missin
800,000 a year please listen Donnie on a mission
Don't gimme party lines
Just realize a sound made when a dove cry
Watch The Water when it fill your eyes.

Joel 3:16
July 23, 2020


Lyrics Below:

I know what I wrote in "Who Is Q"
And I stand by those thoughts
July 23, 2020


Lyrics Below:

I know what I wrote in "Who Is Q"
And I stand by those thoughts
But I was also thinking of YQU
I hope this next verse is proof

We all that boy on the side of the road
You can feel that in your heart
Like Q-pid shot us with the arrow
The LQVE movements at large

Type out first 4 keys on that keyboard
"Who Is Q" posted 4 months apart Delta
It was [T]'d up from the start.

IS 4 YQU [?]
July 17, 2020

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Dog days HOT
July 17, 2020

-.. --- ....... .. - ....... --.-
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Dog days HOT
Watch him go in The Show
Like he's on a walk
Dog Show cause the Ponies got caught
HOT to trot
Q Day on a Fryday
Like it's all ON LQCK
Gun cocked (1440)

'Tap' 'Tap' 'Tap'
Morse Code
Now ya know - Makin future prove past
Do It Q - When you add up that
65 Days back - RISE RISE Lyrics

'Tap' that nose
Think Robert told the world what he knows
R so close
Are you ready jumping JACKS on toes

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Thank God It's Friday
Bring him back out like a driveway
No way like Jose
John 'tapped' out on a doG sleigh

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