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S e r e n i t y

By TAV in Music 75 views 12th Jun, 2021 Video Duration: 00:02:48
May 12, 2021


Lyrics Below:

Gods grace is greater
The Breath of Life a ventilator
It must be why He sent The Savior
Come to the rescue Great creator
We need the LOVE that you made of
Boy, the evil's so outdated
To beat the dark we love the haters
They just yet to be awaken
Until that day...
]WE[ patient


1:23 - Stamping Time (123)
Flip and find Serenity
God is Lovely ENERGY
Vibin 4 eternity
Lining up the sky above
All the 'SIGNS' are to a T
'PLUS' we got the Trust to dot the [i]'s until we cross the t

Don't cross your eyes
]WE[ sit comfortably
Eyes to see this is a [W]rap just like a Mummy be (144)

Honesty the policy
Abolish the autocracy
Booms R Sonic
Autopilot (266)
Funky Fresh

That's a Kek
Hit the deck
Who is next on the left?
Stage is set for Biden but we buying time till God say "Green" (206)

"Going GREEN" by conserving things (69)

Text "OMG" (1891) (1279)

It's like ]WE[ made a New Deal
Sorry, AOC

How's that for sarcasm in apologies?
Good God has got ahold
The Holy Ghost complete the Trinity
Kissing NEO (749)
Breath of Life back in to fight a Hero's Journey globally

WWG as ONE big family with the synergy
Oh how 'FUN' (2867) (713)
No coincidences
Catch a synchronicity
X [Y] to get to ]Z[
Truth belong to Adam's seed (512)

Genesis 2:7

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