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By TAV in Music 358 views 8th Jan, 2021 Video Duration: 00:03:28
Jan 7, 2021


Lyrics Below:

Oh so swiftly (43)
2020 for the [SICK]ly
You could say it went Warp Speed
Military with a vaccine
Distribution on the double double
With that vision now [they] seein double
Two 20's with a triple Nickle (555)
Walk and chew gum
Q pop like bubble (4756)
The cure is showin (3724)
Crack a little smile
That mask ya gotta throw em
Backing every child
We vax the dark omen
21 wild like Black Jacks and horses
One (6) so important 1/ 06
At least the sky got a fortress (501)
Game of eye spy
Seeing people on the rise
Keeping vibes high
Get releasing those endorphins


So many cures
Lemme check the date 1/ 07
That Aston Martin red like every state
Red October - let that marinate
Then he swerve past Sean
James Bond in a better way
The 'King of Country' and he keep it Strait
He's got the boots just to coordinate
Holds the line like a vertebrate (3815)
Then we 'Walk the Line' right to "Johnny" with a different face
How's that?
Beat's gotta stomp but it's followed by a clap
Chomping at the bit to bring the boy back
Last BOOM got the magic like a rabbit in a hat (860)
Back it up
When the future proving past
Got a magic wand
You can see it through the glass
Oh you gotta laugh at the boots in a cast
One does the healing
CUE the R to CURE it fast


Okay sure there's a cure
]People[ marching up a Hill in D.C
And it make [them] insecure
Madness like in March (951)
Military so secure (26)
At the Final Four
More years to endure

Let the lion loose
Waving yellow flags got em waving truce
Drive it to the hoop
[P] is not for park
Lighting up the [D]
[R]eversing all the dark
11.3 make a mark
Sea to Holy See
Game of Thrones to a Stark
Winter's coming
Light a spark (381)
'A Song of Ice and Fire'



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