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By TAV in Music 498 views 26th Nov, 2020 Video Duration: 00:03:16
November 25, 2020

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Lyrics Below:

Bouncin back like a sharp V
For Vendetta with an army
Song 4 like IV
Don't mind me

JFK on that Shuck & Jive when he fake [left] and he go ]right[
Plan crash in '99 but he's still alive
And he's alright
MC in the moonlight
Sun Tzu with the Dark Knight
Tsunami comin and it's comin soon
It ain't all hype

Nice guys don't finish last
Good men don't forget the past
Bring down the Gov
Gonna round em up
Lasso in a cowboy hat
That's true when a Bat Boy bat
Batman swinging fast
Last dance for the running rats
When they go to GITMO - Q's a pack rat.

Over crowded like a Trump rally
Think BIG
Big Island
[They] keep on trying on the left like Maui
They be cryin while we gettin roudy
Round house like Ronda Rousey
Circled HOUSE and we paint it RED
It's the homestead
Don't you even doubt it

No way don't you even doubt it
Those who scream will be us
We rip the husk and cheer the loudest

Ready For To Be Cut
Corny Comey like Corn Smut
So many phony like such n such

Q's just warmin up
Batters box and his dingers crush
Top cheese for the Stanley Cup
1st down - he's bound to touch
UFC throwin fisticuffs
Coliseum for the sports fans
Games R Fun
What are the odds?

Have a laugh
KRAK'N a joke
Centre shake like you break the yolk
Egg you on with this song I wrote
Get a chuckle - devils on the ropes
Royal Rumble - we wrestle ghosts Ephesians 6:12
Big Mahon can help with hope
Cause the Smackdown's where the evil go
Packed HOUSE
"We The People" so Powell knockin on a domino (277)
It's biblical
Get the votes exposed
Dominion's toast
Enjoy The Show

We Go One and we don't forget it
That missing S like loose spaghetti
It's on the roof - looks cooked n ready
And when it 'lands' it's all confetti
Not a dry eye like the SERENGETI
That Missing S - DESSERT a plenty

Lighthouse spin different directions
We pickin up people they put into sections
Obelisk fall - We all get erected
When ]WE[ stand, [THEY] stand corrected
What a birthday gift, they get the message
Like a homing pigeon back for vengeance
Trump Card like an Ace in tennis
So Enjoy The Show
It's so impressive

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