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By TAV in Music 382 views 21st Nov, 2020 Video Duration: 00:01:28
November 15, 2020

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Lyrics Below:

Got that Keystone baby (270)
Dropping posts like a zero 27
Trump take Slings & Arrows for the cause
In the Land of Oz
And [they] just a bunch of Scarecrows
They sure are
Lion of Judah got 'courage' and 'heart'
Make The Tin Man jealous plus his body that hard
Teflon Don got the 'brains' and the smarts
Stable Genius got smarts
[They] made a straw man
But now we pull [them] apart
Welcome to The Plan
Motion Picture this art
GOLD for the WYN - Lions roar from "The Start" MGM

That's how it's goin down
Watch The Water, Wicked Witch
I bet the bitch will have a meltdown
Yellow Brick walkin
Talkin smack
Toto got his back for the Smackdown
Supporting actor made the background doG
Tap Tap Tap - Bring us home
2nd Act in the movie like that scene from Black & White to pretty colors poppin
What a thing of beauty.


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