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By TAV in Music 368 views 21st Nov, 2020 Video Duration: 00:02:38
November 4, 2020

- DoItQ - ]4[
4 More Years
Lyrics Below:

Post galore (1234)
]4[ on 4
45 adored for 4 more
Get em Post (34)

When the world right wrongs make a song
That seem likely
45 x 2 - 'Right Angle' for the truth
MSM - wrong again
How's that for a win when the whole world watchin? (2164)
Sing it like Streisand - all the birds mocking

Silent No More
Now the left the minority
Bring the rest over
Hive mind mentality

Whole world be a stage
Act in actuality
Damn this is bound to be one for the ages
Pulling Bible pages
7 Trumpets sounding sweet

Book Of Revelation
Great Tribulation
But you know it's all GREAT
Wakey Wakey 'eggs' bacon
Breaky on the plate but first we AWAKEN
Taking some patience
Better get a virtue
More we gotta work through (4940)
Plan so amazing

Plan so beautiful - God orchestrated
And there's no conCERN cause love vibrating
God got the particle, Love accelerated
Where We Go's spacious
Off to the races
Can't stop
Won't stop
God's been waiting

High 5 on the rise when the D's eradicated High 5D
Sayin everything's time - Linear over rated (1644)
Lines been-a-changin in the simulation
Take It Away
Take It Away
Kappy's curls stand straight

'Heading' that direction - No mistaken
We got a lemonade stand
God's lemons are refreshments

New direction
Love infectious
Watchin all the WATER
Get Aquatic and acquainted
Soul is comin
Solstice for the ages.

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