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By TAV in Music 405 views 21st Nov, 2020 Video Duration: 00:02:56
October 18, 2020


Lyrics Below:

Fee Fi Fo Fum
Big wheels on Trump
Every rally got monster trucks
Air Force really got some
Air Force One111
Synchronize that son
Tiff Blue
Kennedy Silver E.O 11110
Bet the boys are havin some fun
Touch Down on a runway
This Landslide is a "run away"
Bye-bye Quid Pro Quo
Sleepy Joe need a cup of it
All awake - No duckin it
Wheels Up then we tuck em in
So fly and synchronized
This energy is a must-to-get

No run around on a Pi symbol
Full Circle - that's my riddle
I'm tryna MAKE IT(π) little by little

Gettin wordy like a game of scrabble
Shake the bag like a baby rattle
Pull the Q - that's how we do
[They] up shit creek without a paddle
It's heatin up - [they] be on a mantle
Politics be downstream
Q got culture handled
Don't mind if I ramble
On and On etcetera (...)
Three dots for Easter hunts
BUT... WHAT IF they entangled

Back to vibes and the energy
Real eyes will realize them real lies
Till we livin free
AND FROGS... mean a lot to me
Love you all like a family
Expanding minds
Inspired rhymes
That 17 be the frequency
Same page but no Lisa
Love birds get caged up
Sing it, Strzok
Those eyes evil

All dogs they go to heaven but some come back
Don't forget it
Love Love Love
All Love
Jon Jon Best Yet To Come
Energized like the bunny does
Go On and On while he beat the drum
So alive and he's on the run
Batteries been charging
Since 99 when it started (1082)
All center stage for him n Trump

That's energy ya can't mess with that
Boomerang on come back
So Boom Boom we all gettin Jack'd
Pitter-patter, let's get at'er
George News got important matters https://george.news/#/
Purple Rain - It's not a game
But we goin up - Game of Snakes n Ladders

Chess Board be for the master
Barron Trump be the benefactor
Glass shatters when he take a gander

It's all Energy

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