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By TAV in Music 399 views 21st Nov, 2020 Video Duration: 00:03:42
October 3, 2020

-DoItQ- ]2[
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Lyrics Below:

What a son of a gun when the reaper do come
Think [they] deserve it
Hunters are hunted the witch almost done (4800)
Supreme gettin Ruthless
Dominos fallin the rats on the run
They runnin to cages
GITMO reno with a "Where We Go" garden
Might be No Vacancy
Hear it - no pardon

Smocking Gun paint your body for bullshit
Lethal injection or empty the full clip
Muzzle skippin for ya Skippy- Ya little shit (15)
Same for Adam too - Ya Liddle Schiff

Twitter mistakes but Trump know what the spelling is
Price of business Stable so Genius (2)
Out of the bottle the genie is granting it
Wishes on 3's - The power November gives

11.3 think Tesla is watchin this


Say it twice like it's already over
Say it twice got a whiff of that odor
Smell of success will Be Best for the voters
I've said it twice but the Delta is closer 1 Yr Delta
One month left dates are important
Timelines matter - Q makin sure of it
RED spreading faster than Cali is scorching 27

Exodus Happening - U-HAUL is banking it
My heart's in NY - De Blasio tanking it
The left will be thanking it
But first come the shock the whole world was a manuscript

What's it gonna be not a whole lotta patience
Chew it up - Big League CP foundations
God save us all - devil incarnated
To the top of the church and all other nations
Aw can't take it - left so brainless
When they gonna learn 45 damn saved em
When the gonna ride on the side of salvation
Bit of humble (π) would be nice
With flies on the side cause the Frogs so amazing
Got a FLY on The Wall but the left hear racist

Saved By The Bell but this ain't like on Bayside
Honey Fitz ringing it sound like a landslide
Avoiding all hell - QNE party is the RISE
The Lion will triumph horizon got sonrise

Best yet to come (679)


I'm sayin as much double-down like it's fudge x2
Sweet like the corn gettin ripped from the husk
Harvest season 'come around' - Double Dutch

RED OCTOBER x2 (158)


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