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Sheep No More

By TAV in Music 448 views 21st Nov, 2020 Video Duration: 00:02:44
September 28, 2020

The Great Awakening
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Lyrics Below:

No more sheep
No more sheep
Tryna stay free
And if you got a Q, you got a fren in ME
One big ol happy family
It's about time we flip the "me" into a "we"
Good Mirror - I think we all agree
#InItTogether (2934)
Think I saw that in a tweet

We gotta get loud, get loudly (2298)
Like a rooster tryna wake em while they sleep
Sheep No More (1602)
No more sheep

And I love hearing when Juan speak
And Don Juan at all rallies
Every single one
He's got ahold of Q - got ahold of 17
Holding court
We holding up a Q Baby (1582)

Hold em up high - set the kids free
For the future of QUR family
We gotta make things gold like Phi (1618)
No Sheep
No more catching them Z's
Unless that Z got a dagger in between



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