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Rushmore Rhythm

By TAV in Music 421 views 21st Nov, 2020 Video Duration: 00:02:05
September 23, 2020


Lyrics Below:

Rushmore - got a rhythm don't it?
See the R&R
Like YQU took a moment
John did
What a Boomerang 1 Year Delta
When the years go by
But end with a bang

He's alive- I mean it
You won't look, then Beat It "Beat it"
On top of Rushmore
What a weekend
July 4th
I know
We know (182)
Johnny's comin home

Goodness oh gracious
Faces on faces
Totem poles get jealous
Hello George - you made it (529)
We know
No Fantasy Land (111)
We know
John's comin home

BIG drop like 5-0 (50)
On top like chapeau
Hands out - that might do
When he 'pop' off so Mountain Dew
Whatta Show
Whatta Show
Not Just Johnny comin home "Just"

One 7 like haiku
5:5 - that might do
Syllables they write Q 5 - 7 - 5
Good vibes I rhythm to

Prosody got a hold of ME
18, ya know so to speak
Speakers up
Gotta air the beat
Like a plane when it flyin free

He's flyin high on Rushmore
Wings wide gonna see him soar
July 4th got a Foreman
Check the Grill on George, man
"Hoist" the "House"
Whatta Plan
Don't believe - follow KelliAnn

All the COMMZ they got a meaning
Cause he had to Beat It like Neverland "Beat It"

Do The Can-can like Vinny can
With the chapeau and a French dance

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