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This Project is for Juan O Savin and everyone that listens to his programs because he needs an Archive that stands the test of time.. for us ALL... it is a labor of love. It is the ARCHIVE of every show he has done with key words and description, going back to 2013. The PAGE will be featuring Rogue News -V the Guerilla Economist, Hagmann & Hagmann Report, Field McConnell "Able Danger" (using downloaded Programs from other providers) Red Pill78, Jennifer Mac, Linda Paris with McAllister TV, Patriot Productions with Chris Gilbert, SpaceShot76 and Steel Truth and several others that are new as of last year Michael Jaco, American Media Periscope, Flyover Conservatives, Sean Stone and others. The bulk of his work was on specific Topics that have significance to all our lives including Political, Financial, Social, Biblical and Personal Experiences. These Programs will be referenced for years to come and is not only searchable by content but is also going to be a 5-10 volume set of transcripts some day. As the World Changes this will be more and more valuable to those newly awakened and also for those "old hands" that want to help in the bigger more massive project to reclaim our Sovereignty and Birthright of the Republic. I am proud to be a part of this project and the Q Anons that we all know are the Plan to Save America and the World Unite #WWG1WGA.
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