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I Choose to be Different - Holly Celiano

By PoeAwakenTV in General 1150 views 15th Apr, 2021 Video Duration: 00:01:47
I choose to be different
To stand out in the crowd
To walk to a different beat
To be the black sheep in the family
To not follow the rules
To disrupt the system
To rattle the cages
To challenge those
And ask questions why
I came here to be different
To follow my own path
To be an outsider
To those in the in crowd
To wonder why
To cry out when feeling alone
To find comfort in the storm
And solace in my tears
And to know
No matter what
I am not alone
For others are just like me
And my tribe is coming home
When different is the new normal
And courage our truth
I stand with others
Who are just like me
-Holly Celiano

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  • Been "different" all my life, works for me! "Come apart and be a separate and chosen people."
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