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  •   AARON76truth commented on this post about 6 days ago
    Written by Will Markham . . . . .

    " The world is cursed with idiocy.
    But this didn't happen in 2021, nor in 2020. It happened in 2019.

    Because whenever a society makes a major moral mishap, something happens to them-- they get dumber and lose their critical thinking skills. Their intuition gets dulled. The greater the atrocity the greater the curse/effect. And the curse is permanent until they repent, but they cannot repent until they awaken first.
    Meanwhile those who awaken and repent become blessed with a heightened intuition and increased intelligence.

    And so in 2019 when the whole world learned at all their leaders, celebrities, and idols were on Epstein island torturing & raping kids and hooked on adrenochrome, everyone in the world made a moral decision:
    A ) Say something, and risk your social reputation
    B ) Stay silent and keep your social status

    And all those who stayed silent, all over the world, were cursed with a new uncanny idiocy. All that blood of the tortured children is upon their heads as they consented by their silence and repeated support/votes. Pædo enablers.

    And frankly God doesn't want them alive any more. "For it is better that a millstone should hang around their neck and they drown in the depths of the sea."
    And God shouldn't want them alive any more. Why would God want to keep a world full of lukewarm moral cowards who won't even protect innocent children?
    If they won't stand up for innocent children, will they stand up for anything? Anything at all?

    And so in 2019 the Heavens decided who exactly they wanted to keep and who they didn't want to keep. They all became dumber than sheep in 2020, like lemmings. All your friends and family getting the jab in 2021 didn't make the cut in 2019. God was going to spew-out their lukewarm ass anyway. They failed the moral litmus test and Lucifer won their souls fair and square. All Lucifer is doing in 2021 is physically claiming what is already spiritually his.

    The real plague isn't cooties-19, nor is it fear. It is a physical & spiritual idiocy that came from moral cowardice. And the only cure is to repent and awaken."
    ~Will Marham
    • GOD allowing for the spitting out of the coldhearted & the lukewarm, perhaps?
    • . . . . .
    • Thank you MsPat for all you do! This post really lays it all out and all on the line! Was given your link in one of my posts by Grace Landry. .Thank you MsPat for all you do! This post really lays it all out and all on the line! Was given your link in one of my posts by Grace Landry. . .you both are Stellar Warriors! I thank God for you two and all others out there daily FightingTheGoodFight! God bless you always!  More ...
    • Reminds me of Luke 10{16-19
      16 He that heareth you heareth me; and he that despiseth you despiseth me; and he that despiseth me despiseth him thatReminds me of Luke 10{16-19
      16 He that heareth you heareth me; and he that despiseth you despiseth me; and he that despiseth me despiseth him that sent me.

      17 And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.

      18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

      19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
        More ...
    • AND verse 20. . .so how I am feeling, how about all of you anons, guardians and warriors?
      20 Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spiritsAND verse 20. . .so how I am feeling, how about all of you anons, guardians and warriors?
      20 Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.
        More ...
    • Good morning Ms Pat! Good read👍🏻♥️💥ℹ️🙏🏻✝️
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  •   MsPat commented on this post about 1 week ago
    ALL from Shannon Again . . . . .

    "Cannot unpin this. Maybe from the computer. I've moved on, and up. But this is how I went from Johnny Appleseed to Nancy Drew 😄
    zero to sixty...
    Live feed? I leave comments.
    Which may be why the Dream Center made this private:
    Interesting AMWAY tidbits:

    Making The Connection:

    How Amway, The Dream Center Church, it's affiliates, foundations, donors, and Board Members have used multiple funding sources to control the way our state Government makes decisions, and how those decisions are working to perpetuate child trafficking in the State of Arizona. Possibly, in Wisconsin as well.
    Wisconsin. Think Brett Blomme.

    The Phoenix Dream Center was founded on a property which was formerly a compound owned by Warren Jeffs; a polygamist LDS leader who is currently serving a life sentence in prison for crimes against children.

    This article explains how the property was purchased from Jeff's 65th wife:

    "Assemblies of God (USA) Official Web Site Infamous Cult Property Transformed into Dream Center"

    The Phoenix Dream Center purports to work to end the epidemic of human trafficking.
    There are conflicting interests within the Amway/Church partnership that are alarming, which will be explained.

    Jeff May

    Pastor Luke, Tommy's boy:
    "Dream City Church - Wikipedia"

    There are Dream Centers across the country, and in other states the acquisition of former properties of Warren Jeffs. Tommy Barnett is affiliated with both Dream Centers and with the Assemblies of God, across the country, who reported the acquisition above. Also, Tommy Barnett sits on the boards of both. Coincidence? Maybe we should look into property records. Think Paul Petersen, former Maricopa County Tax Assesor, and his recent convictions for...human trafficking and fraud. Interestingly, I do believe he is an LDS member.

    "Paul Petersen (criminal) - Wikipedia"

    First, though, the money trail to the Arizona Governor. (One of many);

    Richard Devos was a co-founder of Amway. He died in 2018 with a net worth estimated at 5.1 Billion dollars.

    The Devos extended family members are affiliated with; and donate, to multiple foundations, including;

    The Heritage Foundation. A public policy making group that advises Governor Doug Ducey in decision making. This affects how our Governor makes decisions on budgets, spending, and tax reforms. Recommendations about proposing legislation in regards to bill writing can also be given. A good example of this?

    "The Heritage Foundation | 2018 Annual Report"

    Funding tab;

    Donors, 2020:

    The DeVos's have an endowment within the Heritage Foundation, which collects donations from multiple sources.

    "Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation / DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative | Donors | Conservative Transparency"

    So, within the same foundation, the Devos family makes donations as well as receives donations to their endowment.

    The most striking donor to the Heritage Foundation is the Open Societies Foundation, led by George Soros. This foundation alone had a 2020 budget of over a billion dollars.

    Another Devos foundation, The David and Pamela Devos Foundation, donated to another George Soros foundation called The Alliance for Open Society. If you research these foundations, and their connections, you will find masses of funding sources as well as who they in turn fund. If you research board members, you will learn who the ones making the deals are.
    "George Soros - Wikipedia"

    Foundation after foundation, each have numerous affiliated foundations operating in a system that donates back and forth while at the same time receiving federal and state funding, grant money, private donations, and contracted payments to service providers such as City Help Inc., a non-profit, doing business as Phoenix Dream Center.
    Dark money. Child trafficking.
    Profiting. One way, or another:

    Amway? Alticor is the Business name.
    "Alticor - Wikipedia"

    Well, the business is booming, as recruitments, training and sales are happening within the affiliated Dream City churches. A very tight knit, and from all appearances righteous flock of God's children. This makes the deception even more sickening. A pyramid scheme? A myriad of schemes. Amway sales money? Washed through the use of the foundations, I suppose.

    The Path to Power; How Amway is directing public policy:

    Kirk Adams was a Heritage Foundation Advisor to Doug Ducey. He left the Heritage Foundation to become Doug Ducey's Chief of Staff in 2014. In 2018, Kirk Adams then became a state representatives in our legislature.

    This is an example of how a well-funded foundation has the power to turn their agendas into state policy. First, by directly purchasing the ear of the Governor with contribution funds. Then by being hired and given an official position, and finally being able to work directly as a state lawmaker.
    Kirk Adam's? Apparently still the liason between Ducey, policy, and dark money:

    Money talks, and there are a lot of political Contribution dollars pouring in to make this happen. Deep State Kate, of course. Writes legislation that protects the state, not our children. Yes, the same Kate that threatened my LDS friend Dave. And got away with it. Because...Arizona!

    Richard Devos, mentioned earlier, and his wife, Helen, are the parents of Dick Devos. Dick Devos is the spouse of U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy Devos.

    "Dick DeVos - Wikipedia"

    Betsy Devos, at her confirmation hearing in 2017:

    "Betsy DeVos Says It's 'Possible' Her Family Has Donated $200M To Republicans".

    This includes donations in all 50 states.
    "Who are the Biggest Donors? • OpenSecrets"

    Devos political contributions/influences in Arizona include but are not limited to:

    Doug Ducey.

    Doug Ducey, recall, was 'advised' by the Devos' Foundation's Kirk Adams, hired on, and eventually became a state representative.

    DeVos funds corruption.
    Amway funds Devos.
    Dream Centers are the Middlemen.

    Which brings us to:

    Cindy McCain is an Emeritus Member of the Dream Center Board of Directors

    Doug and Sheila Hunt are Phoenix Dream Center Foundation board members.
    Doug and Sheila Hunt also are Amway mentors.

    Brian Steele is the CEO of Phoenix Dream Center

    Cindy McCain and Doug Ducey are Co-Chairs of
    The Arizona Human Trafficking Council.
    Brian Steele is a member of the Council.
    There are state lawmakers on the Council, too.

    Each of these people also serve on multiple boards, and in foundations and foundation affiliates. Of course, Ducifer, too.
    Ducey Family Foundation:

    Angela Ducey, board:
    "Mother's Grace"

    Devos' Foundation contributed to John McCain as well, who not surprisingly has his own foundations. The McCain Institute, which is coincidentally, another human trafficking think tank. The next article similarly explains what I have described already, but goes on to call it exactly what it is: money laundering. (There are no coincidences).

    "McCain Institute Caught Stealing Millions In Child Trafficking Donations — Hive"

    Soro/McCain/Ducey foundation ties:

    Another person that knows something about the LDS community, child trafficking, politics, the state of Arizona, and Utah, too:

    Diona Jessup, Mayor of Hildale, Utah. Jessup is quite familiar with Warren Jeffs, prisoner. What really is behind the story of his properties being bought and turned into new facilities? Why are there differing stories about how the properties were transferred? Gifted? Bought? A county tax assessor may have access to information like that. A Morman county tax assessor may also have knowledge about ways around things like property taxes, church exemptions, and more. Diona Jessup, survivor? Or Diona Jessup, contact? Who knows? Who else in the LDS community holds offices, titles, and legislative positions. Maybe we should start asking a lot of questions.

    Maybe we should be asking whether Warren Jeffs is doing more behind bars than the typical prisoner. Maybe we should be asking why Paul Petersen has been the only one arrested and heading to prison in a scandal that surely involves Judges who have signed adoption orders. Maybe we should be asking whether operating a business from prison is something Paul Petersen is knowledgable of. Warren Jeff's? *status update-deceased*

    Think. Research. Pray.

    It is a very intricate web. There are enormous amounts of search engines, parent umbrella foundations, companies, and organizations.

    We are getting closer here, to the truth about what is really being done, or not done and why, about child trafficking. In all 50 states, using a well organized proven Amway business model, alongside a well organized court system.

    Are you connecting the pieces yet?


    The Dream Center, it's foundations and affiliates have a lot of access to a lot of powerful people. Many who claim to be combatting Human Trafficking. Really, they are mostly just collecting more money, passing it around, and protecting everyone else who is, too. Across the country. Nationwide. Maybe further. (Doug Ducey, is not from Arizona. He IS from the same area as...the DeVos's.)

    Teachers never see the money. I was a teacher, in Arizona, and can also attest to what a disaster our education system is. This makes perfect sense, now, eh?

    Smart as a whip;

    This is real, and it is just the tip of the iceberg.
    "Who's Who In DeVos-Dream Center College Collapse? | Republic Report"

    It's all connected. Wake up.
    "One Whistleblower Triggered Dream Center Demise, DeVos Debacle | Republic Report"

    In the meantime, children are being trafficked. Money is pouring in and out of these foundations by the millions. What is most disturbing is that it is all being done by those claiming they are Holy. Saved. Doing the work of the Lord. Slap yourself. If you don't God's gonna. In case you missed it:

    Making money, tax free, even...because we all know the breaks that non-profit organizations get. We all know the breaks that churches get. Foundations, too. Do you see the genius of the scheme yet? Do you see the implications? All of the implications? (#wakeup)

    I have been to see the Governor, and Cindy McCain. Twice. They do not like me. It is mutual.

    I have informed the Phoenix Dream Center and Brian Steele. Information has been given to Doug and Sheila Hunt as well.
    🙈🙉🙊 (Eyewash, Q-tips, try that)

    Check out this review of Phoenix Dream Center on Google Maps

    I went to all of them, with evidence, seeking help in saving my child and all the other ones from being victims of an organized child trafficking ring. They chose to ignore this. They chose to look the other way. I have been to my state lawmakers and innumerable other agencies, departments, and individuals inside and outside the state of Arizona and with information. I have presented my testimony to the Judicial system, the state BAR, and to the Arizona Department of Child Safety. For over 2 years I have been screaming as loud as I can, to whoever I can, wherever I can. Yet every day I wake up to the same nightmare that my screams are silent. I hear the screams that my child, abused in state custody, the children of my friends, and all the other suffering children and families are screaming as well. Every day I wake up to the reality of not only being ignored, but also of being falsely accused, and maliciously persecuted and prosecuted. Along with many other parents in an effort to silence us. Do I sound angry? Good. I AM.

    We, The Parents, need help, please. To rescue our children from forced and fraudulent adoption into a system that profits off of our tragedies, to stop 'legalized' kidnapping where it is occurring, and to bring those to justice who are responsible for their actions.

    Please use this information, if you would like, and however you would like. I am publishing it all, as well as disseminating it to multiple parties in the event that at some point my child will come to know that her mother did everything she could.


    I will never stop. I will never back down, I will not live in fear, and I will not give up. Ever. No matter what. My child has been stolen, and sold, for ASFA Federal Funding fraud money, and for Social Security fraud money, in the form of her deceased U. S. Army Veteran father's Survivor Benefits. My child will know the truth, or I will die trying. I have made enemies. Lots. Lots 'n Lots.

    I am not suicidal, homicidal, nor insane. I am educated and intelligent. I am a widow of a veteran. I am a mother. I have made mistakes, I have sacrificed, but most importantly, I have learned. Lots. Lots 'n Lots.

    Shannon Henderson
    Mother of Grace ❤
    Mesa, Arizona

    Added links:
    "List of wealthiest charitable foundations - Wikipedia"


    "AmwayWiki - List of Amway Diamonds"

    "Amway Company - 3356 Employees - US Staff"

    "When Did the Church Turn Into Amway??"

    "Warren Jeffs - Wikipedia"

    "Paul Petersen (criminal) - Wikipedia"

    Meme from me 💞~👵
    • Coming back to this and going to add these links to my research articles I did on Soros years ago. Thank you so Much. A Wealth of info! EyeComing back to this and going to add these links to my research articles I did on Soros years ago. Thank you so Much. A Wealth of info! Eye Opening!  More ...
    • TestingTheNarrative I'd love a link to yours, please 🤗
    • 🙋‍♀️ Y'all, I'm adding my intro, for this, from FB, because this, along with Standing Rock, is how I progressed to being gathered by FrFranz&🙋‍♀️ Y'all, I'm adding my intro, for this, from FB, because this, along with Standing Rock, is how I progressed to being gathered by FrFranz& enfolded (held in Love & patiently taught), by both he & our DoDonald enjoining me with my dear BeBeverlywho smooths rough edges), with all of you . . . . . No more names because each & every single one of you is a Blessing, equally treasured & I try to tell you, often (in my 'sometimes' over the top appreciation 😘) please, read this 👇 from me & the posting which created this c-section, Bless Y'all 🥰🤗❣

      Y'all want the real deal?

      Here ya go . . . . . An honest woman, who offers you a wealth of relevant links from her ongoing, worst nightmare of pain.

      Respect all, who have spoken at the risk of their very lives & livelyhoods, by reading through her personal story, given to us in snippets ahead of each link.

      As you read, imagine this happening to your child, grandchild or greatgrandchild 😔🙏 while you are dismissed & ridiculed.
      Most all of the agents & agencies involved are supported & paid by you & me. Our shame lies in not stopping them!
        More ...
    • It's Trump's way to give the enemy all the rope they need to hang themselves, isn't it?
    • Right, Franz . . . . . It does seem to be stretching many necks 😘
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  •   rubyrayarts reacted to this post about 3 weeks ago
    Courtesy of Gourab Ghosh . . . . .

    "Here is the link to a very important post that exposes the global elites' plans:
    Among other things, Dr. Michael Yeadon suggests that Vanden Bossche is making a basic error. Obviously, the public are being misled with another round of false problem-reaction-solution (Hegelian Dialectic)!
    You can read about this deceptive plan here:
    (Link had to be removed.)
    This reminds me of another deception: They disallowed many drugs and treatments based on the logic that there have been no double blind placebo study to validate the results. And the solution? Vaccines! Which vaccine has ever been tested with a double blind placebo study? None! And these vaccines are exceptional in so many ways! They have been rolled out super fast, hurrying through some essential phases like animal studies and human trials. Long-term effects can never be studied that way. And then, some vaccines are using mRNA technology, which actually make them a lot different from vaccines. (In fact, they are so different that many experts refuse to call them vaccines anymore.) All of this, without prior records of testing or usage. What is the logic, what are the motives behind taking such steps, behind unidirectional news propaganda, behind disallowing proper discussion and crushing all opposition?
    Now that some vaccines like Covishield in India almost certainly have some side effects, they are not being stopped from being administered. However, 17 European countries have stopped administering Astrazeneca (which is also behind Covishield).
    The bait and switch tactics of
    1) importing and storing Russian vaccine Sputnik V,
    2) exporting indigenous vaccines and creating a shortage here,
    3) then supplying the Russian vaccine
    will confuse people to no end. So, if the vaccine does not work or has side effects, people will be too flustered to ask questions. India has earlier been testing grounds for vaccine experiments by Bill Gates.
    Finally, if you think that the majority of scientists and doctors are in agreement with the proceedings, you are grossly mistaken. It is only that the authorities have totalitarian control over the governments and the media. Many doctors and scientists know, but do not dare to speak out because they will risk everything if they protest, and also because they are not organised at all. Their voices are being stifled. The scientific community is not allowing a fair discussion, debate or an open-minded research.
    As an example, Professor Denis Rancourt had published research evidence on ResearchGate that masks can cause harm to the wearer. His account there has permanently been locked.
    You can read this story here:
    Some exceptionally brave doctors and scientists are still speaking out, risking everything. The Great Barrington Declaration is proof that doctors are not unanimous in accepting the decisions of the organised pharmaceutical mafia, who are the operating hands of the global elites right now. Of course, mainstream media and controlled scientific community will only criticize any attempts to discuss or challenge the arbitrary orders, to exercise our democratic rights, or to restore our freedom and sanity.
    But just think- How many times has WHO faltered and changed its opinion? Who in the world has the guts to criticize WHO? Almost all the governments follow the guidelines of WHO, which is known to be a corrupt body controlled by big pharma companies.
    The Great Barrington Declaration:
    World Doctors' Alliance has around 85,000 signatures till now.
    Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has begun legal litigation on the Covid fraud:
    These are a few examples that people are protesting worldwide, but their voices are being stifled. Mainstream media is controlled by the elites. So, they try to misinform people and suppress news of these protests.
    Science is nothing without freedom to investigate and discuss. But, the very right to think and express independently is being stifled. Authorities are using biased science to destroy the economy worldwide and bring about the Great Economic Reset. It is a sad day for science as well as our civilization."

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Gourab Ghosh
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  •   Franz commented on this post about 3 weeks ago
    FB blocks this website, so here's the article:

    Windows 10 secretly listens to everything you say and records all your keystrokes with hidden keylogger that uploads to Microsoft

    Monday, March 22, 2021 by: Ethan Huff

    (Natural News) Hidden inside Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system software is a keylogger spyware module that records the keystrokes and voices of users and sends this private data straight to the mother ship.

    Another creepy “feature” of a software platform that was originally designed by billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates, the Windows 10 keylogger add-on was supposedly “intended for testing, not day-to-day use.” And yet the latter is what it became, though most users have no idea that it exists.

    Microsoft reluctantly admitted when pressed that “we may collect voice information” and “typed characters” from users without their knowledge or expressed consent. We now know that the Washington-based corporation is doing precisely that.

    “I said that ‘I seriously doubt that the worst spyware features will remain in the finished product,'” wrote PC World contributing editor Lincoln Spector. “I was wrong.”

    The Windows 10 “speech, inking, typing, and privacy FAQ” section admits that when a user interacts with a Windows device by “speaking, writing (handwriting), or typing, Microsoft collects speech, inking, and typing information – including information about your Calendar and People (also known as contacts) …”

    Microsoft’s Privacy Statement reiterates this, though it contains all sorts of other information in the form of 17,000 words that requires some extra time and effort to fully peruse.

    More related news about the tech invasion of personal privacy can be found at Surveillance(dot)news.

    Microsoft is guilty of committing treason with communist China
    The good news is that the Windows 10 keylogging function can be disabled, or so it would appear. Clicking Settings on the Start menu’s left pane, followed by clicking the Privacy button, a Windows 10 user will find a selection box to turn it off – all the way at the bottom, of course.

    “Once in Privacy, go to the General section and Turn off Send Microsoft info about how I write to help us improve typing and writing in the future,” Spector explains.

    “While you’re there, examine the other options and consider if there’s anything else here that you may want to change.”

    To stop Windows 10 from collecting your speech, you must also go to the Speech, inking and typing section and click Stop getting to know me. This same area contains options for restricting Microsoft from collecting data from your camera, microphone, contacts and calendar.

    “I wish I had that capability in Android,” Spector notes, suggesting that smartphones are prone to similar spying without the option to disable it.

    It is important to note that Microsoft is a close ally of communist China, having worked with Huawei, the communist Chinese corporation that President Donald Trump banned from the United States through an executive order.

    As we reported, Huawei works closely with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to spy on people through technology and artificial intelligence (AI). The company is also under investigation, or was, for its participation in the Iran nuclear arms agreement.

    Microsoft temporarily ceased its partnership with Huawei after Trump’s executive order was signed, however the company later decided to continue selling its existing inventory of Huawei laptop computers at Microsoft stores.

    The official Microsoft website proclaims with pride that the company deeply values its partnership with communist China and various communist Chinese corporations.

    “Today, our most complete subsidiary and largest R&D center outside the United States is in China,” the website explains. “Microsoft boasts a robust partner ecosystem with 17,000 partners. For every RMB that Microsoft earns in China, Microsoft partners earn 16.”

    Microsoft has also boasted that it is one of the major corporations responsible for “remaking the Chinese economy.” Meanwhile, Microsoft is quietly implementing spying technologies like this that would make even the most radical Chinese communist blush with envy.

    Source (remove spaces): https://www. naturalnews. com/2021-03-22-bill-gates-windows10-secretly-listens-records-keystrokes.html
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