"Youngkin" means "our children"


If you needed God to point out any more clearly that He is in control, how about that election victory last night (Nov. 2)?  Youngkin won Governor in Virginia on the strength of his argument for people raising their own children instead of the corrupt State. His name "Youngkin" actually means, "our children"!

Parents stand up, that's MAGA

Virginia is a pivotal State, one of the most important of the original Thirteen Colonies, then home to our brightest founding lights, Washington and Jefferson, the two most prominent of the four American icons on Mount Rushmore. Virginia, tragically, had become a captured operation of the Deepstate Leftist Crime Syndicate - the Enemy Within. Until now.

Even with all the election fraud the psychopathic criminal Democrats (dimms) do (with globalist traitorous RINOs enabling them,) the Trump base - MAGA nation and Bannon's War Room posse - gave Youngkin such an overwhelming win as to force McAwful to concede this morning of November 3 after election night.

God's chosen winner's name describes why he won: he's for "our children," our "young kin." In the face of strident cultural Satanism (Marxism) Virginia parents, particularly #mommabears, said, "uh ... NO!"

The boil-over point was when Democrats tried to cover up and make excuses for the raping of two Virginia high school girls by the same mentally deranged high school kid exploiting the sick gender dysphoria of the Left and their deeply profane cultural policies. In other words, their candidate Terry McAwful McAuliffe was FOR your daughters being raped at school. We're not sure how anyone rational would consider that a winning campaign platform and we've long proven that dimms are certainly not rational. 

They're also up to their eyebrows in hubris - or at least portraying themselves that way (and that's another story we've often touched on, relating to who's really directing the movie we're watching and participating in.) It's just really good to see that busy normal folks (people we respectfully call "normies") struggling to live a normal life, are turning the lights on, because we were going to lose the country and the planet if we didn't wake-the-flock-up!

We haven't mentioned that McAwful shot himself in the other foot by calling us all liars for complaining against their Marxist Critical Race Theory which Communist liars barely disguise with Orwellian newspeak like "Equity," "Diversity" and "Inclusion" (we must be missing a few virtue signals here.) Others call it Race Baiting and Race Hucksterism, which it is, but it's much bigger than that, of course. It's one of the platforms of the Communist Party of America (fronted by dimms and rinos,) to divide and conquer our nation. Again, awakening (not woke) voting parents said NO!

This #wokelash (a backlash against creeping communism, woke = communism) that is the rise of the #mommabears (papa bears in tow,) clearly marks a turning point for the nation and for mankind as a whole - a turning around from a trajectory of absolute hell and nihilism which sadly many of our people still experience in their broken lives, shattered by a generations-long widespread dystopic rebellion against the Natural Order of Things (i.e., God.) Too many had accepted or at least tolerated "progressivism" - a sophisticated disguise for creeping communism which itself is the political vehicle for Satanism, that alluring vampirism, the lure made of the titillating sweet candy of death.

When all the election victories of November 2 are examined, the sweeping sentiment expressed by regular folks wanting a clean life and taking accountability for their civic duty will be recognized as the turning point from an era dominated by lying deceiving psychopaths who hate families and who prey on children, to an era of truth, honesty and dignity dominated by a wholesome nurturing of our young that promises to give rise to a world of unity - world of wonder.


Janelle King on Terry McAuliffe's loss: 'The race card is dead'

Fox News on YouTube
Published Nov 3, 2021
5:45 viewing length

"Fox News analyst Juan Williams is a typical Democratic activist always looking for opportunities to blame any resistance to the far left's "progressive" agenda, on "white Americans".

"With the state of Virginia at risk of flipping back to the red column, Williams took the DNC approved talking points yesterday and has been screaming from the rooftops, using racism as the warning sound to anyone who listens.

"Yes, Williams is insisting the reason parents want to know and have a say in what books their children will be required to read and who object to CRT, is because they are racists."

Eric Thompson - Trending Politics - November 2, 2021

Read More Here

"It was an absolute nightmare Election night for Democrats on Tuesday with Americans absolutely obliterating the Biden agenda, but one huge defeat in Minneapolis may have gone largely unnoticed.

"Minneapolis voters rejected a measure on the ballot to remove the police department from the city charter with a Department of Public Safety, and move that was supported by Rep. Ilhan Omar, CBS Minnesota reported.

"With 945 of precincts reporting, 57% of voters — almost 77,000 — were against the amendment.

"The vote means the Department of Public Safety will not be created and the Minneapolis Police Department will remain on the city charter."

Carmine Sabia - Conservative Brief - November 3, 2021

Read More Here

"Local school board elections in Minnesota produced numerous victories for candidates opposing critical race theory (CRT) and pandemic-related mandates, even in some traditionally Democrat strongholds.

"Independent media outlet AlphaNews reported Wednesday, Matt Audette, who opposes teaching the tenets of CRT and mask and vaccine mandates, defeated Dave Dirkswager by over 30 points in the Anoka-Hennepin school district."

Dr. Susan Berry - Breitbart - 3 Nov 2021

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LOL  "The Brandon administration."  LOL

"Everything woke turns to s%^&."

Newsmax TV on YouTube
Published Aug 21, 2021
1:34 viewing length

"You know what woke means, it means that you're a loser."


We cover here the POTUS Save America statements of the last few days, in reverse order. They are sure signals that we are moving towards that "first domino" to fall. Can't wait!!


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