Wendy Rogers Still Wants to Decertify


As to #Nov3, the resistance to what needs to be done is systemic and entrenched, top to bottom of American society, both sides of the aisle. It's too late for us to be nice about this, those with their hour of power are incorrigible, they must be rounded up. Arrests won't get done, our judiciary is shot. It will take the military. And people will want this done, most already do. 

#RedOctober #HuntersBecomeTheHunted #ShutItDown #BigRedButton

Making the case for shutting the whole thing down

The further along we get pushing on that string called Justice in a deeply captured nation, the more obvious it gets to everyone that we must shut the whole thing down for a while and take the corrupt institutional heads of this monstrosity out to the gitmo woodshed.

The public is behind Wendy Rogers, she's on her way to getting TWO MILLION signatures on her petition to decertify the 2020 election. That's the whole point. A captured nation that still has the capacity to shut down its kidnappers, is going to do just that - and soon!

Dr. Gina gets it, watch! Or, read the transcript below where I've highlighted Dr. Gina's comments!

Sen. Wendy Rogers on Stopping Fraud, Holding Government Accountable 

Wendy Rogers on Rumble
Published Oct 12, 2021
8:14 viewing length


Dr. Gina 0:11
Welcome back. We start off this block with a fake news alert. Now after the Maricopa County, Arizona election audit uncovered all sorts of irregularities and fraud, the fake news media kicked into high propaganda gear. Headlines like this one we see on screen were published. And the Democrats in DC took this opportunity to hold a hearing on Capitol Hill to echo these fake news headlines. And they brought in some corrupt Arizona officials to back them up, because that's what they do. Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is here with us now to help us clear it all up. Senator, great to see you. Thank you so much for being with us.

Wendy Rogers 0:58
Oh, great to be with you. Dr. Gina. I'm broadcasting to you from my humble home in northern Arizona, Flagstaff, where as you see we got snow.

Dr. Gina 1:08
Wow, it looks beautiful. People don't think of Arizona and snow, but there you have it. See? Not all rumors are true. Senator, we hear from the fake news media that Biden's win has not only been confirmed, it's been confirmed and reconfirmed. So, you tell us why that's not true. I saw that headline just today on the fake news media.

Wendy Rogers 1:32
Well, they keep repeating it because it's one little tidbit that is very distracting. Here's an analogy. If you have one thousand one dollar bills and you count them over and over again, you're still going to get one thousand. But if four hundred of them are counterfeit, you're still going to get a thousand, but you have a completely corrupted total, a completely corrupted process. And that's what the Arizona audit showed.

And that is now in the hands of Attorney General Brnovich, who I've been skewering the last couple of days to get off his horse and arrest people. Because some of the findings in the audit, among many, showed actual imagery of three different human beings sitting in front of computers deleting data right before they were supposed to give that data up. And so we have numerous anomalies, tens of thousands of ballots in dispute. All of this has been handed to the Attorney General and he needs to start arresting people.

Dr. Gina 2:36
Senator, what was held back from the auditors? We hear a lot about routers. Can you tell us about the significance of these routers?

Wendy Rogers 2:45
The routers and the Splunk logs are being evaluated now. And we did get them and they are integral to the effort. But, Dr. Gina, there has been so much already that's been evaluated and shown to have been part of a real corrupted process, that there's plenty now grist for the mill for him to evaluate and to make arrests from and we're not hearing anything.

And so this is so important on so many levels. For example, over a million people have signed my petition on WendyRogers.org, which I encourage everyone to continue to go to to sign. We want two million signatures. Speaking to the fact that it was a corrupt 2020 presidential election, a petition to decertify the election, a national symbolic petition, over a million people have signed on WendyRogers.org. I also have an "Audit Fifty States" letter that over one hundred State Legislators have signed from so many of our fifty states saying that they want to recall the Electors in their specific States.

I have called to decertify the election here in Arizona, and we are just having to press harder and harder to keep the truth of 2020 in the limelight. And you are brave. You Dr. Gina and all platforms like you are our hope, because you keep the truth evident and there are more of us who follow your podcast and others and TV kinds of podcasts like yours, then there are of them.

Dr. Gina 4:37
And, Senator, I think we've been talking about arrests going back to Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, the whole corrupt Obama administration, the Biden regime, from day one has deserved to have some arrests happen. And we get nervous because we don't ever see bad guys arrested. The only people we've seen arrested are people falsely accused and without due process who were basically charged with misdemeanors, so that they couldn't have due process. So Senator, we get nervous when we hear the word arrest, because we never seem to get to actually see that come to fruition. What is the likelihood of that? And from an activist perspective, yes, we want to sign the petition most of us have. We need to get our office holders to absolutely sign the letter. What else can we do?

Wendy Rogers 5:35
We have to keep talking about it. We have to keep the pressure up. So many just want this to go away. Elections have consequences. Stolen elections have worse consequences. Look at what we're facing with the vaccine mandates, like your prior guest was just talking about. I'm battling that on all fronts in my own state, with my family in danger of losing jobs.

This is absolutely critical that we continue the pressure, we stay strident resolute, and very sharp elbowed in this fight, because the left wants us to back down and stop talking about it. I'm not going to stop talking about it. I am keeping the pressure up on our Arizona Attorney General. We need more State Senators and State Representatives in each State. If your State doesn't have a State Representative or a State Senator who has signed my letter, which is on WendyRogers.org., and it's all over social media, you need to weigh in and get one of your State Senators or State Reps to start signing on, and then more will do it. People respect a strong backbone. The left respects us when we rise up and stick up for our rights.

Dr. Gina 6:56
Yeah, absolutely. So that's at WendyRogers.org. Make sure that you have done everything you can do on that site. Wendy, you are a hero and a patriot. I cannot get over how hard and how tirelessly you work, clear down to standing out there in the snow to do this interview with me right now. I appreciate you more than words can say. Thank you so much for being here. And thank you for everything that you're doing.

Wendy Rogers 7:20
Thank you, Dr. G. And God bless America.

Dr. Gina 7:24
Yes. And God bless you, Wendy Rogers. Go there: WoodyRogers.org. Make sure that you have signed that petition. Let's get that to Two Million. I will let you know when we've done that, because I believe you, this audience, are a crucial part of that. And make sure you send it to your state rep and your senator and then call and follow up and make sure that they sign that letter.

$1 Billion In Shady Money Stole The Election

Bannon's War Room on Rumble
Published Oct 14, 2021
4:31 viewing length


October is Glowing Red again this year, hotter than ever, as in Rigged for Red, Hunters Become the Hunted, Hunt for Red October; though we can't immediately SEE the hunt, it's not that obvious to the uninitiated if they look in the press or in television programming. Seems there is more of a red-hot self immolation of the enemy going on in the public than anything else, including those loud ubiquitous voices that mouth the enemy's lies and blasphemies incessantly, revealing who they are. Everyone is turning them off!

Juan O Savin talks with Spaceshot 76 about the divinely inspired reset of the world, something the enemy - Klaus Schwab and the Party of Davos - have vainly attempted to oppose with their own monstrously counterintuitive plan for their arrogantly named "Great Reset," a tragic joke that is failing so hard, you have to actually laugh THAT HARD at those clowns (but we do not laugh at those who sheep-like march into the arms of the monsters to their own deaths and self destruction, something that is purely tragic, for which we must ceaselessly pray to God for intercession.)

We have the video for the entire interview from Spaceshot 76's Rumble channel. First though, you will see that we have generated the transcript for the last 45 minutes of this 2 hour episode, in which 107 gets very focused on what we should expect in the next month or two of this Crucible Moment in World History.


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Our years of experience on social media have clearly proven to us, that the so-called "average" men and women living on this planet, have in our daily musings the extraordinary wisdom of how this planet needs to be run--it's a big planet, each one of us contains valuable insights into the many aspects of the whole. We support each one of us upping our games expressing the unique gifts each of us contains.

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