It's time to revamp the American School system. 

From that first subtle introduction of Sex Ed in the early 1900s to the current infiltration of race-baiting Critical Race Theory curricula, our schools have been dominated by an institutionalized intrusion that disrupts the very core of American family values. 

Government intrusion into our lives IS the problem. 

When the current fake administration's Attorney General Merrick Garland got the FBI involved with 'cracking down on parents' for voicing their opinion at school board meetings, that is when the scales were tipped. 

You are so right Senator Cotton and Thank You Sir for your fine work on Capitol Hill:

The only critical thing about race in America is the Left's need to exploit it to further their own agenda, just as they have done with sex education.

Critical Race Theory curriculum was introduced into our schools as a way to combat race issues which do not exist and in such a way that it actually indoctrinates children into creating racial division. This was quite noticeable by concerned adults every where, and many school boards received much criticism about CRT and sex education curricula from common sense folks nation wide.

The warnings have been loud and clear.

And it all came to a head when a sexual assault cover-up occurred in a Loudoun County Virginia school. Parents are demanding transparency and loudly proclaiming, "Listen to us, they are our children and we will not tolerate your abuse of them any longer."

The Loudoun County Virginia school board ignored the warnings.

Mama and Papa Bears are Standing Up for Their Cubs

Daily Caller
Published Oct 29, 2021
4:14 viewing length

Mama Bears are not Stopping

FOX News
Published Oct 30, 2021
3:22 viewing length

Many current sex education curriculum are invasive and inappropriate.

Becky Swan, a furious mother in Bloomington, Illinois, voices her concern in the short video below, about the implementation of educational standards that force children to learn about masturbation, anal sex and transgender ideology in elementary school. She voices the concern over 60% of her community agrees with: this type of sexual education is not appropriate.

Mama Bear Unloads On School Board Over Young Children Being Taught about Masturbation, Anal Sex, Transgenderism

Blaze Media 
Published June 14, 2021
4:44 viewing length

What some educators call sex education, parents call porn.

In an expose by the New York Post we learned that 6-year olds were being shown a very graphic video about masturbation. The material was so explicit parents were appalled at it's phonographic tones. The program that funded this material was, of course, our tax dollars and oddly enough, did not require parental consent.

The title alone is as offensive to our sensibilities as is the content.

The sex-rated video clip below was originally created to be viewed in a public school room setting by groups of young children and their teachers, yet its title is "Help kids learn that their bodies are private". There is nothing private about this sex flick.

I am not sure what is worse, the arrogance of the creators or the ignorance of the teaching administration that allows this tripe to be taught to our children

Help Kids Learn that Bodies are Private [with Scoops & Friends]: video excerpt 

Amaze Parents on Rumble
Published Feb. 7, 2019
.59 viewing length

The sexual exploitation of school children is not exclusive to the class room.

Wilton Manors Elementary School took Children on a Field Trip to a Gay Bar:

Here we see the elementary children seated at "Rosie's" self-described as a "tropical oasis" for LGBTQ+ people and allies.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' press secretary Christina Pushaw posted about the incident on Twitter.

As boasted about in a Facebook post: "I was SO honored to be invited to chaperone Wilton Manors Elementary's field trip to the incredible Rosie's! The students and I had a fun walk over and learned a lot about our community! A huge thank you to Rosie's Bar and Grill for hosting this special field trip every year!" Sara Leonardi wrote, who happens to be a Broward County, Florida school board member for district three. ~ AmericanNews

The menu was filled with sexual innuendos and, quite honestly I cannot even imagine what other types of sexually explicit drama these young ones were exposed to.

Kentucky High School Homecoming Event had Boys in Lingerie, Girls as Hooters Servers:

"Parents are expressing outrage after footage and photos from a Kentucky High School assembly have revealed some disturbingly inappropriate conduct by students and school employees." ~ 4WNews
Lap Dances from the 'boys', while girls imitated Hooters servers: our educational tax dollars at work folks!

The Hazard High School Athletic Department thought it would be a good idea to make hormonally charged teenagers even more vulnerable to sexual exploitation by holding an event which denigrated both sexes at the same time.

"Media from the event showed female students dressed as Hooters servers in short shorts and tank tops, carrying mugs of what was meant to look like beer. But perhaps even more eyebrow-raising was the conduct of the boys – who were dressed in skimpy women's lingerie and seen mimicking lap-dances and highly sexual behavior with adult male school officials." ~ 4WNews

The harsh realities reviewed here are but the tip of a huge iceberg. 

What is hidden beneath the surface is the progressive lefts propaganda campaign and their insatiable desire to train YOUR children to become whom THEY what them to be. This brainwashing technique designed for youth was used in Nazi Germany by a charismatic leader named Hitler:

'The Nazi Curriculum'
was the foundation for feeding political agendas to students, molding their thinking to fit Hitler's ideals:  "To better prepare children to support the state, Nazi ideology was given to them in the form of an exaggerated German history and literature, outright lies in science, and German language and culture to form the Volk. Hitler's "Mein Kampf" was heavily studied, and children gave Nazi salutes to their teachers as a show of allegiance."

We have a duty to our youth to educate them rightly. 

The adage, 'teach the basics: reading, writing and arithmetic' may seem simple, but it truly is the firm foundation of a stable and rewarding education. Teaching the basics develops a young mind's freewill thinking and reasoning power untainted by sexual exploitation, race baiting curricula, political agendas and fake science. 

As more Mama and Papa Bears discover how the government-run school system has run rough-shod over their desires for the best for their children, the more will awaken.

The November 2, 2021 election, which obliterated Virginia's blue state status turning it ruby RED, is a fine example of what organized activism can accomplish.


If you needed God to point out any more clearly that He is in control, how about that election victory last night (Nov. 2)? Youngkin won Governor in Virginia on the strength of his argument for people raising their own children instead of the corrupt State. His name "Youngkin" actually means, "our children"!


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