UNPRECEDENTED & SHAMEFUL: The UK Parliament is Holding the Current President and Thief in Contempt


The sloppy careless action being taken by Biden, and the sorry excuse for an administration currently in place, regarding the Afghanistan sudden pull out is foolish and deadly. The method being used goes against every line of logical withdrawal procedure known to keen honest military personnel the world over. 

Adding insult to injury, it was done without allies being advised. This is a diplomatic nightmare and a rapid way to alienate our international friends. There is always a need to inform our allies about such drastic events BEFORE they happen, so they can implement safety precautions for their own citizens.

Donald Trump Jr. recently post a short video letting us all know just how bizarre the Afghanistan actions are. SlowJoe's incompetence has led to the UK Parliament taking unprecedented action.

I am sure you haven't seen nor heard this anywhere in lamestream media.

UNPRECEDENTED: The UK Parliament Is Holding Joe Biden In Contempt!

Don Jr. on Rumble, August 21, 2021
Length 4:29

(Transcript included below video)

0:00 to 4:30 minutes - Donald J. Trump Jr

Guys, I can't believe it. I don't think this has ever happened before. I'm like, in total shock. This is how bad it is.

If we had a real media in America
, they'd actually tell you this, but since we don't, they're just left wing activists. I'm going to do it for you and I hope that you'll share it with your friends. I'm not sure this has ever happened before. The UK Parliament, Great Britain, our greatest ally in the world, holds a US President in contempt. British Parliament holds Joe Biden in contempt. Delivering an unprecedented rebuke to a US President from our greatest ally. That's how bad it is in Afghanistan. That's how insane it is. Joe Biden wasn't able to speak to Boris Johnson or other world leaders for over a day. I'm not even sure if he still has spoken to most of them.

He didn't bother to give them the heads up. He didn't bother to call after the fact.

He was on vacation and couldn't be bothered, just like he couldn't be bothered to maybe set up a plan to get American civilians out of Afghanistan before the freaking Taliban took over. I mean, think about where we are. Think about how insane this is. Right? This is the same President Joe Biden that the other day said, I've seen no questioning of our credibility from our allies around the world. Joe Biden said that. Really Joe? Really? You haven't seen any questioning? When world leaders say, We can't get a hold of him, he can't be reached. When the UK Parliament holds you in contempt in an unprecedented fashion; you've never seen it?

Now again, if we had a real media, you would think this would be a big deal. You would think they would go nuts. And they'd be right to go nuts, but they won't, because they're the marketing arm of the pathetic democrats. And America, you're seeing what that's getting you.

Joe Biden's handling of Afghanistan withdrawal was condemned as "catastrophic and shameful" by the UK Houses of Parliament. That's how bad it is. We won't hear that here. He's losing CNN and MSDNC and these guys. He's even losing them a little bit, because they understand how insane this all is. But now he's lost the UK Parliament. That's not exactly what we'd call a conservative place, folks. Far from it. But when they're saying it's catastrophic, and shameful...when they feel they've been wronged and embarrassed on a world stage that they're holding a US President in contempt, that tells you everything you need to know.

Again, you're not going to hear about this from our media, because they're still running cover for the Democrats, because they're worried what happens to other Democrats beyond Joe Biden in the midterms. They're worried about that. So they're going to cover for Joe Biden to protect the other Democrats, so they can keep doing their things. But from the Telegraph, MPs and peers that's like their congressmen and stuff, unite to condemn the quote dishonor of US President's withdrawal and his criticism of Afghan troops left behind to face the Taliban. How about a criticism from the Americans he left behind? How about criticisms for just leaving, and leaving citizens?

Whatever happened to no man left behind? I mean, that was a pretty big thing in the military and our woke generals just totally disregarded that.
We'll just leave. No problem. This is what's going on. Our greatest ally in the world feels humiliation. That's what Joe Biden and his quote unquote leadership has gotten us. They are disgusted.

OH and about that press conference ByeByeDone held recently.
Yes, you know, the one where he is five hours late to talk about infrastructure, some stuff about Afghanistan, and then no questions?? Yup, that one...

The level of SlowJoe's incompetence goes beyond ignorance or mere stupidity.

If the fake news lame stream media will not say it, I will, as will many others who suspect it already:

 Biden, his administration and military leaders are all traitors, starting with the top traitor and chief himself.

What an absolute abysmal failure Joe Biden and his entire staff is.
 The clown and chief needs to be stopped.



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