Facebook Shutdown Ends: Let's Revisit Trump's January 6 Posts


Facebook shut down for 7 hours on Monday Oct 5 and it's time to revisit Trump's account which was frozen back on January 6. We are rolling on the floor laughing at the deepstate losers as we behold the last few posts Trump made, more YUGE redpills for those who are still a little too slow on the uptake to notice that legacy media lies to them ALL THE TIME - about EVERYTHING - including January 6, the date of Orange Man Bad's "great insurrection."  ROTFL

Monsters in our midst

In our guffawing at the phreaky-phreak keystone cops and deepstate lizards, we don't mean to be insensitive to those innocent patriot bystanders who are falsely incarcerated in District of Criminals by a very desperate and corrupt Leftist judiciary and FBI gang of thugs working under the aegis of Nanshy Peloser herself, all whom have been allowed an "hour of power" if you will, to show us all what completely lawless monsters they can be if given even a small window of opportunity, like the desperate cornered beast they are.

This shouldn't last much longer. We stand in solidarity with those that have been and are being unjustly treated. They will be held up as American heroes by the nation before too long!


Already on January 7, the day after the so-called "Capitol Riot," Lieutenant Roxanne Mathai's boss, Democrat Sheriff Salazar of Bexar County in Texas, who campaigned for Biden/Harris, was in front of local news cameras announcing his intent to fire her. She did NOTHING to deserve that, she didn't even think about entering the Capitol Building. Hear her tell her story and find out how you can help this patriot fight the good fight! (We also have the transcript.)


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