Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

Let's see it through to the victory

It may be tempting to engage in self pity and indulge in commiserating; but that's what losers do. 

Instead, we're a team of winners who don't take a backward step. We are people who love Life so much that we can only see the victory through the fog of war. But, let's never get ahead of ourselves, either!

The enemy counts on us slipping with that cup when we're about to quaff from it that elixir of victory, when we've finally passed every test, right through to the end of it, except perhaps that very last test of humility.

Perhaps we start to feel kind of proud of ourselves when it was really the supernatural flow of God's unceasing miracles that had really worked in and around us to help us achieve greatness.

By taking credit for what is not ours to take credit for, we may open the door to the sinister force that is always ready to snatch that victory from us in the 59th second of the 59th minute of the 11th hour, whether we're celebrating or complaining that it's not good enough - just when we should be laser-focused like a ruby ray on the win!

We are so close in America to a victory so complete and so significant, it will reverberate throughout history and transform a world. God is ready to deliver a Red Sea moment and we will all have the opportunity to receive that grace according to the capacity we have allowed for ourselves in our walk with God.

Many will read this and say, The country is going to hell in a handbasket, what are you talking about? To which I will respond and say, yes, do you not think the freed Hebrew slaves felt they were doomed when they were leaving Egypt with Moses, approaching the Red Sea and discovered that Pharaoh with a changed and hardened heart was bearing down on them with his army?

Their only hope lay with the one who had been their messenger from God Himself for so many years; yet to avoid full-blown panic that would have resulted in a holocaust, they instead reached deep down for that faith that moves mountains in order to receive the grace God was ready to deliver. And, boy-oh-boy, did He ever deliver!

Are you ready?

Fellow patriots, let's be sure to give God full entrée to our hearts to make them right with that strength of conviction that can only come from full faith in the Almighty and full humility in receiving all His blessings upon us. Amen.



It can be! With God, all things are possible, and these blessed words are a great hope to the present and coming age, and they are also my hope for each one of us, for men and women of every race, dwelling in every clime as citizens of every nation. Blessed friends, the cradling of a Christ was alone never enough in itself, for His Mother Mary gloried in the joy of observing his growth year by year, watching him stretch his then tiny limbs and at last seeing him running forth in youth, maturity, and then Christhood!


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